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User Date Comments Rating 10-28-2013 7:54 PM Hard to believe this is considered a US airport. its definitely run like a place in Southeast Asia. Worst airport but unfortunately I am here for work twice a month and have been for the past three years. Rude lazy people, who act like taking care of your travel needs is an inconvenience at best. Not surprised their TSA was cheating, as the whole place is filled with people just trying to do the minimum required to take home a paycheck. Hawaiian Airlines is the absolute worst, but since Hawaiian people don't know anything else, it still exists in 1974 land. They still issue PAPER FLUGHT COUPONS and the terminal only recently became a bit more modern.
JakeGrafton 06-21-2012 1:46 AM Must be one of the top ten worst in the nation. Surly unhelpful people. Outrageous prices. Workers act like I owe them something. Difficult to navigate to by car and the the interior leaves a lot to be desired.
SteveManson 04-14-2012 11:08 AM Don't bother with pre-boarding; no one is there to take your checked baggage. Remodeling hid open security lines, increasing the delay.
latinaflylady 07-26-2011 1:03 AM Airport needs better set up.
Charles-X 06-1-2011 10:59 AM I have flown out and into HNL numerous times over the past 30 years (childhood) and it still looks the same. Some of the worst points from my rating: Wireless access is frequent, but ShakaNet makes you pay $7 minimum; to me that's too much. Architecture and layout: On my most recent flight I departed from the international terminal (Gate 26 onwards) and it's a VERY long walk to and from there. State installed a few token moving sidewalks recently, not enough though! Just after clearing Customs, that's the street right there. No directions on where, or if, car rental counter or hotel shuttle service are located; ditto on calling a pal to come pick you up. The taxi stand is convenient, hmm. Restaurants open late, out of luck for early travelers like me. Plus they are basically clustered in one area. Worst of all is the Wiki-Wiki bus, does it run on coal or gas or electricity??
greenmango 07-3-2010 4:53 PM The State of Hawaii needs to build a new airport trminal the present one is old and not maintained very well.. Architecture is outdated 1960's you have to do alot of walking to get to your gate... And when you arrive you do alot of walking the wiki wiki shuttle is old and does not run too that often about a 15 min wait not like other airports I've been too where they have shuttels running every 5 min. You can see also that the filght line you can see where there is chunks of concrete coming out.. The taxis at HNL are rip-offs they have these fees you pay just to have the taxis take your baggage with you to your hotel.. The security check point are slow and when you take off your shoes your sock get durty.. Restaurants open late and close early if your flight is delayed at night you can't get anything to eat after 10:00PM..
bjnibbe 12-25-2009 8:26 AM The only good thing about Honolulu is arriving, you get to leave the airport quickly. The bad thing about the airport is waiting to leave. Not only are you leaving paradise they make the airport so bad that it is as if they don't want you to come back.....
wwwilkie 06-19-2009 1:24 AM The only redeeming quality of this airport is that if you are there it means that you are in Hawaii. The food choices are horrible and the prices are beyond ridiculous. The airport directory map is useless as it only lists that restaurants are present but not what they are.
landmstein 02-1-2009 2:28 AM This airport hasn't changed much since the 70's but it's in Hawaii, it's 80%+ open air and the air is some of the best in the World. The inter-airport passenger bus service is excellent but nothing at HNL seems to run smoothly or timely. HNL needs a complete overhaul but for a vacation destination airport that handles 1000's of people every day it all seems to work out eventaully. Even though the seating area is ergonomically uncomfortable, even when your departing plane is delayed by hours, you still don't want to hurry and leave because the warm sun and breeze, even at the airport, are why you came to Hawaii in the first place. I've used HNL 15 or 20 times and it's still somewhat confusing to navigate (poor signage etc.) but who cares?!? It's Oahu. It's usually 81 degrees and partly cloudy... Aloha!!
dwwood 05-4-2008 6:39 AM Old, in need of major refurbishing to get it into the 1990s. Nothing in the outer airport for guests, those waiting and early arrivals
727stretch 04-9-2008 4:51 AM HNL airport is beautiful - many of the areas/walkways are open-air so visitors get an instant dose of warmth upon arrival. This contributes to a tropical, relaxed feel througout. The gate areas are huge and have plenty of seats considering most flights in/out of here are on wide body equipment that seat 250+. The biggest gripe I have about this airport pertains to the long walks between terminals that can be confusing at times.
billham68 08-7-2007 11:21 PM A great open-air airport for both arriving and departing passengers. You feel the tropic environment as soon as you step off the plane. Getting from the airport to hotels during rush hour is very difficult. Airport signage could be better but airport staff are friendly and helpful.
KDUB 12-8-2006 6:21 AM We found it very confusing, looking for Hawaiian Airlines' baggage claim. It should have been obvious, but in airport directories, it seemed "hidden" in the Interisland terminal. That meant walking all over the airport before finding it.