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satprof 02-22-2014 7:17 AM T1 is now a bit cramped, especially when compared with T3. Long walk under apron. Passport lines can be long on arrival.
bilalahmad 02-7-2014 10:41 PM This is a worlds best air port.i like it very much
ajay bhatia 02-6-2014 4:01 AM I travelled Dubai - Paris (CDG terminal 3 ) - Frankfurt -Dubai, but i found Dubai airport was the best. At CDG airport I had to wait in long queue for immigration clearance, I got my baggage al most after 2 hours, not clean airport at all. Wash rooms were not clean. DUBAI TERMINAL 3 IS THE BEST.
itek2014 01-2-2014 7:21 PM best service ever seen
alkhaled 08-8-2013 9:37 AM Emirates ground staff are the worst ever. The need major training in dealing with passengers.
netizenn 06-13-2013 10:39 AM First never fly Emirates. Ridiclous staff, inflight and service. Dubai Airport (all terminals) Rude is still polite that is what the staff and attendants are. Cannot speak English at all. Try to escape if approached. The janitors and ther expat staff are more professional. Food options - negligible - all you get is sick coffee shops Pssenger comfort - pathetic - limited place sit... Overall design - criminal waste of space. Other eastern airports like Mumbai utilise the spae well. Overall experience - Bad. Emirates past 5 travel experiences - bad, hours of delay, no acomodation provided, it was a bloody trap. Dear EK! Money does not buy customers.
herbertbeisser@gmail.com 05-30-2013 6:54 AM one of the worst airports, overcrowded, long lines at security, very unfriendly staff and the Emirates business lounge has the feeling of a train station. Try to avoid transiting through DXB
peterh125@yahoo.co.uk 03-23-2013 5:40 PM Business Lounge is good but showers below standard
wwwilkie 05-24-2012 7:36 PM Nice airport overall but I was disappointed with the shopping and restaurant options, not nearly as many as I would have expected. HKG is still the best airport in the world in my opinion.
B773ER 04-1-2012 4:27 PM Flew to this airport with Emirates for a business trip. Worst airport, Worst Airline. Literally every flight gets delayed. I would rather visit ORD and JFK. Everything is expense and is in whatever the heck language they speak. I will never fly here or Emirates ever again!!!
ansh_jain_97 02-18-2012 6:34 AM Great duty free but expensive!
ahsan78 12-6-2011 12:59 PM best so far................
HamdhanA330 01-14-2011 4:32 PM an AWESOME AIRPORT!
thirafi 12-22-2010 7:49 AM Dubai airport is one of many best architecture in the world
GuyFromBOM 11-13-2010 2:55 PM T1 is very good and efficient. T3 is exclusive to Emirates but brilliant none the less. Superb Lounges, excellent public transport connectivity (Dubai Metro) and also the dedicated lanes for Business Class & First Class in Passport Control & Security queue. T2 is dedicated to the Low-Cost Carriers, yet efficient and serves the purpose.
bucheeri 08-17-2010 5:34 AM Restroom always full of people and limited restroom.
tanaikmeng 05-15-2010 6:23 PM Restroom always full of people and limited restroom.Terminal is elongated shape,to get from one place to another departure bay is far.No internal train like hongkong airport.Hard to find a place to seat during flt transfer and limited fast food are full of people.Linited place to rest while waiting for boarding.Apart from easy access to cabs, there are no economical way of getting public transports.Public car park at the airport is too expensive,half hour for 10dhs.Overall,nice airport but not practical.
Namibalex 05-13-2010 9:45 PM one of my favorite airports in the arabic world, all organized, the hotel in tidy situation good service, a lot of fine restaurants, alot shops with alot varieties, both blocks the Terminal 1 and the new Terminal 2 of Emirates aare same standard only some years different in building.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:19 PM Angry Business Traveller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQmMHZ8nyyw
yourstruly 03-16-2009 6:57 PM My experience was with the new terminal, which handles the flights from USA. The entire terminal is a textbook example of wastefulness. Huge wasted spaces. Has been built by a shopping mall architect, instead of someone who had experience with airports. Build with NO concern for the comfort of airline passengers. Flight connections are LONG at this airport and you are captive for 4-9 hours, depending on your itin. There is scarce places to sit. And you cannot even squat or lay down on the floor coz it is all tiles. The plastic seats located near the gates open only to passengers going to that gate an hour before the flight. Asinine idea. If your flight is more than an hour later, good luck finding a place to sit. Avoid this airport if at all possible. Emirates' 15 hour flights are strongly NOT recommended. Not worth at all for connections to India or Pakistan. Better do two 8-hour segment through Europe. Your'll arrive home early and also avoid the discourteous and rude Dubai airport offcials, especially the security.
satrej 08-3-2008 6:24 AM the bestest
Awan 03-15-2008 11:03 AM This hotel is the best
yazan_91 01-11-2008 6:05 AM Nice, but seems to expensive at times.
yousufebrahim 01-11-2008 4:44 PM great airport! best lounges ever! emirates will have huge problems considering the number of aircraft they've ordered!!!!!!!!!!!!
CRoigk 08-7-2007 1:24 PM Emirates did grow too fast for the airport to catch up. The lounges are way too crowded. To their credit: A lot of construction is under way to ctach up, but for the moment the airport is strained.
flyme2 08-2-2007 2:03 PM A victim of its own hype and success. The new terminals cannot come fast enough as space is at a premium between 0600 and 11.00 when most flights depart! Few flights leave on schedule and the bus tours of the airport are not amusing after twenty trips! Now people who live in Jumeirah are using Abu Dhabi airport as it can be quicker to transit and to drive home.
vladap 07-31-2007 9:49 PM Dissapointing
rizvi 06-22-2007 2:05 PM Its an excelent airport. I stop over at dubai a number of time but still i do not remeber one place where staff were not rude. Staff hardly can speak english, trying to avoid if you ask something from them. They do not even look professional, they walk so slow between one place to other place that they are taking a walk after dinner in their backyard. The duty free shop's staff are way better then them and way professional too. I think they need to take some traning from them.
Saji 06-13-2007 8:29 AM Real Messy Airport.
punjabijatt 05-12-2007 8:58 AM i flew with emirates on the way to india...had to wait 4.30 but it was not a problem,because the arriving and departure terminal was the same and there were many things to fo such as shopping
asifosman 04-15-2007 4:22 AM all excellent except thats its too busy!
mijo 12-11-2006 6:33 PM excellent airport. The only issue is that you need to walk a lot through the airport. The airport is crowded all the time , shopping area is great, and all the time prices are good.
eldhothomas 11-29-2006 4:03 PM I had heard so much about this airport. I guess it is probably among the best in the mideast, but going from the West, it is a messy airport. Crowded and noisy. The airport staff is rude. Flight information displays are confusing and very slow. You have to stand in front of a display for 15 minutes to see your flight in the language you want (Arabic or English) and when it is displayed, it is all confusing because of the colors. It is a quarter-mile long building with gates on the sides. The shopping area on the lower level is crowded and invades into the middle space eliminating any open space (which adds to the crowded feeling). My flight was earlier scheduled from a gate at one end. 15 minutes before departure, they changed the gate to other extreme end making the 300 passengers run the whole length of the building. Then, passengers were packed into crowded buses and driven a mile through what looked like a no-man's land to the other end where the plane was parked away from the building! I know it used to be a famous airport in the east at one time, but now I think it is breaking down.