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drmit 02-27-2012 12:22 AM Dunedin Airport has all the features of an international airport in small-airport style. Its major downfalls are its distance from the city centre (28km/30min) and the frequency/availability of direct international flights - which has varied considerably in recent years (c.2012). Besides that, it has a children's play centre, great view of the runway, an above-average airport lounge, quality food and a reasonable number of shops. Security and check-in are a breeze. Seating is reasonably good, though not configured for stretching out. I regularly use Dunedin airport for international travel on a fortnightly basis, and I can say that it is one one my favourite airports in New Zealand.
tushugars 02-11-2007 9:52 AM DUD... no ts not a dud - Dunedin tries, and they try hard ... but the check in people these days are contractors... They have no empathy to running an airline operation.. They process you and get what they can from you. The old days when 'airline staff' were on the counter, they were professional, excellent in every manner.... and a great credit to Air New Zealand. Its tragic that some cost cutting means we have these contracted people who often do not recognise that 'an aircraft seat is a perishable item'. It cannot be sold twice... Service ensures repeat business... The 'kids on the counter' dont even understand IATA regulations and that is bad for everybody