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andrew.mrls@yahoo.com 01-10-2013 7:29 PM A very large, old, and crowded airport with a confusing layout, especially for international travelers. Armed military police welcomes tourists at the immigration checkpoint and petty thieves linger in the arrivals lobby. It is very unfortunate that such a major international city as Rome has such a horrible airport, perhaps the domestic side of the airport is better, but for international arrivals it is far from a friendly welcome.
aleflyer 09-22-2012 9:43 AM A nice airport, easy to use.
ZachLagops 04-10-2012 11:54 AM and they say U.S. airports are bad...
traveller17 11-23-2011 6:42 PM Disorganized Airport with old facilities and sometimes rude staff. By the introduction of the new Alitalia's dedicated terminal for schengen flights overall comfort has a bit increased, also the on time performance is increasing. there are still problems at peek hours due to old and disorganized luggage handling facilities, expecially for long-houl flights departing from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. this causes delays at about 20 mins due to late arrival of lugges on board the airplane.
JeevaDurai 09-17-2011 4:15 AM Dont use any ATM, my account was depleted by USD 350, without giving any money. Now my bag wasnt even put on flight over the last two days. The change machine doesn't work. the train ticket validation machine's dont work. Than every show u go to shop wants you to speak Italian and the shop staff so surprised that u speak other language, make you to feel like oh you poor uncivilized thing. Than the police at boarding gates is suspicious of person like me. Literally i have been picked up for bomb checking over 2 -3 times. Seriously !
C-3PO 01-12-2011 11:56 PM Nice, and getting better
ponciostr 05-10-2010 8:14 PM its not the best aiport in europe! no bad! but could be better! pretty old for be the italian gate! but its comfortable ...
theprez 02-24-2010 4:29 PM Not worse than other airports of the same size in Europe or North America but one of the best in terminals access and distances to walk. Trains and parking ok, taxis too expensive.
dalmore 04-22-2009 6:51 PM Absolutely pathic. Stood in line at Lufthansa for 2+ hours just to check in. Better have at least 4-5 hours before your flight.
gianniem 03-9-2009 9:26 AM Ideal to miss connections. Very slow. Plenty of bottlenecks.
italy_area 01-27-2008 2:06 PM Well .. where to start ... 1/ Most of the staff working at restaurants, infos desk are not friendly at all (just awaiting for their work shift to finish). 2/ Passport and custom control staff are lazy, poorly organized and not willing to work, moreover most of them unable to speak English (the worst ones are the government employees) 3/ Most of the time the information screens (departure/arrivals) are showing some kind of Windows software error. 4/ 80% of the time you have to take a bus for the boarding operation. 5/ Most of the bathrooms are old and dirty. 6/ Most of the time It takes long time to get your luggage back upon arrival and if there is a delay in the delivery nobody is informing you. 7/ The airport baggage handling is known to have many employee with previous criminal records !!! 8/ Once you exit from the terminal it's full of people asking if you need a taxi .... those are illegal taxi drivers but since they are bribing the local police and station managers they are tollerated.
aabardsley 12-2-2007 1:41 PM Awful airport! Security was so slow we nearly missed our flight after arriving with 3 hours to spare. If possible do avoid this airport.
anmus 11-7-2007 10:27 PM Sorry... this is the airport of my home... not the best gateway to a beautyful city
BRNF 07-18-2007 11:37 AM Better than might be expected but in my four flights here (Alitalia, not budget) we have only docked in the terminal once - otherwise it's buses. They have a habit of changing gates on you after check-in and the flight status screens are not very clear.
maabdou 02-19-2007 11:12 PM wonderful airport but it should be more luxury. rgds,,, mohamed
HESM 12-12-2006 1:58 PM Unfriendly staff!!