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oyeindia 12-13-2012 12:19 PM Don't go by the good reviews below - this is one of the worst airports in India, despite handling the most number of both foreign and domestic tourists of any Indian city. There's nothing to choose between this airport and the Panjim city bus terminus, except that the bus terminus is probably cleaner. Dirty toilets, terrible food, a duty free shop that's closed more often than open, long queues extending outside the main entrance of the airport for check-ins, one single check in counter in the international section handling three simultaneous flights, just two baggage carousels serving as many as six flights at a time... and the local government keeps arguing about building a new airport in Mopa, to the north.
vmishradr 01-4-2011 12:34 PM overall goa is best
dawoodcutlerywala 03-26-2010 9:51 AM What a craphole. Sureshladde and kalac34 are either on drugs or paid propaganda muppets working for the Indian authorities - pillocks.
manishoo 06-9-2008 3:00 AM pathetic small airport for such an important tourist destination. in season foreign tourists stand outside the terminal in a 1 km queue as there is no space inside. 37 deg temperature, inside a//c does not work. small, cramped, sad state of affairs.
terrasmart 07-13-2007 6:34 AM Extremely mediocre and poorly managed Indian airport with crumbling walls, filthy toilets, immigration clerks who can't type with more than one finger per hand, rude (and very confused!) customs officials and a crammed baggage claim area. Parking for private vehicles is on the poorly lit shoulder of a highway 400m away and the departure area is more crowded than the wholesale fish market at Panjim and actually hotter - even in January! The only restaurant in the departure lounge serves really bad food at very high prices(comparing with elsewhere in Goa). Airline staff and security persons are very friendly however, and the overall experience of a vacation in Goa overrides the experience of this airport. The reviewer immediately before was either served a liberal dose of free booze on his inbound charter flight - or is a government official paid (again in free booze) to bolster the image of the defunct Indian government body (Airports Authority of India) that 'mantains' the filthy loos at all Indian airports!!! [with the exception of Cochin airport which is privately run and has clean toilets for a change]
sureshladde 04-16-2007 12:46 PM One of the very clean and best Airport in India