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douginguam 04-9-2013 11:11 AM Guam airport works, It is a smaller comfortable airport, The TSA lines can be too long (nothing unusual there), and the craziness of clearing US customs on transit confusing, Still a comfortable mid size airport.
tropixcity 01-17-2007 8:09 PM For a small island, this airport is world-class. Nice, clean architecture. Automatic, moving walkways for tired travelers. Luxury retailers and DFS shopping are available. Good variety of eateries once you go through the security gates. There is a designated, walled-off smoking zone inside the food court. Efficient check-in (be sure to beat the large groups of Asian tourists at the check-in desk. Once you're stuck behind them, it can take up to an hour to check in. If you're traveling solo or are not part of a package tour, ask the airport employees to move you up to the front of the line. If you're nice, they'll usually oblige.)