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cckkab 01-14-2013 3:30 PM GReat airport.. Nice friendly people on the whole.
102emp 10-15-2012 6:26 PM Great airport, beautiful and clean.
vanjasper 02-14-2011 11:10 AM Dub Airport is just a money grabbing racket where the travelling public and those unfortunate enough to have to meet them are treated like cattle. The new terminal is an excuse for a bigger rip off. You cant drop anyone off there, you must use the most expensive parking in Europe. If they could charge you for breathing here, they would.
travalot 12-27-2010 3:07 PM Has to be one of the worst airport in Europe, sparkling new Terminal ready for use, but stuck in shabby older section, last tim through DUB was 2006 and swore it would be the last, but had to transit, worse than tragic, as the Irish would say "disgraceful" but that doesn't even do the trick, only positive is staff...very friendly and "pissed" customers constant entertainment...avoid it all all costs,
elfie.raluca 12-23-2010 6:49 PM I've never seen such a shitty airport in my life..once you get to dublin, it looks like you're somewhere in the countryside...lol! no heating, you'll freeze like shit in winter, very few shops, generally looking like it has just been created....far different from what we'd call a modern airport! oh yeah...typically irish of course!
cjtan 12-2-2010 8:17 PM Expensive, terrible airport. Not too indifferent from the bigger hole called CDG, just the size that is different.
Smonocco 11-14-2010 1:25 PM My favourite airport
rory123 07-4-2010 4:27 PM good airport
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 5:15 AM To put in terms of someone who has never been to Dublin Airport - it's a larger version of LaGuardia - very old. I don't really understand the high rating it received. I loved Dublin to have fun it but the airport isn't very good. Want to rent a car - be prepared for an hour out of vacation you won't get back. To get the car, you take a shuttle a few miles away. Old and Dingy. I suppose they must of done some major work on the place - I was last there in 2002 but there wasn't any construction going on. It was about 2001/2002 that the Irish Government finally relaxed there immigration procedures and having every one go through immigration through Shannon Airport (talk about be being behind the times). The funniest thing (and I won't forget this) was right before you take the escalator after Irish Immigration there is this beat up worn out rug that everyone mush scuffle there shoes on to prevent mad cow disease - LOL - that little rug looked to have more nasty stuff on it then you could imagine (let alone it was barely staying together - to think a nasty rug can stop mad cow - absurd). One neat thing for US travelers - US immigration is actually in Dublin, so all that when you land, the process is easy (by the way the US immigration people in Dublin were as friendly as Joseph Stalin).
Bouquetbo 07-13-2009 6:31 AM Security queues need to be drastically improved.....Security staff need to be a little leanient on people running late due to the fact of the traffic delays into airport.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:19 PM Angry Business Traveller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQmMHZ8nyyw
rmcp9 11-8-2008 10:36 AM They should really demolish this airport and start again. A typically Irish situation where an inability to forward plan (again) has produced a totally chaotic airport experience for the traveller. Overcrowding, long queues and more long queues,apalling overpriced restaurants and bars that serve 'cardboard ' food and wall to wall people that struggle to get from the entrance to check in, from check in to security, from security to the gate are all the order of the day at Dublin Airport
icyoubaby 07-27-2008 10:28 AM Too busy... too many people... Needs a new (competing) terminal
CAPTAIN BILL 07-26-2008 3:37 PM On most flights you have to walk "miles" or so it seems. Very badly laid out airport and always seems dull and drab. Don't think I have ever (and I use DUB a lot) had an on time arrival or departure. Again Ryanair a bad influence on this airport.
scoll365 05-22-2008 10:19 AM Getting worse every month. The new pier D is a very long walk and poorly designed. Looks like they will have to demolish pier C to build terminal 2 (great planning). Lines for checkin and/or baggage drop plus security frequently 1 hour early in morning esp. bad at weekends. This used to be a pleasant airport - now it is one of the worst in Europe. Only Heathrow is worse.
BrendanLewis 01-12-2008 3:07 PM overpriced wifi / food / coffee. lack of choice and planning make it an uncomfortable expensive place to be
rcollumb 12-22-2007 7:06 PM Security lines are always long, Avoid early morning flights if possible. Baggage reclaim not up to scratch
keanesec 11-23-2007 5:01 PM Its years since I last passed through. It has improved hugely!
paul26 10-22-2007 8:33 AM Going through Dublin is hell. Try arriving at 9.00 in the morning at terminal A. It is a shed for arrivals and deptartures...Chaos..!! As an irishman living abroad I dread to think of the impression Tourists have.
vales 09-22-2007 11:28 AM The quality of the food available is awful
sigis 09-21-2007 5:48 PM Too many people crowded into too small a space. Queues queues queues, Claustrophobic. Chaotic. Few facilities. Unpleasant. Substandard transport connections. Just like a third rate shopping centre with an attempt of an airport squashed in.
ryue65 09-9-2007 7:13 PM Terminal A is over-crowded. Baggage Claim is crowded and slow
Fergalt 08-13-2007 12:28 PM As a native of Dublin I'm embarassed every time I pass through Dublin Airport and I wonder what must tourists think of it. A complete lack of structure, everything done illogically, such as having half of the baggage belts idle while all the flights arrive on the others, causing mayhem. Open up Baldonnell!
nclflyer 08-4-2007 8:28 PM Excellent, clean, friendly place. Well sign posted, fast and efficient security. Good choice of places to eat and drink. Baggage reclaim on arrival, and check in on departure fast, efficient, reliable.
airbusa320 07-16-2007 3:19 PM Great Airport
JackG 04-7-2007 6:44 PM People are super, RyanAir gates are terrible, airport always very crowded, check-in lines are long. Needs major expansion
airbusa3204 03-10-2007 5:38 PM Great Airport !! Great staff, Just excellent
EamonDeBhal 12-28-2006 1:56 PM
shamrock 12-5-2006 11:36 PM still a very nice airport to,travel through although temporary buildings used for ryanair are spartan and crowded, arrived last sunday and luggage already on conveyor belt as we walked up to it few if any airports match that ..
Ireland 11-26-2006 5:49 PM Friendly staff everywhere you go. Excellent connections to Dublin City.