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lo8 04-16-2013 12:25 AM I lived in Key West for 4 years so should have known better than using them. Only option unless you drive 3hr to Miami. 2 yrs ago they denied my visitor a flight because they said he was late. Got him there 45mins before flight. My friend had 1 carryon bag and no check in. Denied flight said we were not there early enough. Today my Wife's flight was canceled due to system being down. Yet a flight was just leaving. She argued to get onboard and finally granted flight. Avoid this airport. It always has flights cancelled, no matter due to winds or due to their errors.
wBrimberry 02-28-2012 9:59 PM Key West airport is an effecient small town airport. It easy to access, get through and depart. Please, don't change the Key West airport.