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User Date Comments Rating 07-29-2014 12:16 PM Extremely bad and unprofessional service - nice and friendly, but not helpful at all.
Hightal 10-7-2011 11:21 PM Qatar Airways lounges are the worst of worst
drstefanandrei 02-25-2011 9:53 PM excellent!
FarzaAm7 01-14-2011 1:09 PM Most of all Qatar Airways Flight Status Display does not show updated information on time or ever, ver annoying!
philuxbown 10-16-2010 10:20 AM don't even thing about going to the toilets. They are really dirty
Rigjon 09-18-2010 6:45 PM No decent place to have a drink with friends before leaving/no bar like Dubai and the rest of the Middle East. Sorry but lacking in modern amenities-especially with all the ads as Qatar being a 5 star airline!
Sadiq rajani 07-23-2008 9:50 PM Tea, Coffee and food very expensive. Shopping mall is very expensive. Cargo mishandling(damage).
gary_wong 07-12-2008 2:31 AM The airport isn't big but still acceptable . Just waiting for the new Doha Airport !
mikesarahughes 04-24-2008 1:25 PM Unable to get a drink, no bars.
josephdye 01-12-2008 1:32 AM Airport is small and hence facilities are limited. Business and First class Qatar Airways terminal is separate and exquisite. Airport is located very close to downtown areas. Transport by taxi is easy and relatively cheap. Arrival facilities are very limited but short distances from arrival to curb is great. Many arrivals/departures are buses from gate to plane but alleviate most walking. Restaurants are few but economical but no bars in main terminal.
griff 04-12-2007 1:29 PM Very limited waiting space before security for departing passangers to wait with relatives. Once past security and having checked in there is no way back to the one and only cafetaria where time could have been spent with friends/relatives prior to departure. No shops at arrivals where friends/relatives could have passed the time waiting, and there is only one coffee shop in this area. Toilets are generally unpleasantly dirty, although this is in the main part due to the people who use them.