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dyker 10-17-2013 11:36 AM Announcements are only in English and spoken rapidly with strong local accents. No problem if you're Scottish and have good hearing, but pity anyone else. If Edinburgh wants to be an international airport this must change. Compared to other European airports it is pathetic
sontex 09-16-2012 2:14 PM Everything about this place is expensive - you even have to pay to drop someone at the terminal - a total rip -off
hibees59 09-10-2011 12:17 PM A very cosy airport.
mabozza_ 07-8-2011 10:39 AM An unpleasant airport to use.. Ironically it is too succesful to the detriment of the passenger experience. Far too many routes for what is Scotland's 2nd city meaning the terminal is a nightmare early morning and lunchtime.. poor route planning by BAA Scotland by not splitting routes between the 2 central belt airports.. insane that most pax arriving at EDI have final destinations in Glasgow and cannot get a flight to Scotland's main city.. very poor work BAA
mtx500 11-13-2009 2:36 PM Nice airport, good access from motorways, nice big departure lounge, will be even better once the terminal expansion is completed next year.
CAPTAIN BILL 07-26-2008 3:21 PM Now the best airport in Scotland and with a few extra international routes EDI will become a first class airport to fly to/from
alandickson 03-30-2008 7:46 PM Convenient to most of central Scotland, good motorway connections. I live 40 miles away and can get there at most times of the day in less than an hour. Needs more international routes though.
GLENNSTAXIS 02-26-2008 9:01 PM i use this airport frequently for my business and as a regular travller on a day to day basis. I find the staff very helpful when required and also find the ever changing (for the better) amenities very useful and a great layout well done keep up the good work.
foxunichakilo 10-28-2007 7:41 PM very busy airport,although not open 24 hrs.could do with more trans atlantic charter flights through out the year.A lot of people travel from the East to the west of Scotland because they can not get flights from Edinburgh.
cargbl 10-23-2007 2:15 PM one of the most uncomfortable and inhospitable airports i have used, staffed with employees totally indifferent to the needs of those that pay through the nose for their services.
JoeCurry 07-25-2007 1:48 PM Definitely Scotland's most accessible/convenient airport. Only downside is the relative absence of long haul fights to Canada and complete absence of those to the Middle/Far east. Why it isn't the main Scottish gateway is a complete mystery.
avionic 07-10-2007 1:40 PM Car parking outwith long term is extortionate. Restaurants & Bar prices are higher by far than 'high street'.