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pippyy77 12-12-2013 04:40 special assistance for disabled and long lines in customs needs immediate improvement.
balatn 01-26-2013 23:31 Overall Excellent.
RicoBallBoy 04-16-2012 17:07 Yes, because this is American's hub, it has a lot to offer. Many restaurants, shops and services. But, the logistics of this airport are terrible, I don't care what anyone else says. If you can't make a connection, on a regular basis, within 45 minutes, that is horrible planning and logistics. The airport needs to implement a better intra-terminal transport system. Yes, just 'cause it's been done that way for years doesn't mean it is the best.
suttongate 11-21-2011 16:14 Easy to get in and out, plenty of services and I only wish they served a few more international locations via direct flights, especially long-haul flights to more places in Europe and Asia.
nc_redneck1960 05-26-2011 22:05 DFW..Seems that they get flight delays over just rain..
catbert10 02-6-2011 16:04 Since the airport terminals were designed and built prior to deregulation and growth of hub and spoke networks, walking between connecting flights is not a good option. Sky Link offers good connectivity, however, and I find that the max time between gates is less than 15 minutes. Good dining choices in terminal D and now A with Pappasitos and Pappadeaux. Terminal C and B have fewer options. Although DFW can have a problem in the Spring and Summer due to thunderstorms, it's better than AA's delay machine named O'Hare.
aviator1228 10-17-2010 11:26 To those of you who keep posting negative comments about DFW Airport, here's some thoughts for you to ponder. First off, DFW has been ranked the past few years "Best in Customer Service for Large Airports". Second, the airport has five terminals A, B, C, D, E. Terminals A, B, C, and E are old yes, but in terms of restaurant options, they are still above par. Terminal D is by far one of the biggest and nicest terminals I have been to. Third, connecting at the airport is super easy: Terminal Link is a bus that will take you to all five terminals if you are landside; Rental Car buses run ever 15mins at each terminal; Remote and Express Parking buses also run every 15mins. Everything is made easy by signs posted. On the airside you can take Skylink, which is a train that runs above each terminal, giving you an unmatched view of the airport. If you get lost or need help, Airport Ambassadors as well as airport employees are there to help you. Also, for the person that said flights need to be on time and such, Airport Arrivals being on time are not completely dependent on the Arrival airport itself. Other things come into play such as weather and delays at the Departure Airport. All in all, for an airport the size of Manhattan Island, I would say that this airport is way above par.
srose1210 07-23-2010 17:14 I hate this airport, period. And considering that my home airport is EWR, that is saying a lot. DFW cancels flights if rain is in the forecast. I get it; flying in lightning is bad. But I can't tell you how many times I have had a flight cancelled due to impending weather that never happens. In fact, I book my return flight for the day before I want to go home knowing that I will spending the extra night in Dallas anyway. I've spend more than one night on the cold, tile floor at the ticket counter due to a cancelled flight. This is the only airport where my flight has been cancelled (and more than once), and I fly every week. I will give DFW a thumbs up for conveniece and location, but that's about it. Employees are average, but it's definitely not Texas hospitality that I would expect. Overall, I'd love to give this airport a decent rating, but I dread having to use it. It is easily the MOST frustrating airport I've ever used. Do not be surprised if your flight is cancelled for rain, but not a drop falls.
Imthemom63 05-8-2010 13:03 Love Sky link, if its not raining. If its raining it doesn't run. Good luck finding your way to your terminal without Skylink.
toddchitt 04-1-2010 18:11 Unless you are in the D-Terminal, it's poor to okay, the D-Term is very nice, but it's primary focus is International.
lawrence3178 02-24-2010 15:02 only connected through here twice and both were reasonably good experences.
RobisDoyal 12-14-2009 03:24 First off, to the last, poster, I'am sorry that pilots at DFW value life and do not wish to put you in harms way. Im sure however you can go get the pilots license yourself. Next, they are curentley working on geting more restaurants on the land side.(we total 4 places currently) as for distance, yes we texans like it big and flashy howerver how many airport in america have parking lots 2 minutes from the door? all in all if you pull your head out and read the signs everything is quite easy here.
creynolds001 10-29-2009 15:20 DFW is perhaps only second to Atlanta in one of the US worst airport!! Get pilots that can fly in the rain.
j777white 08-27-2009 21:45 Why does American Airlines take over more than 50% of the Airport???? They don't like to share. =( they think all is there's...
mikey0118 08-2-2009 22:18 Arrived into Dallas from Orlando and had 40 minutes to get to my connecting London flight at another terminal. The process was very swift and there was no need for me to clear security again. The airport is brilliantly clean and the shopping was plentiful, too.
gag91raph 07-7-2009 17:48 The terminal D is great, beautiful, nice with a lot of things inside
dalmore 04-22-2009 18:56 Too much control by one airline. International service suffers because of it. Great group in green blazers. They know it all!! Super easy connect if you know how using new electric train in the air. No more than 5 minutes to any gate. Terminal D is outstanding. Terminal A is awful.
austinandie 01-28-2009 17:38 I fly out of here to other places quite a bit. They are a bit quicker than most in getting your baggage out and shorter on the "end of runway" waiting, but if you come in late, you may have a delay in getting some ground crew to help park the plane or unload. I have had this happen several times. It's frustrating to finally get home and have to wait an extra half to whole hour just to find some ground crew! They occasionally have problems with not enough people doing security checks at peak times. Nonpeak runs fairly smoothly.
buckbrown97 08-26-2008 21:22 Overall I like DFW. I know that terminals ABC and E are old, but D is nice. Making a connection in another terminal can be a pain, but now that they have replaced the antiquated train system with the terminal link trains it is easier. Although getting to the rental car place can take a while it is a nice facility. Having said that, there are a few major problems. It takes forever to get your bag. Security is a nightmare. The airport is a pretty good distance from Dallas and miles from Fort Worth. Terminal D can be confusing sometimes especially if you are trying to find an escalator from the bottom level. However, the Admirals clubs in all of the terminals are top notch. One other point - it would be nice if American can figure out how to better control its gates. There is always a crowd of people trying to squeeze toward the door and if you are a top-tier or business class flier you need to fight to get to the front, passed the family traveling with all of their worldly goods and the group '6' tickets. They need to get a clue around crowd control.
PtotheB 06-2-2008 16:39 It could be worse considering the size of American's operation. I can't say that a trip has been comprimised because of the airport only due to American's lack of ability to mange their fleet.
vBot 05-22-2008 11:51 Somewhat smoker friendly, depending on location in the terminal, you will have to exit and re-enter security. If you're near a security point you could be in and out within 30 minutes.
txbaggett 03-7-2008 12:54 Why is it that the first sign of rain or snow this airport cancels flights. I cannot tell you how many times my American flight has been cancelled at DFW because of "weather". However, at the same time Love Field is running on-time. DFW operations needs to find out what Love Field is doing in flight operations - they get it right. Basically if you fly to/from DFW BEWARE, if you fly to/from Love Field you'll be ON TIME..
Manny6753 02-25-2008 01:38 I can only speak for terminal -D- actually
paulferrante 02-23-2008 01:34 This is my home airport so I know it well. American creates the biggest ground cluster during anytime of duress. Even on a bright sunny day at DFW they struggle operationally. The team does not have enough staff to handle all the flights that arrive and depart withn the same timeframes. They have not enough people to pull up jetways, get luggage moved in a timely fashion or even make sure gates are ready for arriving equiptment. The semi circle design in theory was a good thought 30 years ago. From the gate to the luggage carousel and right onto the car. It doesn't work now for American cuz there is just too much sq footage to cover which takes employee's that they just dont have. They have so compromised their brand, it's like a bad Wal Mart now, aging equiptment and rock bottom employee morale. There is nothing special in the air except maybe a bad stench.
mmuszynski 12-4-2007 14:37 Unless in the new terminal, then limited shopping and eating options. The parking price recently increased and is higher than most airports. Esp. for the south. Out of the last five trips completed in Dallas, my bag was destroyed once and torn significantly once. Wait times for baggage is quite lengthy as well. Security lines tend to move rather quickly however, with typically very friendly TSA agents for once.
newelld 11-21-2007 21:56 The landside traffic situation is among the smoothest and well laid-out as any airport I have visited.
autophile 10-26-2007 03:09 Like everything in Texas, this airport is huge. Do not plan tight connections here. The TSA staff were unbelievably friendly -- I thought I had taken a crazy pill! But dude... for-pay wireless Internet access is so... 20th century. Get with it.
stevestr 10-9-2007 21:07 Not the most friendly for transferring flights - lots of commuting between terminals. For direct flights I had no problems here. Our car rental return went smooth - less than 5 minutes total and a shuttle was waiting upon exiting the car rental building. The airport does need to come up with some kind of train transport to either Dallas or Fort Worth. Limited parking for visitors waiting to pick up people / go inside the terminal.
lolland4892 08-30-2007 01:29 I got stuck here 1 time and all I can say is thank god for Texans. Great help. Thank you DFW personnel.
joejett3 07-11-2007 20:41 D/FW is in most part a good airport,however there needs to be more international airlines,better ground transportion and better ground control.ground holds may not be helpped during rotten weather but why do we have to wait 30 mins for gate on a clear day!!!!
robpoint2 07-2-2007 03:36 Having to pay parking fees just to drop off a passenger is a bad deal -- most major airports that I visit don't charge for drop-offs and pickups. Also cabs as overpriced at DFW and the drivers are not friendly. There should be better public transportation at DFW -- like train service to Fort Worth and Dallas.
dosborne@voyence.com 06-30-2007 12:37 This airport has no place in the gates that I ahve traveled through that has any amenities unless you go through security. For those wanting to have lunch with family or freinds before departure, this isnt the airport. All amenities are after you enter through securrity. The car rental facility is great, all rental companies at one location.
commavia 06-26-2007 15:54 It's not the greatest airport in the world, but I'd hardly say it is the worst either. I really don't understand why so many so passionately dislike D/FW. Sure, it is huge, and sure, it can be a zoo if there is bad weather, but it also has a brand new SkyLink airport train that has made connections effortless, and a beautiful new International Terminal D that is truly world-class. Overall - I'd say not bad at all.
jbcaudill 06-18-2007 01:18 The new international terminal is state of the art.
jhwnmo 06-2-2007 01:59 Abismal. Flying through DFW is about as efficient as connecting in Tokyo for a flight to Des Moines. The ground crew are completely rude and less than helpful. If you're on American, try to connect through St. Louis. You'll save a lot of time and a lot of headache.
Schnarpsel 04-10-2007 22:28 Long distances are standard at DFW. The rental car center cannot be reached by foot, one needs to hop on a shuttle. Too few parking spaces close to the terminals, endlessly driving around is more the rule than the exception. The new international terminal D is a bit better than the older ones but far from up to par with other major hubs, both domestically and internationally. Examples are: Very few shopping opportunities and awkward connection between Arrivals and Departures (by elevator! No escalators/stairs to be seen anywhere). Nothing stands out at DFW. Bigger? Maybe. Better? No.
businesstravelr 03-7-2007 21:18 interior of the airport (lounges in the terminal, etc) are dated, in general the entire staff from the TSA to the airline check in staff all move at one speed - S-L-O-W. the size of the airport creates challenges - you need to plan ahead substatially to return a rental car, catch a shuttle to the terminal, etc.
flygurl07 01-18-2007 22:23 This airport serves the citizens of Dallas/Ft. Worth better than commuters or those with layovers. It can be tough to get from terminal to terminal if you're connecting. Everything is bigger and further in Texas!
danimal 01-3-2007 16:02 Whoever gave this airport fives accross the board has obviously not travelled much. This airport is vast... too vast and getting around it is difficult and time consuming. There have been improvements with the new train and the new international terminal is quite beautiful, but if you have to transfer to any of the other terminals you are in for a horrendous experience. Public transit is all but NON existent in this exclusively car oriented state. Compared to some Asian airports like Singapore or Hong Kong this one is a complete dud. Time for an overhaul DFW.