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mattw1009 06-14-2012 3:50 AM I wish there were more restaurants
ChristopherSullivan 02-3-2012 11:27 PM DIA is one of my favorite airports. It is very easy to get around and everything is well marked. The people are friendly and the security lines are usually pretty quick. It is located only 25 mins from the downtown area.
kziel 02-2-2012 5:29 AM I've travelled out of DEN dozens of times, and the longest I can remember waiting in line for security was 10 minutes, and that was in the premium passenger line, which took about twice as long as the general line. If you get to the airport early, head over the bridge to the A concourse, the security there is always super fast and you can just go hop on the trains. The terminal and runway design is the best design possible.
mfrankpdx 05-12-2011 3:25 PM Security is always slow and long, the airport is much more spread out than it needs to be and security wait time, the proximity of gates to terminal to car rental to city center, add 45 mins - 1 hr to get in and out versus other airports. Also, SKY Club closed down because of the rent DIA is charging. Given that Delta can afford every other major airport and judging by the quality or lack of restaurants and bars in DIA, I'm led to believe DIA is an unreasonable lessor.
lukt 03-6-2011 4:03 AM security lines are worst, i have ever seen - slow, inefficient, ridicules
SEAFREAK16 09-28-2010 12:09 AM Denver is by far one of the nicest airports ever! It's very clean and in order. Never had any trouble with baggage and security...DIA is a good one!
nomiddleseats 04-16-2010 6:16 PM They had a chance with a new airport to do it right, and they missed. Terrible bottlenecks when you get off the trains to go up the escalators. Everybody has to converge on the same spot and turn around to go up the escalators. Very poorly designed. I wonder who got paid millions of dollars to create this mess? Also wait times for baggage can be very slow at DIA. And unfortunately United Airlines dominates this airport, the world's rudest airline.
captaindj 12-7-2009 8:07 PM lovely airport
KellenK82 03-22-2009 7:25 PM My home airport. Very nice and calm. Great architecture!
rkapoor 10-15-2008 9:03 PM DIA is an excellent "large airport" and is generally less stressful than many airports across the country. However, the airport is built on a huge footprint and this means that there will be a lot of walking at this airport. The airport has a nice arrary of airlines and domestic flights and is now finally getting more international flights. Despite a huge crowd security took only 5 minutes and the staff was civil and friendly. A few years ago when I flew in from Frankfurt customs and baggage retrieval took over 2 hours, but this time when I flew in from Heathrow on BA, customs only took 25 minutes and I had my suitcases 20 minutes later. The airport has splendid architecture, comfortable seating areas, and has a nice roomy feel to it. The only major thing I don't like about this airport is the amount of walking you have to do.
walkintall 06-19-2008 11:41 AM Love this airport, except when one is snowed in!
awabob 05-5-2008 5:27 PM Designers used the failed Atlanta model for a layout. Though modern, clean and attractive, the ATL-styled concourses and train system coupled with the distance from the city are too much to overcome. They had their chance and blew it.
jc5921 04-7-2008 10:07 PM If possible fly Frontier but If your flying United Express eat at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli gate B85.
GBF1693 03-1-2008 5:19 AM I liked this airport!!! It was clean and the ambience was cool. I thought that the architecture was awesome. The views (from out the window) in the winter are gorgeous
727stretch 01-17-2008 12:02 AM Denver is one of the best airports in the US. It is big, and can handle a lot of people without getting out of control. I never mind a long layover here, since there is plenty to do and see. The only problem I ever had in the 10+ times connecting here is really bad turbulence when taking off and landing. However, that's just something you get used to and eventually can sleep through. It's due to the mountains surrounding the city. They sure are pretty to look at.
american721 12-4-2007 4:09 AM I find it funny how people whine about the "slowness" of security in Denver, but claim that in places like JFK and LAX there was no problem! The security waits at Denver on most days is less than 10 minutes, except for the busy Sunday and Mondays where it might be around 20 minutes. Meanwhile, at LAX, JFK, O'Hare, and Dulles I've had to wait over an hour many times! Check-in goes really fast, the staff tends to be above average, and the baggage system has worked very well. DIA has plenty of nice shops in the main terminal and in the Concourse, but most of the restaurants tend to be fairly generic such as, McDonald's, KFC, Panda Express, Burger King, TCBY Ice-cream, Pizza Hut and Quiznos. However, the airport has recently started adding more local restaurants, which should give the airport more of a "unique" flair. In addition, with UA's new flight to London Heathrow in March 2008, DIA will now have four trans-Atlantic flights and the airport serves a horde of destinations across the country, Mexico, and Canada. Recent staff upgrades have made the security process quicker and the same goes for immigration. Overall, a nice airport with stunning architecture that's a little far from the city, but is still one of the best "big" airports in the country. In my opinion the only "big" airport that comes close to Denver, is San Fransisco.
mmuszynski 12-4-2007 3:00 PM Security in Denver is a nightmare. Everytime I have been through there it takes FOREVER to get through security with none of the employees who seem to care or notice. Lack of food/drinks is surprising as well for a newer airport. Baggage handling (when it actually showed up) was very slow, and filing a lost bag claim was not a positive experience either, with rude employees. Location is far away from the city, so make sure to leave for airport with lots of extra time. Check in was pretty quick, but your delay will come at security.
United777 11-2-2007 10:50 PM Overall, a very modern and pleasant airport to use. The architecture of the main terminal is stunning and the architecture in the Concourses isn't bad either. The gate areas have plenty of seating and there is large variety of shops and restaurants at the airport. During Sundays and Mondays security in the main terminal can take some time, but mostly the security waits are pretty short. Also, with the new expansions of Concourse C, parking garages, the expansion of the main security area, and in the frequency of the underground trains, this airport should be very good for years to come.
Boeing7777 10-29-2007 7:55 PM I fly through DIA every few month and find the airport to be one the best in the country. No matter which airline you fly on the check-in is always fast and efficient. Security can be a bit of a pain as it takes a long time, but everything else is ok. The automated train reaches the concourses quickly and all concourses have a nice selection of restaurants and book stores. Even the immigration process goes by quickly. Upon arrival from London Heathrow, I was greeted by a friendly customs agent and retrived my baggage with in an hour of my arrival. The only problem with the airport is the long taxi times and the bumpy departures and arrivals. Overall, DIA is a very modern and pleasant airport.
bjfs 10-25-2007 10:46 PM Fly from this airport ONLY in desperation or if you are a masochist. COS is much better.
United737522 09-30-2007 4:25 PM This airport lacks any well-known restaurants. There is one Burger King in the main terminal. A McDonalds is on each concourse in the center as well as some little rinky-dink shops. There is a few TCBYs and one Starbucks at the wayyy end of the B concourse. Many of these restaurants are just now showing up. There is a KFC in the C concourse which no one knows about due to its awful location.
glafollette 08-19-2007 1:31 AM Security was HORRIBLE --- 35 minutes in the first class line!!! Staff were completely oblivious to us. I'll avoid Denver just because of the way I've been mis-treated there.
wwwilkie 08-5-2007 8:18 PM Incredible airport. Very nice, great food and shopping selections. It is too bad that a good portion of them are before the security line. Pretty far from the city and the car rentals are off site by a pretty good distance or the only negatives.
keyera 06-22-2007 2:28 PM I really enjoy this airport. its clean,friendly,and there are a lot of food options. i got in and out of there quick. great flight. i plan on flying there in the future. :)
hholt01 05-6-2007 6:22 AM Pros: new terminal, good routes offered, cons: out in the middle of nowhere (a lot farther out to those that remember how nice it was at Stapleton to get into town), no rail link to city center, and United seems to control prices far too much, overall a nice airport but could be more available to other income groups as well as better linked to town.
IKWTIKWT 01-11-2007 8:05 PM The intraterminal trains are always crowded, poorly designed crowd control getting off of the train at the main terminal. Very slow baggage. Good amenities in the individual terminals.
michaelgraham2 12-21-2006 5:37 AM DIA is a great airport to make connection at, as most of the time you don't need to change concourses. Although not close to downtown Denver is not the hard to get. When looking at flying out of DIA I consider staying at a hotel near by that offers a "park 'n fly" rate, especially if you have an early morning departure or late night arrival and are driving from out of town or even out of state. This can save you a bundle on parking fees charged by the airport. Also these hotels will drive right to the termina