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Viva2011 04-12-2014 1:17 PM This is very best airport ever see in my life and most cleaning also good communicate in English. All staff speak good English which is better than Chinese airports
Antara91 03-21-2013 1:32 PM Very good Airport
barryb001 02-11-2013 3:17 PM I don't care what it looks like. Can it process me and my luggage efficiently with the least amount of fuss in the quickest way possible? India needs to improve this airport if they want to attract Western investment. We are used to flying in airports where staff are efficient if not helpful, courteous, what we need to do is clear, there are enough staff to do the job, they do their job quickly (not in their own time, not snoozing at their stations, not barking at people) and you are not treated like a criminal or an inconvenience. The only things that Delhi T3 has is a pretty building (From the outside). From the moment you pull up to the building to be confronted with men and machine guns through to the multiple slow, rude, aggressive security checks its just an ordeal. Read the reviews, travel through the airport a couple times and you'll see why people try to avoid at all costs. 01-21-2013 4:22 PM Operates far below the capacity,good infrastructure but very under used.Floor carpets are extremely bad for strolling luggage.
banerjee1000 12-23-2012 12:58 AM Delhi's T3 is the one of the best airport I have seen........It is the pride of India........
ParamjitਸਿੰਘAujla 05-2-2011 5:43 PM Very good Airport and awesome T3...It has improved alot. Hoping it to be same for coming years...Good work GMR INfra 02-18-2011 11:28 AM New Terminal has improved the situation quite some but still there are plenty to do. - Tourist services are non-existent (or hard to find if there is any) - Taxi and the public transportation service is a shame - Well I'm not really a shopper but shopping is pretty much limited to Whiskey - Incoming immigration service is a subject to long queues (unless one travels in business/first) - Outbound immigration and security has improved a lot
GrinReaper 01-31-2011 2:42 PM One of the most ridiculously managed airports I've ever come across. After the renovations, the airport looks prettier, yes; but everything else is as inefficient as before. I had an Air India flight from BOM to JFK with an unfortunate layover in DEL. We were told that we would not have to leave the plane in DEL. So while the meals have been served and all the JFK passengers are fast asleep, the DEL authorities made everybody deplane at 0045 hrs !! This was for another security check we were told, apparently the idiots in Delhi think that someone was going to hand the passengers contraband at 35000 feet on the way from BOM to DEL. You would think they would have this additional and redundant security check at the gate which we deplaned. No! They made about 200 passengers or so walk half way around an airport which hardly has any signs to direct people with staff that was crass and rude so help was pretty minimal , if at all. The security check itself was a joke, as they did not make anybody take their shoes out or any belts, metal etc.which is basically standard procedure around the world. After the perfunctory security check one had to get on escalators to change levels. and walk for another half to quarter mile or so before you saw the gate. But wait, at the gate there was another line of people waiting to board - did i mention this line was about half a mile long too?. Why was this line so long you ask? Because, the idiots wanted another security check before they would let you enter the gate - this one was a joke too. They wanted everybody to screen their bags through the X ray scanner, the officer next to which was staring at the people and the Caucasian women in shorts or tights rather than at the screen (this was when he was't staring into the distance all zoned out or rudely reprimanding passengers for a number of no good reasons. After you finally got through the gate (weird gate too, you had to climb down a series of inclines before you reached the jetway (thank god there was a jetway). Before you got on the jetway - yes, you got that right, another (perfunctory) security check !! Once I got on the jetway is when i realized - We were back at the same gate that we deplaned from !! So all the energy spent walking around on the airpor for about 2 hours was a total waste. Since they got us back to the same gate after circumventing the entire airport, one wonders why they couldn't do that redundant security check at that gate! A bunch of retarded monkey's could manage this airport better. Word to the wise, Avoid this airport at all costs if you can - a slightly older airport like BOM is a lot more efficient than DEL, at least you wont be walking around haplessly for miles before you circumvent the airport.
bdebnath 01-29-2011 12:38 AM I am a frequent user of Delhi (DEL) airport and some time ago I highly spoke about this airport. An unfortunate incident came to my notice last night. My daughter was leaving DEL for JFK and she needed to buy some US$. AS she visited a foreign exchange booth for the purpose, she was charged INR 51.70 for a US$ and no receipt given. This is rip off of departing passengers while the banks charge approximately INR 46 to a US$. DIAL needs to investigate this kind of shady deals being resorted to by their business partners. This does not bring a good name to India.
paramjita 01-21-2011 10:04 PM Great transition from old image of Delhi Airport...Great architecture...Facilities are good now, staff is helpful...City connectivity has been improved...Though they need more buses from DTP...Overall I am very happy
ssarora10 12-25-2010 8:20 AM Recently I used new & swanky T3 terminal. I was mesmerized with the total facilities created, though I face some chaos. I would like improvement in Immigration area as it creates chaotic situation if 2-3 international big aircraft land at a time. Line separater pipe/Tapes to be used more extensively. On the whole it is a welcome improvement, though belated. The idea of using all Indian states traditional dressed male/female big size photos has impressed me a lot. Large size pictures has also mesmerized me a lot.
crocuz 10-12-2010 6:43 PM I do not agree with older comments. A new international arriving terminal 3 just opened in 2010. The apt became bigger and wider. 7-9 border counters are with short lines. Officers work fact: I passed control for 10 minutes. Baggage is available within 20 minutes after the arrival that is very fast for longhaul flights which serve large aicrafts. You can get taxi directly from apt. A lot of viriety of duty free shops with prices 20-30% less than in the downtown of New Delhi either in arriving and outgoing terminals. You can change currency at the arriving terminal and get unused amount of indian rupees (INR) at the departure after the presentation of the exchange voucher. Departure terminal also comfortable with conventien counters and big restaurants after the border contrrol. I pleasently suprised that smking areas are either in the arriving and departure transit zones. Overall, after reconstruction, I rate the airport as a very convenient Asian hub.
punchoo 07-17-2010 3:41 AM The airport is useless and people working there are useless as well.
param_aujla 07-15-2010 3:10 PM I know old image of Delhi airport is not good...But it is no more like that...I have seen Delhi airport before renovation also, now new one also. All basic amenities are there...waiting area and lounges are good...Good number of eating places specially enjoyed Costa Coffee at 4 30 AM...parking is not a problem and it is inexpensive too...I head new parking lot is coming which can accommodate 4000+ cars...I m desperate to see the new Terminal 3
sunilnarwal 01-6-2010 3:37 PM Average Airport.. Looking forward for new terminal that is supposed to be quite big and world class...
charmny 06-14-2009 6:32 AM MERITS: (i) Better than Mumbai/Bangalore/Hyderabad (ii) Improved services after renovation (iii) Better toilets than Mumbai (iv) Good domestic and international connectivity (v) One of the best public relations (vi) Good transport facilities to the city and beyond DEMERITS: (i) Horrendous delays (ii) Lacks signboards (iii) Parking is a big nightmare.
kith9rz 05-11-2009 8:57 PM stupid service
alister kim 05-9-2009 9:52 PM i have visited some of the biggest airports in south asia and I think Mumbai,Dhaka,Male and Hyderabad are the best airports in south asia.Delhi is really horrible.very poor service.need a lots of improvement
rkapoor 10-6-2008 8:15 PM Now that the new upgrades are almost complete, flying through IGI is much better and overall I would rate the airport as "average," instead, of "poor." The new third runway has helped ease some of the early morning congestion and on-time performance has improved. The domestic terminal is actually quite nice and the international one is acceptable. The customs are still a pain, as they are rude and love to pound, not stamp, your passport. The new digital signs on the baggage claims help and baggage comes out much faster. The check-in areas have vastly improved and it is actually easy to get into the airport. You can now just check-in your luggage, instead, of waiting for it to get x-rayed. The ceilings have been raised to create a feeling of "openness," the lighting is much brighter, and the signs are actually clear and easy to read. The gate areas have much more seating and you now can actually see outside the airport. Emigration still remains a pain and some of the staff can be really rude, but I encountered many nice individuals as well. Also, the prices of the vendors and the duty free stores are really high. In addition, please remember to leave at least 100 minutes if you are transferring from the international terminal to the domestic, they are like two separate airports. Overall, the improvements have made a huge difference and I am actually looking forward to the new Terminal 3.
tom.hull 03-26-2008 3:28 AM Not befitting a country capitol. Extremely crowded and difficult to get through.
sunil_kelkar 03-26-2008 7:17 AM Considering that rudeness is a normal trait found in every hard core Delhiite, the staff can be excused for rudeness. CISF personnel manning security are normally polite. But then they are mostly outsiders posted there.
delhiesa 03-25-2008 8:25 AM By far the worst international airport I have visited amongst 70 or so. One has to queue event to the airport entrance not to mention the horrific queues to baggage screening which is done before check-in and then there are queues to immigration (average 40 mins) and after that queue to security check (average 30 mins). Last 12 months or so I have had 11 international departures and the flight has been on-time just once. There are no waiting areas nor cafes or restaurant to mention which is perhaps as well as all the time is spent on queues so you dont need one. Public toilets are a shame for the nation.
gsmduq 03-10-2008 1:06 AM This is the worst airport on the earth. not a single word in this comment is a lie.
hoppyf 01-18-2008 6:05 PM Shabby and chaotic but then that's India for you. Poor facilities and signage but undergoing refurbishment at present. Internal flight facilities were much nicer than the International terminal. Security and airport staff were really friendly and helpful despite limited english and bent over backwards to assist with an illegal item which had sneaked into our hand baggage. They also allowed us Europeans to queue jump when we accidently ended up in the wrong queue.
yousufebrahim 01-11-2008 5:02 PM im very disappointed with this site on the basis that it does not allow for a rating lower than "Very Poor"..... if i were the person who designs the site, i would add a category "Indira Gandhi International Airport" (a synonym for "absolutely horrible") our flight was delayed by two hours... we then boarded and further delays kept us on the tarmac for another 90 mins - fortunately the premiere class air hostess kept giving me some random drink which was pretty good....
chinapete64 12-14-2007 8:44 AM I have to travel to Delhi regularly and have the misfortune of using IGI once a month. I have not experienced a worse airport in my travels. As I travel on company business, I travel Business Class and that makes it marginally acceptable but the lounges are pretty poor anyway. I would hate to go through on economy. It all starts when you arrive at the front door having purchased an e-ticket over the phone. As other reviewers have mentioned only ticket holders can get in, and an SMS from your agent with the e-ticket number doesn't appear to be acceptable. Thankfully after 10 minutes the line of people behind me was growing and the security guy decided I was to much trouble and just let me in. The same thing happened to me when I had to transfer from the domestic terminal. On my last visit I then went to the check in counter only to be told "wait it is change of shift" 15 minutes later somebody arrived to check me in. I was then told your plabne has been delayed until 8:45am. As it was scheduled to leave at 8:45 I assumed she was just confused and went through immigration. Later I found out the plane was delayed until 1:30pm. The airport is very dirty, and has the feel of a run down long distance bus station. I hope the ongoing refurbishments bring it up to scratch!!
indu116 11-17-2007 4:37 AM This is by far the worst airport to date. There is nothing good about anything at this airport. I've read about the "still in process" remodeling--- but it sucks. The international side for arrivals is horrible. You literally have to wait 3 hours to get your bags---and lord help you if you are standing next to someone with major BO. Everyone is rude. For the Departure side---watch out for the security gaurd checking your ticket as you enter. Since no one except ticket holders are allowed in, I told him I was going to help my brother with check-in since he injured himself on the trip. On my way out--the ass-hole demanded I pay him 500 rupees for letting me in to do this. I said "oh hell no--and told the MOFO to get a real job, since he sucks at this one". The parking lot is out of control. Everyone there--except the airline I was using---were rude. This airport alone can make anyone get on the next plane out of India.
United777 11-2-2007 11:59 PM It's really a shame that the wonderful city of New Delhi has this airport as its international gateway, the city deserves way better. International arrivals are almost always late, the customs take forever and are rude, and baggage retrieval can take over two hours. Once outside the airport you are constantly pestered by a sea of useless baggage porters. The loud blaring of car horns usually doesn't help either. Departure is usually much better, as the check-in areas have been expanded and there are more shops and restaurants in the pre-departure area. However, there are two things I dislike at this airport: all check-in baggage must be X-rayed before getting into line and the large numbers of useless airline and police staff just make the departure process more chaotic. While the pre-departure lounge has been dramatically improved the gate areas remain atrocious. There isn't enough seating, the announcements aren't clear, and the dirty windows prevent you from watching planes. At IGI I highly recommend sitting close to the gate because once the boarding call is announced, all of the people get up at once and rush and push their way towards the gate. The domestic airport (yes, the domestic airport is completely separate from the international airport) has been improved considerably. The architecture has been radically improved, the same goes for the seating areas and the bathrooms. However, there still aren't enough gates, so you will likely be bused to your plane. Currently, IGI is undergoing lots of improvements. The international terminal is getting more shops, an upgraded customs area, larger gate areas, and renovated restrooms. In addition, Terminal 3 will open up in 2010. This terminal will have 139 jetways, 30 baggage carousels, over 150 check-in counters, and a larger customs area. The architecture of the airport looks pretty nice as there will be lots of windows and the roof will have artistic slits in it to maximize the amount of sunlight inside the terminal. Also, a third runway equipped with a Category III ILS system will open up in 2008 and should reduce those fog delays. For years IGI had a useless airport website, but the new one at is pretty good.
vasuchka 10-1-2007 2:43 AM It's a hell hole. Believe it or not I have seen cows and dogs loitering around, The subway to the parking is strewn with cow dung and stinks of urine. The immigration officers are rude, nasty and crude creatures. The customs officials are no better. The security is managed by an outfit called CISF, they are surprisingly much better than the previous Delhi Police, who are in my opinion more dangerous than Osama. In short, the airport is a sure short structure that can put India to shame, without any effort. God Save the Country
iad787 06-29-2007 4:58 AM this airport is nasty
pratyoosparimal 05-23-2007 3:33 PM Excellent airport !!!
sureshladde 04-16-2007 12:42 PM best airport in india
abenjwal 02-25-2007 5:03 PM You can't really call it an international airport. domestic airports in developed countries are far better than IGI Airport. Doesnt even qualify to be rated actually.
manny718 12-25-2006 5:04 AM One of the worest airports I have visted. Any 3rd world country could top this airport. Too bad I have family there, or else I wouldnt ever bother using it. There is so much harrasment at ticket counter, no matter what airline it is. The officals dont seem to care about service
gaurav_dhrx 11-26-2006 9:31 PM Overall a good airport but a rather small one for what it deals with.Should be good once the new airport opens up in a few years time.