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GEPARC 08-25-2014 9:16 AM I would "LOVE" to know why is it that out of town taxi's are being harassed and ticketed $1500+ at terminal A for picking up scheduled rides? When did this become illegal I would like to know? It's not the company or passangers fault that people don't want to ride with the airport cabs, so why harass the taxi's that are there legally?
cnp1 03-14-2014 11:59 PM CELL PHONE LOT: Basilone Rd., Coordinates N 40.681091, W 74.191224. EWR as of March 2014 has a cell phone lot located at Basilone Rd. It has lighting, and is 5 minutes from terminal A. It is free. Please note, as of this date, it is not listed on the Port Authority Map, nor on any of the popular online maps or views. You must use North Rd to reach Basilone Rd. Do not use any other road.
LMV1953 12-29-2013 1:40 AM I have had more delays flying into EWR than any other airport, including JFK and LGA, also ATL and Ohare, Dallas and LAX. It seems like the smallest amount of rain translates into hours of delays. I have had three delays this year into EWR with the only explanation being rain. Not ice. Not gale force winds and even severe storms. Just rain! I have never had a delay for mere rain at any other airport. What gives?
jordano2222@yahoo.com 10-1-2013 1:10 PM While EWR is a very modern facility, but expect delays due to security lines, gate changes, and overcrowding, especially at terminal C. Even at 5 AM, the security lines are very long. TSA employees are hurried and you feel like cattle being prodded going through.
aa22lfnj 02-9-2013 3:45 PM Before saying anything bad about EWR please go to ATL, ORD, JFK, LGA ! After that one will see how nice and easy are things at EWR...Of course this is not a perfect airport but there is no such thing !
christa001 08-26-2012 6:42 AM Flying in is easy, but leaving is a pain. Security ALWAYS has a horrible attitude. They are slow and not helpful and act like they don't know what they are doing but still want to boss you around. The layout can be confusing. The place isn't very clean either, so whenever I land I make sure someone is already there and ready to pick me up. Flights are constantly delayed, so make sure you are always checking, as well as making sure the gate for your flight is right. On the plus side, it's pretty calm at later hours, the location is great. Just make sure that you're not heading anywhere in a hurry when you're leaving this airport and give yourself plenty of time to get through security and you should be fine.
mattw1009 06-14-2012 3:47 AM I really don't like this place. Everything about it sucks.
Bandonlubin 03-10-2012 7:46 PM cool
theolddog 09-4-2011 3:44 PM Port Authority: Listen! You need a "Cellphone" parking lot for cars waiting to pick up arriving passengers. Why not have a "virtual cellphone lot" inside the daily lots? Allow free parking for 2 hours (to cover flight delays). Have a special un-manned tollboth for "less-than-2-hr" tickets so exits can be quick. Or how about opening up the unused lot P-7 at the south end of the airport as a cellphone lot?
njdriver622 08-28-2011 2:43 PM Short term parking disaster when busy expect 20min just to exit. Attendants clueless and rude. Escalators often not working, fun to carry down your luggage. No air waiting in Term B with hundreds of people. Traffic cops on meth, expect no mercy. In general this airport is a nightmare.
wwwilkie 07-22-2011 10:17 PM Airtrain is way too small for the amount of passengers that this airport handles. Terminal badly needs updating and better climate control.
dougmad 02-1-2011 8:52 PM Very hard to be productive during the inevitable delays...
amcom1 12-28-2010 3:37 PM as far as routes served, on time scheduling, and layout I rate this airport 4.5 out of 5. Parking could be more accessable and less expensive. People are generally helpful and polite. Baggage handling needs to improve in quality and speed in getting bags to the carousels.
ntableman 09-16-2010 9:32 PM Lived in NNJ for 15 years, fly weekly in and out of EWR and rarely have an issue. This is not an amazing airport, like say CDG, but it is very functional, has easy access to NNJ and NYC, and just gets the job done. It is FAR closer to NYC than JFK.
srose1210 07-23-2010 4:57 PM If flying to NYC, this is the airport to use. It's literally the same amount of time on a train to get to Manhattan as JFK and LGA with MUCH less headache. As my preferred home airport, I appreciate the excellent accessibility to public transportation because you DO NOT want to park at EWR. As for the cons, well, it's a large airport with a lot of moving parts. The routes served are incredible, but I rarely ever take off on time. Security is one of my pet peeves; as one of the airports involved in 9/11, I would expect a much more thorough screening of carry-ons (I've accidentally gotten through with knives and a few flares), especially considering the friggin long wait times. There are plenty of officers around the airport, so I feel secure in that regard. If you're traveling to the area and you've never been, you might be surprised by the abruptness of the employees; they don't understand that you think they are rude because that's how they all talk to each other. All I can say is welcome to New York. Shuttle bus drivers may or may not help you; err toward heaving your own bags into the bus. This is an airport that requires a bit of patience, so do plan to be there at least 2 hours before. If you are flying in to the NYC area, check around for pricing including JFK, LGA, and even PHL if you don't mind driving a little. The least convenient of the three, LGA, sometimes has better pricing, but you may have to take a bus part of the way to get to Manhattan. Overall, EWR is a well-run large international airport with plenty of amenities. The facilities are a bit older and the wear is showing, but it's one of the best options in the area.
ccutecouple 06-16-2010 9:43 PM One of the worst airports in the world! If you are German or Polish forget arriving at this airport. The CBP are real jerks and won't believe any word you say. Even if you book a trip for 2 months they will think you are coming to work in USA. Even thought you got proof you are only coming for vacation... They will keep you in a room alone by yourself for more than 8 hours until they decide what to do with you. They treat you like a animal with no food! If you are coming from Europe dont ever use this airport! So much discrimination!
lawrence3178 02-24-2010 1:45 PM i have been to better airports but also a lot of worse ones. i would describe it as a 'functional' airport!
islandsoft 11-18-2009 11:45 PM average, but much easier to get to than other NYC airports.
seansundquist 10-9-2009 4:44 PM Every time I have to fly into Newark in the evening to catch a connecting flight, I inevitably get a ground delay at the departing airport as EWR is too busy. This makes making your connection usually slim to none. It doesn't matter the weather. If you do happen to make your connection, you'll be waiting on the taxi-way for up to 1.5 hrs waiting to take off, usually starting as number 30 in a long line of aircraft taking off. If you have to fly through Newark, fly in the morning, your chances of getting somewhere are dramatically higher. Employees at the airport are generally uncooperative or rude, with a few exceptions. Airport layout is a plus, and inter-terminal airport from A to C is one of the quicker out there. Overal, avoid EWR like the plague (err, should have I said Swine flu)
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 4:54 AM I think the people who speak negatively of Newark don't realize how much better it is when it's compared to other high volume airports. I've always enjoyed flying to and from Newark. Compared to the O'Hare, JFK, MIA, Philadelphia, Midway, LAX and Atlanta - I think Newark is far better. You can get a flight just about anywhere and because of the competition in the region, you can get good prices. While you can probably get MORE flights to the same places through JFK - if I had a choice, I'd go through Newark everytime.
WACKIEDON 08-24-2009 9:04 PM An average airport with 2 complaints why does it take forever to get your bags AA ? and the rounabot loop de loop rental car return is a drag Dollar/ Budget. if you dont know you short cuts just follow the signs and weep
btzucker 08-21-2009 9:35 PM If you ever arrive or leave on time, buy a lottery ticket because you are a very lucky person.
jhowell1956 04-2-2009 5:13 PM I have been flying the EWR to MKE flight for five months ... my flight has never left on time and several times have been cancelled.
wordwidehopper 03-2-2009 6:09 PM This is THE worst airport in the whole world. Arrogant employees, waiting for ever on every possible counter. Entering the nation from overseas is a desaster. You need assistance, this is the best place NOT to get it. There is only on recommendation for EWR. Close it and make it a parking lot. Schikanes wherever government employees have a chance. You want you bags to be lighter after receiving. Here is the place to support airport employees with your goods. From tools to shoes to whole bags. As a frequent flyer I almost got rid of everything you could possibly think of. Most disturbing is the ignorance and lack of interest the airport employees show even on minor requests. You want to watch your bags getting destroyed. Simply wait at a window and watch them load and unload. If you think they will respond to your requests. The arrogance they show towards their customers prohibits any answers to the simplest question.
ddion 02-3-2009 12:45 AM The worst airport I have ever been stuck in, and too many times because of too many delays and numerous cancellations. Avoid Newark at all cost..
amakins 01-9-2009 9:48 PM Terminal A is just plain horrible. Try finding 2 seats together that aren't ripped. If you take the Olympia/Coach USA bus from Manhatten don't leave it to the last minute - waited 45 minutes at Bryant Park for a bus that is supposed to run ever 15 minutes.
kadambi 08-12-2008 9:25 PM The absolutely worst airport in the universe. Flights are always delayed due to weather no matter what the weather is.
marklpc 08-1-2008 8:04 AM The AirTrain is horrible! Late at night I see travelers running across highways and over concrete barriors trying to reach parking lot P4 because the AirTrain runs so infrequently after midnight. If by some miracle you DO get on, the speakers are broken and make you deaf.
jzwanzig 07-21-2008 9:29 AM This airport is just terrible. The waiting areas are filthy, the bathrooms are worse than filthy. The staff is generally rude and unhelpful. I cannot believe this is because they are overworked, because most of the time the majority of them are standing around doing little or nothing. The immigration port is especially rude and unpleasant (and yes, I'm an American citizen entering through the American lines). The only bright spots about this airport are: good connections to Europe and South America, good access to NYC/Manhattan. But it's just not worth it, the likelihood of flight delays is about 75% or more. It's just a terrible operation.
tori456 06-16-2008 5:13 PM Avoid making international connections at EWR at ANY COST! Incoming international passengers, after cleating immigration and customs, will be released OUTSIDE the "sterile" area and will have to queue up again for security check with hundreds of people starting their journey at EWR. We experienced this several years ago, not long after 9/11, and we barely made the connection although the layover was much longer than the official "minimum transit time". We thought this issue should have been addressed by now - many other US airports have. Apparently this is not a big issue for EWR, and most security agents do not have authority to let people with tight connection go through security quickly - at many other US airports, agents will start calling passengers to the front of the lines according to departure times. And all public drinking fountains are turned off in the C terminal - the only way for you to get drinking water is to buy bottled water or use a tap in toilet. Electronic flight departure displays at Continental gates are often incorrect , and gate changes are common. You have to periodically make a trip to the big departure monitors listing all airlines to make sure that you are still at the right gate. Gate agents make announcements for gate changes but none seems to be able to correct the electronic sign or post a piece of paper at the gate with correct information.
feedback07 06-12-2008 7:42 PM It's more of a strip mall than an airport. At least your delayed flight won't leave you too bored. Don't wear a sweater or any thick clothing.
kschendel 06-9-2008 5:18 PM As a connection airport only: at least it's a nice place to get stuck in, because you probably will be delayed here. I don't think it's any worse than e.g. JFK for delays, though. Terminal areas are mostly pleasant and clean, and CO staff have always tried to be helpful in my experience.
idiotking 04-28-2008 8:12 PM Woefully over-scheduled, and chronically understaffed. Once you're IN terminal C, things aren't too bad, but everything up to that point is hell on earth. Massive delays seem more and more the norm at EWR rather than the exception. Getting INTO the airport can be a hassle, as well. The "AirTrain" running between terminals and to the commuter rail station is a laughable boondoggle that must have been built as a joke/kickback scheme for the local mob. Incredibly slow, and with very little space for travelers -- and you don't even want to imagine the chaos that ensues when it breaks down! The staff assigned to "help" travelers often have less of a clue as to what's going on than the typical frequent flier might -- really, I have yet to see them provide any service of value. The only possible function they serve is to make the TSA staff seem efficient and hardworking by comparison! It's a shame that Continental doesn't have a better US Gateway, though a case can be made that it's the best in the NYC area. Continental is probably the best of the US Mainline carriers to fly, so they should do better for their NYC hub! One note, however -- it is FAR from Manhattan proper, and a Cab ride can cost you upwards of 60 dollars. Best to take the (again, ridiculous) AirTrain to the NJ Transit commuter rail -- much quicker and more predictable than NYC-area traffic!
richr 04-27-2008 9:07 PM Security lines in the mornings between 7AM and 9AM are bad in Terminal C.
heatherduns 04-11-2008 12:29 AM Why is it always 90 degrees in the Continental terminal?
phanatic 03-22-2008 2:49 PM It seems even a gentle breeze will cause severe delays. This airport is way overbooked with flights on a continual basis.
rattler01 02-29-2008 7:21 PM I hate this place but my work forces me to go thru here. Flights never leave on time. If you have a close connecting flight any where you can kiss that good by. The last 4 times I flew out of there I missed all connecting flights. On three of them I had to go to stand by and a 4.5 hour trip constantly turns into a 11.5 hour trip. I would drive if it was 2 hours less to to save the hassle. If you ever doubted the exsistance of Hell then come to Newark
rosss2 02-28-2008 1:16 AM friends dont let friends go to newark
rkapoor 01-18-2008 4:14 AM Newark is an excellent airport in terms of the number of flights and shops. It's probably the best in the New York area, but that's not really saying much. The TSA staff was friendly and polite, but the waits build up. The seating areas are really comfortable and the announcements were clear. A decently laid airport, but it needs to figure out how to handle delays better. For connecting flights ALWAYS leave at least 2.5 hours, otherwise you'll probably miss it. Terminal A looks very old, but Terminal C is the newest and best. A good airport and my favorite in the NY area, but what's up with all of the delays!
SGlennW 12-19-2007 8:13 PM The worst airport in America if you want to leave or arrive on time.
edvin 11-26-2007 8:58 PM Great airport. Terminal C is especially nice since its all newly remodeled so it has nice tall ceilings. Plenty of food choices including sitdown and the prices are reasonable.
michael dedio 10-27-2007 2:53 PM Employees at airport make you feel like they are doing you a favor. Poor attitudes
autophile 10-26-2007 2:59 AM The "port" part of this airport is great. Good connectivity between terminals, lots of shops and food choices. A lot of seating. Passenger pickup is a nightmare, with cops telling you to move after waiting a few minutes. The "air" part also sucks. Flights are often excessively delayed or cancelled. Avoid this and all NYC area airports at all costs. NEVER make a connection through this one. Arrive at or depart from Philadelphia if at all possible.
Hudson212 10-9-2007 1:17 PM One of the worst large airports in the country.
fauxstrider 09-25-2007 4:46 PM This is one of my favourite airport. At the first glimpse seems very large, yet connectivity between terminals fast and easy. AirTrain is what I like the most. I havent used terminal A yet, but terminal B and C is easy to navigate thru. Cant get lost, much better than O'Hare airport in Chicago.
ccacioppo 09-11-2007 3:48 AM Having lived in NJ all my life and travelled extensively in the US, Newark just plain sucks. Every business traveller I have ever spoke to sez this place is terrible. Every other airport I've been in with exception of Detroit is worst than here. Its just plain miserable to come home too. and the attitude, OMG.
n64man987 08-23-2007 5:44 PM Avoid this area if you want to actually get home. An average 1.5hr delay is considered great at this airport. And that is still better than LGA. Terminal C is nice...good since your gunna be there a while.
rongreenberg 08-4-2007 8:42 PM Information provided to passenger is terrible.
babysteps 07-8-2007 6:35 PM most airlines pad departing flight's schedules by 45 minutes (so don't start hyperventilating until your ground delay is longer). Late day arrivals invariably late. Early morning rush hour get dropped off at departure level or avoid terminal C (take airtrain from a different terminal). Use preferred flyer security lanes if you can. During road traffic times, train from NYC more reliable than car service/bus/taxi. Buses from Port Authority surprisingly reliable
marcbalson 07-5-2007 1:48 AM With only two operating runways and no way to expand for more runways this airport will always be running late with delays and frustration. Over sized baggage like golf clubs is another 45 minute wait with arguably the most lack-luster group of incompetents working that area. Ship your golf clubs ....it's faster. mb
verahendriks 07-1-2007 11:28 AM I like this airport !!!!!!
jmcatl 05-6-2007 3:55 PM Constantly delayed arrival and departures. The absolute worst to fly through and connect to another flight. Don't even risk it!
JackG 04-21-2007 7:15 PM People are similar to JFK and LaGuardia - rude. They act like they're doing you a favor when going through security. That's after waiting forever in a medium-length line. Going through NYC airports is a test of manners & patience.
shelleyd2 03-23-2007 11:00 PM Hell on earth exists at this airport. I travel extensively and connect at this airport 2-3 times per week...unfortunately. This airport is so incredibly busy at all times that it seems nothing can be done to make it better. The international arrivals hall is truly an embarassment to our country. Avoid at all costs.
jagiboy 03-20-2007 4:33 PM This airport along with all of the NYC airports is really bad in terms of on-time performance. There is so much volume in this airport and probably not enough people to manage the FTC. I've flown out of Newark for almost 3 years now and never has my flight left on time. Most of the time its due to ATC slowing down the incoming plane due to volume. You could have a picture perfect day and still you will get delayed. Avoid NYC airports if you really need to be somewhere important.
aafinn 03-11-2007 3:21 AM Always delayed out of this airport. I've flown a number of different airlines out of Newark, and regardless of the airline, there are delays. Too much traffic at this airport and small time windows for errors cause most of the problems, so you should try to fly out of here in the morning rather than the evening.
vkhk 02-19-2007 12:12 PM I love this airport very much . The peoples the work there are very nice and helpfull to us. Greatings From The Netherlands V.Kroppen
westone 02-11-2007 9:04 PM TSA sometimes seems "with it", but early am is chaos
grahamje 01-23-2007 10:13 PM Haven't used all the terminals, but I really like T3, the Continental one.
to.walsh@gmail.com 11-30-2006 6:49 AM Avoid this one if possible