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kcswalter 04-6-2014 6:16 PM Better to call it "Luxembourg Hahn" than "Frankfurt Hahn". It would be clearer... The personnel at the safety lines and at the baggage check-in has been friendly and professional, but the airport itself is one of the worst I've seen so far. The parking layout is random, there is no shuttle from there to the airport and neither a somehow protected walkway. If it rains, you will just take it. The overall impression is that of a very small place adapted to an higher passenger traffic in a rush and without a good planning. Do not look at the airport hotel unless you want to become very depressed...
Mariella Songav 12-10-2013 8:45 PM Lontano dalle città è un fatto - non solo geografico, ma anche culturale! Personale al check in arrogante, per niente gentile, che parla (grida) solo in tedesco! Spazi per l'attesa angusti e duty free (e negozi) abbondantemente sotto ogni standard, per qualità bassa a prezzi pazzeschi. Pensiline d'attesa per bus di linea senza segnalazioni chiare su come raggiungerle - in compenso fuorvianti info per linee di bus privati. Mah!
giacomobaldi 06-16-2012 4:34 PM The prices at the main bar are ridiculously expensive, they don't accept credit cards and the closest ATM is a 200mt walk inside the airport. After walking to the closest ATM you will find out that it doesn't accept VISA (what the actual fuck?) so you will have to walk to the next ATM, which another 200 mt walk. Also avoid Bohr, the company which provides bus service from the airport to the city, both the drivers were incredibly rude and unhelpful.
boarddevil 10-11-2010 6:30 PM Call this Airport "Hunsrück" or whatever you like, but don´t call it Frankfurt!! It is no way in the city limits of Frankfurt. 1 1/2 hour drive from or to the Airport to Frankfurt/Main. You spare nothing, you pay extra for something and you need a plenty of time to go there. Use official Airlines like Lufthansa-AirBerlin or easyjet but forgot Ryanair.
luvin2fly 07-6-2010 6:09 PM This is not a bad airport. Yes it is out of the way from other main airports like Frankfurt am. But this airport claims to be a sub airport of Frank am. It was laid out to take some of the stree from Frankfurt am to Frankfurt Hahn. One bad thing I guess is that it was a US Airbase. Some of the roads are in bad shape on the airport. There are a lot of buildings that can use some work and/torn down to give a more of cleaness to it. On one side of the airport it looks run down. But I can see where ther e airport is trying to pick up the appearance. But this takes money and to have this money it is needing more air carriers. So right now, the main airliners flying from here is Ryanair, with Wizz. Yes there is not alot of other airliners here. But hands down you can find every thing you need here with out all the rush and bumping into others. It has a nice charm to it.
JFER1980 03-2-2010 10:16 PM A nice airport. Its even far for Ryanair standards from Frankfurt however so this is a very misleading thing about the airport. The rental car system went well but the walk to the rental car was REALLY far. Good website and they have their own magazine. Staff at airport are nice and cordial and generally speak good English as well.
segab79 11-12-2007 11:40 AM this airport SHOULD NOT belong to Frankfurt ! ITS TOO FAR FROM THE CITY !
CRoigk 08-12-2007 9:30 AM Hahn has virtually nothing to do with Frankurt city ( distance +165 km ), just a Ryanair gimmick. It is a typical low cost budget airport, with Ryanair as nearly the only passenger airline serving this airport with a sizeable schedule. However surprisingly good variety of shops and restaurants meeting the budget of low cost passengers. If you want to go to Frankfurt and you are on a tight time schedule, you might want to check the special fares of scheduled airlines flying to FRA instead of HHN. The way by bus or car to Frankfurt takes time, no train connections.
punjabijatt 05-12-2007 9:05 AM I don't know why this airport is called Frankfurt Hahn it is more than 35 km away from frankfurt... airlines like ryanair fly from here... it is also used by russian cargo planes because it is cheaper to work around Hahn