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davidleemac58 06-6-2013 6:34 PM Love this airport but hate flying international. When you return custom lines are unbearable. It's not bad enough to wait 1 hour to show your passport. Then after you get your luggage you have another line with only 2 people to check everybodys bag. Another hour. After that may decide to send you to another line to scan your bag. Another half hour. Miami has 3 times as many people and it takes a quarter of the time.. What a joke.
dfmillhouse 03-25-2013 9:40 PM Too small for the number of customers, and not enough restrooms.
rwrnole2 04-15-2011 11:33 PM ought to keep restaurants open later or at least post hours
bobster99 11-8-2009 6:21 AM Free wireless internet throughout the airport... how can you beat that?
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 5:48 AM If your planning a vacation to South Florida (and assuming your renting a car), Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood is the place to come into. If your going to spend a weekend in South Beach and have no car - fly into Miami. For the locals, FLL is the preferred airport. The only real complaint I have of FLL is that it's not closer to where I live in Miami (I'm about 10 minutes from MIA and 20 to 25 minutes from FLA). The international airlines don't fly into FLL (I think Air Canada and maybe Air Jamaica) but it's the best airport south of Tampa. Parking is easy and the terminal layout is smart and efficient. I'm not much on an airports places to eat and drink - I'm more into the functionality in airport and how quickly I'm in and out. The lowfare carriers fly into FLL, so you can catch a JetBlue or Southwest flight. I have to say - FLL is one of the better airports I've been to in my 35 years of traveling - should be rated higher.
Arch1000 01-22-2009 3:55 AM Improving Every Day!
rlasanta 01-5-2008 5:13 PM if you plan to do a stop at this airport make sure u use only 1 airline. if you arrive in one and need to conect to the other you will have to cross the parking lot and do the security check again!!! Nightmare scenario if you have a delayed flight.
GVOSCH 09-23-2007 3:12 AM This airport is better than most that i have been in,The service was suburb..Thanks for everthing..Keep it up,FLL..I was here Sept,22,07:
nestdan 07-30-2007 9:05 PM Good airport. Nice alternative to Miami Intl.
FLguy96 07-25-2007 6:46 PM i HAVE ONLY USED TERMINAL 1
Caniche 06-27-2007 9:59 PM I would never EVER go to this joint again. I was stranded for Days here, because of flight delays, and cancelation. The worste part was they didn't want to help me get back home again. And by the way, I didn't see my luggage for Weeks. I was surprised I even got it back. NEVER AGAIN!!!
cassax 06-21-2007 3:41 PM Unless you are in Terminal 3, there is very little in the way of food or beverage service outside the security zone, which is a a direct result of 9/11. There is a large area in each terminal which once housed the rental car desks that could be reconfigured to allow SOME food service, but the area remains empty, most notibly in terminals 1 and 2. Regarding baggage, is it just me, or does FLL seem to take an exceptionally long time to get bags from the planes to the baggage area? Even late night flights seem to take a long time, even though very few flights land in the later hours.