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JoanWells 07-20-2014 2:29 AM I am puzzled why Brazil would tolerate an international airport at Rio de Janeiro that's as bad as this airport. Thefts from checked luggage is routine, toilets are filthy, seating is inadequate, security is always a huge bottleneck because of incompetence and inadequate staffing, and the two terminals are designed with someone other than passengers in mind. Rio will never be a world-class city until it does something about this mess that greets foreign visitors to the city.
sarah goldin 07-14-2013 3:09 AM GIG is a national embarrassment for Brazil.
jbidi 04-7-2013 12:30 AM Security isn't must when arriving ... Transpostation is very complicated and dnot easy ...
jbmeans 07-21-2012 11:24 PM Unquestionably the the most archaic, poorly administered major airport in Latin America (and there are several others that are dreadful). Unless GIG is buried and a new airport built from scratch, I don't see how Rio will be ready to host the World Cup and Olympics. Disaster awaits.
AntonioTorquemada 02-10-2012 2:47 PM This airport is a bad taste joke. Baggage claim can take hours. Baggage violation rate is VERY high, I had my bags open and things stolen at least 6 times. Restrooms aren't very clean. Few places to eat. Many many flight delays
marentez2011 12-5-2011 7:29 PM horrible airport facilities
Lucas93BR 12-3-2011 7:48 PM Good airport. It's getting somewhat outdated, especially terminal one but non the less its the best airport when entering Brazil. The air traffic here is very well controlled considering the fact its the country's major airport and it has various routes to cities throughout six continents. When ever I go to my city in Brazil, I make sure to go through Rio as opposed to Sao Paulo. The airport is divided into two terminals. Terminal one is used a bit more than two and its older. The second terminal is more modern but in my opinion, both should be renovated especially for the World Cup and Olympics. There is great space inside them and sometimes the elevators or escalators are not working which is a problem. But now hopefully that problem has been fixed. Food is pricey and there are various taxis and bus service to the city's downtown and to Rio's domestic airport. With a bit of upgrades, it'll be a greater airport
ddlk 01-14-2011 8:17 PM I am not travelling to this airport but I have family that is and I have been trying to get an update on the status of the flight.....there is "NO" update....I think this is terrible....not a plus for this airport! For this reason I would give this airport a very poor rating.
frang50 09-25-2009 6:56 PM This is the worst international airport I have ever visited. Teh security lines are very long, the food is awful if it is even avaialble and there are not enought seats for everyone. Iwould avoid this airport like the plague. It is typical of the corrupt and disfunctional Brazilian government.
kray33 05-4-2008 10:47 AM getting a bit dated , but one of the best laid out airports in the world
benno88 02-17-2008 12:38 AM Extremely boring airport with only a duty free shopping and no restaurants, no wireless access, and no power outlets for laptops etc. There are hard plastic chairs giving little comfort. The planes are often delayed and little information is given, often in Portuguese only. The security lines are enormous and there are waiting times for doing almost everything. All in all the poorest airport you can visit.