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intelpen 01-7-2014 4:14 AM 3 days waiting in this airport - a punishment nobody deserves :(
cbandmj 10-7-2012 6:53 PM Very clean and functional airport,
lblis 06-29-2012 12:20 AM I often connect through Detroit and the airport has improved immensely in the last five years. If you are connecting to concourse A from concourses B or C, allow plenty of time as its a long walk. We call the connecting tunnel under the runways "The Twilight Zone." Winter weather always creates delays but the ground crew do a nice job keeping runways clear.
TheFifthAce 10-30-2011 7:53 PM Needs more gate shuttles - walkways are longer than the runways. People mover is OK but inadequate.
michman 03-25-2011 1:26 AM Excellent airport. Love the lounges.
MurphyDanJ 03-15-2011 4:20 PM McNamara and North terminals modern, fairly easy to navigate. Seating ample, could use more restaurants. Security lines average for a large airport. Large parking deck at McNamara.
Rustbelt 02-2-2011 2:59 PM Slowest ground crew I have experienced. Poor customer service.
spades24k 06-28-2010 5:58 PM This might have the worst customer service of all the airports in the country! Its almost like no one works in the airport and in the rare chance that you find someone who does, they dont care enough to help you. I will be avoiding this airport to the best of my ability!
mmmatt_16 03-8-2010 8:51 PM My only complaint with DTW is that the runways are ridiculously far from the actual terminals. This means that you end up taxiing on the ground for a good 10-15 minutes at least before getting to the gate. If you are connecting in Detroit, make sure you have at least an hour. Other than that, the terminal (especially the McNamara terminals) are brand new and very comfortable, with plenty of shopping and choices for restaurants. Since it is Detroit, delays are often inevitable during winter weather but when the weather is fine I find the flights are always on time. Public transportation is also not a forte of Detroit in general.
lawrence3178 02-24-2010 1:21 PM have connect through DTW twice now and am very happy with it. International arrivals are treated very well and the addition of the 'welcome the the USA' video while waiting to clear immigration is really very good. it takes your mind off the other 300 people from your flight who are stood in front of you!
eulue 04-11-2009 5:20 PM One of the best airports in the country. A complete different airport than 10 years ago. Two new terminals, ample space, and a great variety of food and drinks. Nice additions with the tunnel, tram, and fountain in the McNamara as well. Couldn't ask more from a travel facility. 5/5
pjab2001 01-14-2009 6:30 PM I travel frequently out of Detroit. Mainly out of the McNamara Terminal(NWA, Delta and Continental) but do also travel out of the North Terminal(most all other domestic carriers). The Detroit airport is probably one of hte nicest airports I have been to! The McNamara terminal is so easy for all passengers to find their gates. Nice food options, nice store selections clean, excellent use of natural light, the walk way to the B/c Concourse is cool! THe North terminal is a great addition as well!
wwwilkie 01-11-2009 11:22 PM Much nicer than the old airport.
lwcass 12-25-2007 3:48 AM
mmuszynski 12-4-2007 2:43 PM New terminal is nice, Smith Terminal is a disaster. Northwest terminal is bright, cheery, yet a little dirty. NWA employees are not very friendly or helpful either. In the Smith Terminal, people are more friendly, but the place looks like a bomb went off inside and merely held together by the classy duct tape on the walls/ceilings. Smith seems more like the true gateway to Detroit at least.
jssage 11-4-2007 11:06 PM Totally concur with user "bvWatson". This airport has its strengths and weaknesses. For frequent travelers its pretty damn good. My motto: any airport is better that Charles De Gaulle
BSimplyours 10-10-2007 4:36 PM Great experience overall. No delays or layovers for me, and my flights were always on time.
ssinai 09-3-2007 7:04 AM I just stopped here to change planes, but walking through the McNamara terminal was fantastic. Seeing the trains running through the terminal reminded me of the monorail ride at Disney World.
bpulaski 08-1-2007 10:05 PM Anything other than the new NWA terminal is ancient and in desperate need of updating. 2008 can't comesoon enough!
captcraig618 07-30-2007 2:46 AM If this airport could improve one or two things it would be able to rate high.The first would be to improve the workers attatudes. I always feel like I am asking for the world when all I need is a bite to eat. Second teach the workers about details, Go into any of the rest rooms and really look at the floors, counters and shinny sufaces and you will see. This airport is new (4-5 yrs) and it is very durty.
FLguy96 07-25-2007 6:39 PM Depends on wich terminal your in this is the Smith
bvwatson 06-30-2007 4:48 AM 2 "airports" here: new McNamara terminal (NW, CO, DL, Intl) and old Smith terminal (UA, AA, SW, others). Old terminal is still a dump, but under construction. New terminal has an excellent layout (77 gates in a straight-line config) and efficient tram to get from gate to gate. Parking is extremely overpriced ($17/day long-term; minimum $3 short term). Signage is confusing or non-existent -- many travelers are lost looking for baggage claim or car rentals or their gate in the B/C concourse. Luggage claim sign usually points to the wrong carousel, and luggage delivery is slow. "A" gates are in main concourse; "B" and "C" gates are in a separate concourse, accessed by a tunnel (wonderful light/sound feature). No electric carts available; only wheelchair pushers. Moving walkways are adequate but it's not unusual for one or more to be shutdown for repair. It's a beautiful facility; I use it every week. If you're an elite traveler, with access to the 4 WorldClub lounges, and arrive well ahead of departure time, it's very comfortable. If you travel infrequently and on a budget, it's overpriced, uncomfortable, confusing and exhausting.
mckibbo 06-25-2007 6:44 PM when new terminal is done next year - this will be one of the best airports around!
yvanduvent 03-11-2007 2:30 AM The fact that there is absolutely no public transportation, and that the taxis are expensive (because they the taxi company has a monopole!) really really sucks.
businesstravelr 03-7-2007 7:45 PM great airport. be sure to experience the tunnel between terminals - the changing lights etc are awesome! many nice amenities abound in the airport.