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adityagargi 07-20-2014 5:28 AM Hong Kong International Airport is excellent and it's really well planned
hcwong 07-4-2014 3:09 PM A perfect airport to start your journey and for a transit!
edward19890913 07-13-2013 2:41 PM better than any airport in China!
markusjalmerot 03-16-2013 2:12 PM One of my favorite airports. High quality free WiFI all over the airport. I hope they can add a few more technology shops in the future.
gat78 07-27-2012 7:23 AM Excellent Airport....among one of the best in the world...
matsellah 04-14-2012 11:32 AM Location drags it down a notch. Rivals Singapore for the best airport in the world.
Jamegueni 08-10-2011 8:21 AM Absolutley spot on
053537 07-23-2011 5:31 AM Wonderful Airport. Clean Airport.
TKWizard 07-19-2011 7:20 PM One of the best airports that I've been in and it cannot even compare to YYZ here at home. I was here twice for about 4-6 hours YYZ-CAN round-trip. The security checkpoint for onward (connecting) flights was excellent and I was out in about 15 mins. Food choices in the area after the checkpoint is decent (Popeyes, Burger King, Ajisen Ramen, and a Chinese food store) and it showed a list of other food stores that will open there in the future. Cleanliness was great as the airport was spotless. Also as of October 2010 they were installing PS3 kiosks at certain parts of the airport. The extra terminal for when I went to CAN (Where gates 501-530 are) was alright.
simbasonie 03-29-2011 10:17 PM one of the best airports
jeffrey_kam2003 08-11-2010 12:17 AM Hong Kong International must be the best airport in the world
wwwilkie 06-21-2010 12:20 AM Quite possibly the best airport in the world. The only negative that I would state is that given how large this airport is, there should be more directories and maps to indicate store/shopping locations.
scarlette7 12-21-2009 9:07 AM Having been stuck in FRA for 24 hrs and finally arriving in HK, i almost wanna cry being in HKIA - the excellent organization, the friendly staff, the free wireless, the clear signs, incomparable.
islandsoft 11-18-2009 11:36 PM Good airport. A little large. Get to nhear your gate before you sit and relax, it might be further thyan you imagine. Restaurant we tried was very nice. Shooping good enough for the purpose.
andrewm3675 09-9-2009 12:17 AM I have not visited every airport in the world, but have visited most throughout Asia, several in Europe, a few in Africa, Canada and USA. In my experience it is brilliant with respect to transportation connections to the main city. A huge improvement over the old Kai Tak airport and much safer.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:18 PM Angry Business Traveller:
tom.hull 05-11-2009 8:59 AM Large and well thought-out. Was not impressed with the restaurants. Tarnsportation to city very good but expensive.
wimbach 01-20-2009 1:27 PM One of the best !
afc11_744 08-23-2008 7:58 PM Best airport in the world...............................
gary_wong 07-12-2008 2:28 AM To me , it's much better than Changi and it's the best airport in the world
Nicholas Walters 07-9-2008 11:42 AM Best airport in the world
ronn 05-27-2008 11:51 AM Brilliant! The Best Airport in the world!
787dreamliner 02-4-2008 9:29 AM The transportation and location completely SUCKS.
anshjain 01-6-2008 6:52 AM A cool airport. It is like a mall with great ambience. Couldn't be better.
skateboy007 12-4-2007 5:15 AM A well managed airport with a good hotel onsite. US airport managers should visit to see how to do it right.
drexaltzflightstats 12-1-2007 4:27 AM The best airport in the world
neotimess 11-22-2007 2:18 PM Best Airport in the World
galboo 11-17-2007 1:16 PM It is good for access to downtown. 11-13-2007 11:44 AM My son and I had a 10pm to 8am stopover and tried to get a shower and sleep for a while. The trolley tractors and Vaccuums are LOUD, all nite. Second trip I was left unattended in a wheelchair assist for 4 hrs, then left on the shuttle train, while my guide talked. Phone cards A/hrs useless to contact overseas and no English assist. I swore after 1 hr trying to call my wife in the Philippines. There are no doctors/ First-Aid at night. Coffee great all nite service. I love moving walkways, more sleeping couches?
evosix 11-1-2007 3:18 AM Best airport by far in asia, absolute pleasure to shop and walk around in.
bscg 09-1-2007 7:28 PM This is the airport against which I measure all others. The Wing is the lounge by which I measure all others. The shopping is the best in the world.
CRoigk 08-12-2007 9:16 AM The airport is modern, but quite a bit away from Kowloon or Hongkong City. The train to the city is expensive. Eventhough modern and huge, I feel not so comfortable as for example in Singapore
davidli919 07-28-2007 2:35 AM This airport is WAY too big!!! It has everything anyone can ask... and is more like a city than an airport!
sblumens 04-11-2007 5:26 PM I could live here!! (But showers are about 3x the cost of NRT). Compare to my comments for BKK.
waynec704 04-4-2007 6:13 PM I truly enjoy this airport.