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dpstein 01-8-2014 11:36 AM Security checks are quick, short walking distances, perfectly connected to the city,
tkap 12-3-2013 8:32 PM I like this airport,transfer is nice and smufffff
roma911 01-26-2013 3:26 PM Not one of my favorites. The overall impression is that it is out dated.Staff is often not very helpful, WiFi not open and costly and place is maze. The security check lines to the US are some of the worst globally. I once arrived 2 hours prior to departure and barely made the plane after standing in a crowded line that moved very slow. This was in summer and AC wasn't working well....
maltasr911 01-8-2013 7:34 AM This airport is not friendly to the older passenger. Too many stairs to climb with insufficient number of lifts. Wheelchair access to and from aircraft seems to be lacking. Gap between boarding area and aircraft and vice versa makes it difficult for the older citizen to negotiate boarding and unboarding aircraft. Customs officers are among the most professional, kind, and caring I've encountered at any major airport anywhere in the world.
Sturtzm 09-4-2012 12:06 PM The overal rating is based on the fact that there is 1) high probability to loose in this airport 2) there are some shortcuts from going to one or the other terminal but the personel is forcing you to pass through the most long ones, you can access easily where you want to go.
mpm 08-6-2012 2:12 AM This is one of the most confusing airports I have used. Hard to find where to go, with endless corridors and security checks. Hard to find out what terminal to go to if you don't know.
Viking2010 05-16-2012 5:08 AM Bad signing, rude info employees, constant gate changes, few food options on gate areas.
chuckl123 04-14-2012 2:23 PM I avoid connecting through FRA whenever possible. I much prefer MUC or ZRH.
introvable 02-28-2012 12:47 PM Very dirty airport, needs to be cleaned more often. Expensive internet connections, when they can be found.
Traveller007 02-11-2012 7:33 PM Unbelievably dirty and stinking toilets, airport-staff sometimes very unfriendly and rude, especially of American airlines. Parking has become a desaster in terminal 1 as they gave large areas to business-parking which is even more expansive than the normal parking-lots. Since 2 months you cannot even get free carts any more, you have to pay 2 EUR in cash or by certain creditcards - no American Express cards accepted - a big nuisance. Not an airport you really like, its just a hub.
weco 02-10-2012 8:50 AM I just love flying from this airport. Well organized, friendly staff. Perfect!
jwaldronrn 09-8-2011 7:36 PM Under constant renovation and modification for the last 3 decades.. Gets worse and more chaotic 08-5-2011 8:22 PM Always get lost here... suprisingly difficult to find the gates.
walidah 12-23-2010 10:53 AM I am a very very frequent traveler, FRA is one of my favorites
fxt 12-18-2010 9:40 PM Nice building but... Lufthansa service is terrible at Frankfurt airport. Lines are ridiculous. Lufthansa service is poor. Will not fly Lufthansa again. Will try to stay away from Frankfurt airport
schrottrt 12-9-2010 10:29 PM Frankfurt Airport is busy but NOT NICE. Long distances to walk, high danger to get stuck in winter. Public transportation to the city is excellent and reasonably priced. City location hotels much better deals than airport hotels. Easy to get to by car from the Autobahn but parking a challenge and expensive. Been there many times, did not grow on me although I do like the city (old-town).
jvhw 11-29-2010 6:34 AM walking distances are way too long / lounges very far / sometimes need to come back trough security. security level very high,.. but long waiting lines and unfriendly.
bob1966 10-23-2010 1:10 PM Terminal 1 has almost finished its refurbishment. FRA is a modern, nice airport with excellent connections.
bernpas 10-15-2010 7:28 PM Big Lufthansa hub with excellent connections, services and - if you follow the signs - easy to use and to transit.
henwood 10-6-2010 6:15 AM No matter how ahead of your flight you arrive at the terminal security will make sure that either you barely make it to the gate or loose your flight, it must be some betting game they play, if it is truely about security nobody in his right mind congragates so many people in an enclosed area, it is just to infuriate the passengers and then they wonder why air rage is on the increase- give us back our freedom to travel
AM1026 07-24-2010 11:48 AM Efficient and very long airport, terminals can be a very long walk away. You need to pass security again to go to some shopping areas which can make the staff a bit suspicious and go through your passport searching endlessly! Lots of shops. Security at the X-ray machine can be rude at times. I ince saw a young security female barking constantlly at passengers for no reason at all, that seemed her normal way of comunication. I was thinking "Hitlers grand daughter"??
thefrequenttraveler 06-17-2010 3:48 PM This Airport is too busy, too long ways to go to get to the connecting flight and inconvinient for world-Travelers : you went through security when you started your journey, if you're "lucky" you have to do it again in FRA before you get to the connecting flight, and then your connecting flight is gone .... FRA seems to be always "under construction", Frankfurt's version of the "Big Dig"?
ponciostr 05-10-2010 8:50 PM my experience was good! and a very pollite crew, one of the best airports i had visited
iwmiller 04-16-2010 3:00 PM The only worse than this airport is the staff. They are rude!!!!
Araminta 04-15-2010 11:04 PM I find this to be "the worst airport" in the dev. world!! Only a few seats in the waiting area, that are remotely comfortable!! If you want one, you have for people to leave, but you have to fight other people to get one. Very poor for any intern. Airport! I absolutely hate going to Frankfurt.On top of that the layout is bad. Why don't you have a look at any airport in Asia?
ariekamal11 01-13-2010 9:38 PM Will avoid this airport in the future. Terminal 2 is overcrowded, not enough seats, no reclined chairs to sleep in transit areas, no quiet area to relax between flights. Agents are crude and rude. Don't bother asking Lufthansa agents any questions, you will be getting a very unpleasant answer. No drinking water available unless you pay 3eu for a small bottle of water. You will be "caged" in before the flight because they check ID's long before you board. Many people will have to wait standing for almost one hour before actual boarding begins. If you want to go to bathroom you will have to wait in line again for ID check!!!
scarlette7 12-21-2009 9:05 AM Worst airport i've ever seen. Staff super useless and inefficient and unfriendly. Stuck in FRA for 24 hrs, no explanation, no information, no signposts.
markusdebus 11-25-2009 4:47 AM Frankfurt is a very good airport. Flying Star Alliance you have mostly short ways for a major hub. Security is very efficient and you can save time by being there a bit before the trans-atlantic rush hour starts. The saved time you can use to relax in one of the comfortable seats in the gate area (if you want to sit prior to a 12 hour flight). Contrary to the US-airports emptying your pocket doesn't mean to gain calories. Shops are plenty and they offer more than food, newspapers or souvenirs. The layout is really something you will love. The signs are highly visible on the ceiling and as long as you don't keep your nose to the floor like a dog you will have no problem finding the exit or your connecting flight.
DavidRHunt 09-25-2009 10:12 AM Could be better sign posted, otherwise a good airport to transit through.
punjabijatt 07-23-2009 4:36 PM Frankfurt is a hub airport many passengers only come here to ctach a connecting flight
aibkaresz 07-2-2009 4:44 PM Perfect Lufthansa service. Very excellent airport. I loved it.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:09 PM Angry Business Traveller:
s88su22gloa99s 06-11-2009 5:40 PM You can clearly see that the airport grew too fast. The terminal layout is not thought through and often leads to you having to go down 4 flights of stairs only to pass through a tunnel hundreds of meters long, at the end of which you'll have to go back up 4 flights of stairs. If you're booked on a short-haul regional flight with Eurowings or the like the transfer time in the bus easily reaches 10-15 minutes.
BonjourEurope 06-6-2009 4:53 AM NON! On parle seulement ALLEMAND? Des fumeurs partout!
jcsjcsjcs 06-6-2009 4:34 AM Terrible! Did anyone design this airport or it just happened? Complete uncomprehensible layout. No signs German treatment at security, bad food, dirty toilets, no shops. There are no signs, everyone gets lost. Staff hard to address, hard to understand. Smokers everywhere, is it still 1970???? I prefer Amsterdam airport as a mainport for Europe.
pab 04-23-2009 9:37 AM One of the best of the "big" airports (orders of magnitude better than e.g. Paris CDG) but not perfect. Usally friendly service. I like 'old' terminal 1 better than the newer terminal 2, which is just a big shed. Excellent conncetions to ground transportation, two railway stations (local and long distance) with very frequent and usually punctual services. added 05/09/08: The "new" C-gates in Terminal 1 are certainly no big improvement: Long bleak corridors, insufficient sign-posting (try find C-1) March 2009: Airport staff (presumably fraport) more and more unfriendly, keep passengers standing outside gate area (albeit too small compared to capacity of the plane) while they sit inside and do nothing.
JoeThornton 08-24-2008 2:09 PM This entire airport should be torn down and rebuilt. It feels like a sad reminder of East Germany 'though it's placed in what was West Germany. If going trans-atlantic you must absolutely avoid this airport. Make sure to use the restroom before getting off the plane into this airport as it might take up to an hour finding one in the airport that is not out of order/being maintained/closed. Also bring lots of money as you will have to pay as much as 4 euros for a bottle of water.
steven_r310 07-23-2008 8:16 PM An example more airports should follow.
Marc Hannemann 06-10-2008 9:55 PM Very confused, stressful, long waiting time before check-in. Not enough staff for service, from airlines and for security. Smokers got is a big problem, especially short before departure.
rkapoor 04-9-2008 7:23 PM Frankfurt Main could easily be one of the world's best airports if they could get it organized and manage to get friendly staff. The terminal layout is very well organized and the numerous signs should make getting through this airport relatively easy. The only problem is when you have to go looking for the Skytrain in order to conect to another concourse. I have gotten lost many times doing this and I wish that the train wasn't hidden by a large escalator in Concourse A. The Lufthansa staff at this airport were pretty rude and most of the shopkeepers seemed angry and few of them knew how to communicate in English. In addition, I don't understand why airport staff loves to send confused travellers in circles, it's absoloutely ridiculous. Security is a pain, but most of the time it only takes about 30-40 minutes, which is better that the security times at Heathrow and CDG. The bathrooms were really clean, but I wish that the airport would have proper designated smoking areas so that everyone didn't have to deal with the nasty cigarette smoke. FRA is a pretty good airport, but the rude staff and smoke filled terminals means that I will continue to use Heathrow as my connecting airport when I fily internationally.
mtnman 04-7-2008 7:28 PM On site train station a big plus. Huge airport on many different levels. Very busy, but efficient. Should send some of their expertise to Heathrow for a training seminar on running an airport. Easy to get around in.
zeenoo 03-21-2008 11:33 PM Its a very messy airport and staff is not friendly at all ......on top of that everything is too far with no escalators so u have to walk a lot and no affordable eating places and its always construction...:)
RSiddiqui 03-8-2008 7:04 AM Lufthansa Senator lounges are similar to a bus terminal - crowded with members at times preferring to stay out. Shocking to see some people sleeping on the floor in the SENATOR lounge; what next? Airport has limited, if any, smoking areas or none are marked. Immigration officer can be racist, specially towards Eastern Europeans and Asians, but many are helpful. The Airport is a total mess.
afc11_744 02-25-2008 6:38 AM Far too much waiting for secuity. The airport was a big mass, compared with Sigon, Bang Kok and Hongkong..................
orenride 01-24-2008 3:49 PM this airport is a mess............cigarette smoke everywhere..........badly laid out terminals..........confusing signage...........dread going through frankfurt......use munich instead
lyndas228 12-23-2007 7:48 AM Flew through FRA on way from NY to Hyderabad, India. Business Class lounge in terminal was closed. The alternative business class lounge in another terminal was so crowed you could not find a seat. Airport was dirty and bathrooms were small and filty. When a person from New York can rate JFK as far superior to another airport there is a real problem!
Guinnessgrrl 12-19-2007 1:59 AM This is the worst airport in Europe. Very smokey, horrible food and very expensive. The layout and signs are very bad.
tdi1272 12-10-2007 2:32 PM Most efficient Airport of this size I've ever been to. If I can choose in an airport I prefer safety, efficiency and reliability over friendlyness and relaxing atmoshere. (Yes, the Germans should smile more) Best lounges in Europe.
Mogens 12-6-2007 7:58 PM Sadly this is an airport difficult to avoid due to it's number of flights and connections. Possibly the worst airport in Europe??
Allie 08-26-2007 10:31 AM Horrible airport!!! Long distances between terminals and no signs telling you where you are going. Very confusing information from the signs and boards. Change of gates all the time. Seating areas are not good - overcrowded and busy with no possibility to relax. Security is very, very, very SLOW!!!
CRoigk 08-7-2007 11:05 AM Very efficient airport and taken into consideration the size and number of airlines/pax handled, very fast and very comfortable
kschendel 07-25-2007 6:38 PM I agree that FRA is the best of the euro big three, at least for connections. Allow extra time if you have to move between terminals, and read the signs carefully. I've found the staff to be relatively helpful for a large airport. It's kind of weird to see long lines of planes sitting out in the middle of the tarmac loading or unloading, but it seems to work. And yes ... it's too smoky, like walking through an ashtray.
maxrwh 07-10-2007 9:03 PM Overall an excellent airport- but as all others, it has its dents and scratches :)
HDZ 07-2-2007 2:23 PM Not a user friendly airport. Toilets a scandal, disgusting. Dull architecture. Unfriendly service in restaurants. No shops in terminal 2. Avoid this airport.
iad787 06-29-2007 5:10 AM the airport is great they have alot of lounges but there is just too!!! much smoking you can hardely find a place without smoke
ebarav 06-20-2007 9:31 PM SMOKE SMOKE. When will there be smoke free zones for non smokers. It's almost impossible to have dring or meal here without smoke in face and eyes. The smoking areas are a joke a sign in the middle of the region , no defnined walls or area anyone who can see the sign smokes no matter how colse they are to it. Toliets in the reasturent area DISGUSTING and the signitures on the cleaning roster fabricated I was there at 10:00 and 10:30 inspection was already signed!!!
ch_flyer 06-15-2007 7:29 PM Airport is not user friendly. Security check for flights to the US from within the "secure" area of the airport is an ordeal. Had to walk in the rain from my arriving aircraft to the airport bus...air-bridge was available, but for some unknown reason, inoperable. All in all, an experience I could have done without.
beili 06-4-2007 3:53 PM FRA is for sure not the newest, but definitely the best and most efficient hub-airport in Europe.
teningen 05-13-2007 4:22 PM Why is it so difficult for US Americans to accept, that smoking is allowed in designated areas?? They cause trouble at the airport and here as well??!! FRA is a hub airport and has to be big - but still better as every single North American Airport, if you have to change from one airline to an other. (I have 12 F-class flights to the US per year)
jlgilman 04-30-2007 1:57 PM Smokey environment is the major reason why I will ONLY travel to FRA if Frankfurt is my final destination. Otherwise, I choose other airports to fly through. Food in the few restaurants available is unappealing and very expensive.
Schnarpsel 04-10-2007 10:39 PM One of the worst airports I have been to. Flown through FRA many, many times and dread it more every time. Long distances to get from A to B, sometimes through back staircases with no elevators/escalators. Not user-friendly at all. Staff unfriendly and flying to the U.S. out for FRA is an ordeal. This could all be done so much better...
jbrand224 04-4-2007 7:26 PM Not friendly. Nice access to the city and beyond (my destination 5 to 7 times per year is Berlin). FRA and the ICE Trains is by far the best way to get to Berlin rather than British Air and dealing with Heathrow.
snuri 03-26-2007 9:16 AM unorganized, unfriendly, in no way helpful - a truely disgusting way to start a trip and a really horrible destination
zivodal 02-26-2007 7:48 PM By far the best of the big 3 in Europe (Frankfurt, Paris CDG, Heathrow).
oridenour 02-17-2007 5:24 AM the amount of smoke one must inhale-as a non-smoker-in this airport is criminal.