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dianauni 01-11-2012 12:10 AM The beauty of the present Gibraltar Airport is that it is small - no endless walkways and corridors, no searching for departure gates, get to check in early or check in online and you don't have to queue, security is fast and efficient and when you are arriving at Gib if you only have handluggage you can be off the plane, through security and out the front door into a taxii or bus like a dose of salts! When the new airport opens there will be plenty of choice ref restaurants and shops and hopefully more seating areas. It looks wonderful from the outside so we have high hopes! 07-11-2011 10:37 AM Come on the new Gibraltar Airport, because the old one is appalling, getting through security can take an hour cramped in a narrow corridor surrounded by 100's of other travellers, due to having 2 security machines only, and most flights come in 3's instead of being spaced out more, meaning that there is no where to sit in an old fashioned, uncomfortable lounge, where the food and drink ques are monumental, and there is no apparently working air conditioning. Airport staff are oblivious to offering any help or attempting to speed things up, shop staff don't even look at you whilst serving, and if you're being bussed to an aircraft, prepare to be stood for 1/2 an hour on a baking bus again with no air con whilst they let you off. This is not an exaggerated report, it is terrible. If they can't get it right with the new terminal under construction and already 7 months late, we won't use it again, we'll fly into Malaga.
MKY661 01-1-2011 7:32 PM Nice little airport, but if someone is late, then it causes a big knock on effect. I was on a Monarch flight back to Manchester and the Luton one was boarding first, but some silly idiot didn't turn up, and it took half an hour for him to turn up. I would of just left him. baggage handling is a bit bad though, only one carousel and it yakes about twenty minutes for the bags to start coming out.
kcannon 01-3-2009 2:14 PM A fantastic little airport, less than 30 seconds from security to gate when departing, and less than 3 mintutes from exiting the aircraft to the taxi rank. The way flying should be!!!!
EvieSpain 07-23-2008 1:59 PM Small, but works well with what they have.
peteblack 06-25-2008 3:25 PM Gibraltar Airport is very small, which is reflected in some of my ratings. However, living on the Costa del Sol, we much prefer using Gibraltar in comparison with Malaga. It is a nice friendly airport, and normally you are through check-in or baggage claim very quickly. Well done "Gib"!