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wwwilkie 12-15-2012 4:59 PM Nice airport, terminal layout and design seems like a combination of DEN and SAN. I appreciate the large number of dining options given its overall size.
mattw1009 06-14-2012 3:53 AM Not bad but things are so far apart.
727stretch 02-21-2008 5:46 AM Hobby's new Central terminal, used by Southwest Airlines, is amazing in its design. Even the restrooms are well laid out - they're not cramped with plenty of room. Seating is aplenty and there are plenty of ways to spend an hour or two shopping, eating, or just walking around. The only pitfalls to this airport are the passenger drop off/pick up area, which tends to be chaotic during busy times (with backups) and the not-so-great availability of flight schedules. Otherwise, the location and convenience cannot be beat.
juji09 09-11-2007 1:51 PM I am not sure if the person who rated this airport before me was actually addressing Houston Hobby Airport. This airport has a serious delay problem and the number of seats within the terminals coupled with the single sit down restaurant do not provide nearly enough seating for travelers. I have been forced to sit on the floor on more than one occasion and wait in line for food for over 20 minutes. Yes, I do believe this airport is trying to improve but it has a long way to go. State of the art? Not even close -- this comes from a traveler who, this summer, has spent countless frustrating hours a week at this airport.
jbcaudill 06-18-2007 1:12 AM The newer gate area is state of the art in terms of ammenities and comfort. The older area leaves plenty to be desired.