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ChaseCantor 11-25-2012 6:59 PM There are some nice places in the Caribbean and Grenada is not one of them. The airport is air conditioned, so it is better to wait inside, but once inside it is essentially a prison run by complacent and poorly trained employees. There is a small bar and 4 shops, but they certainly take advantage of the captive passengers with their ridiculous pricing. Arriving in GND is an attempted show of power and a demonstration of their corrupt importation and custom laws. The customs officers regularly fleece the arriving tourists with trumped-up duties on temporary importations. Best yet, these charges are made up at the discretion of the customs officers, and not based on some uniform scheme. Have fun paying Grenada $50-$80 in duties just to bring in a laptop for a week. Why they feel they deserve revenue from a product they neither produced, sold, or bought is beyond me...but that is just your first taste of Grenadian hospitality...enjoy your stay on the Spice Isle.
mik3 11-11-2010 1:25 AM tha maurice bishop international airport is quiet and peacefull not much traffic amenities are easil...
mmmatt_16 03-8-2010 9:04 PM Typically poor Caribbean customer service with occasional almost-comical (if it wasn't happening to you) incidents of sheer incompetence. Checking in takes forever, getting through customs takes forever, getting your bags takes forever (that is, if they made it). I'm convinced that American Airlines is run by a bunch of apes, as well, so toss that into the mix and you have probably one of the worst flight experiences of your life. Just try to get through it as quickly and quietly as possible and E-mail your complaints in afterwards to American Airlines for some free Advantage miles.
shawna1981 02-10-2010 7:40 PM Very quiet airport again typically boring to be stranded at. Facilities are really good however they could use a choice of restaurants and bars.