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egarrard 03-25-2013 7:30 PM Very good location to 3 cities (leicester, derby and Nottingham).
gayboyzuk 08-14-2012 8:16 AM May have won awards .not sure why air side facilities very poor Catering outlets poor and over priced Have to walk across tarmac to planes Long queues at passport control Baggage reclaim very poor
jabdoc 09-6-2011 7:21 PM I would use EMA much more frequently if there were a better selection of flights -destinations and prices
lorianlori 01-3-2011 6:43 PM I have always been a huge fan of EMA and not that I'm bragging but I have been to major international airports from Asia to Europe to South America, and EMA is definitely upthere.
Barbara Bor. 10-24-2010 7:41 AM Very long queue ( all passengers waiting in one terribly long line) to security desk and a very long security checking caused missing the filght; very distant route to the gate (with stairs); staff and management of the airport do not want to reimburse costs of tne new tickets etc. No help in such situation.
russellwest 07-21-2010 1:39 PM Lots of improvements over the past year or so. Arrivals area though still VERY slow. Only 2 immigration officers for a flights of about 400 people. Last hing you want is a long delay after a long flights. Automated passport control was not working. Is it now working or if not by when as this would help speed things up.
andrewdalgleish 06-18-2009 8:16 AM Twice as many passengers as the airport can handle at peak periods, expect very long queues.
woden666 06-4-2009 10:34 AM Full of LoCo operators ie FR EZY etc.,. Airport is stuck in the middle of nowhere, rotten transport links for most of the UK. Terminal built on the cheap and it shows. Mostly package and point to point destinations served. Uncomfortable and smelly. Not a good advert for the UK!
matt109 04-15-2009 12:14 PM Very nice airport, but check in early, get through security quickly, and find some seats, there is not many as they get taken very quickly. Go to Costa Coffee and get some drinks/snacks [resonable prices] and then consume slowly, this way you keep your seats. Immigration can be busy if more than one aircraft lands, but be ready with your passport, and STICK TOGETHER. They get really pi$$ed off if families split up. Hope that helps Matt
Edward1990 01-14-2008 10:55 AM The location of the airport couldn't be better, right next to the M1 and easy to get to after junction!
gymm 02-18-2007 5:15 PM Long queues at immigration if more than one plane arrives at the same time.