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Corrien 02-25-2014 4:05 AM Very much improvements. Happiness for me, I come here often and I like it. Also very safe. Good information signs. No negatives for me. Good luggage handling, but I always wrap if I have the time. Professional and friendly.Restaurants are good but expensive, do look around some are more affordable. 08-9-2012 9:05 PM It's OK, not the best nor the worst. I was unable to find the brothel located in the terminal my taxi driver recommended.
Namibalex 05-13-2010 9:56 PM Domodedovo Airport is Moscow best airport, modern organized, ok you have to pay for everything like in other airports but the price is a bit to high (not everyone is a currupt oil/gas millionaire), well the friendly of people is according the weather sunny - friendly rain and snow - very bad mood, the big argument to fly via this airport is the quick and in time handling and the modern transport systems.
Normace 01-27-2008 11:38 AM Don't go to this airport unless you cannot avoid it. No one speaks English, very unfriendly, and you must pay cash for everything, no credit cards. No lounge, extremely limited seating.
majdi 12-2-2007 1:52 PM best world airport
zivodal 02-26-2007 7:36 PM Domodedovo suffers mainly from its remote location, in particular if one has to drive to or from the airport during peak traffic hours (you should then at least double the normal duration). Otherwise I appreciated the organisation of its security checks (serious without being dumb). Not a large choice in shops.