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devipramod 11-17-2013 16:08 theift of items from the baggage when I came from china .This is happend second time.Kindly check cctv and catch the theives
sourabh.nandi 01-27-2012 10:45 Best Airport in India
sitaramjsr 03-29-2011 04:47 Security has to be upgraded,not only in the airport,in and around the airport too.
param_aujla 07-15-2010 15:21 I work in hyd and was amazed to see the Hyd Airport. Nice Architecture, greenery and friendly staff. I even forgot my E-Ticket and to my surprise Security staff had list and they let me go in after checking my ID, which is impressive...Lounges and waiting area is good and Quiet...i wish thy could shops early in morning too...otherwise its all good
charmny 06-14-2009 06:14 Lemme tell something to all of you who plan to come here: (i) Don't come here, if you can still change your destinations to delhi or chennai (ii) Pls change your destination to hyderabad, if you're planning to arrive at bangalore or mumbai Drawbacks: (i) Travelers are heavily levied charges and other "miscellaneous" fees (ii) Poor international connectivity unlike Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai (although new entrants like british airways have begun operations, the frequency isn't appreciable) (iii) This can be your destination, if you want to do shopping or eating. It doesn't serve its primary purpose any better than it serves these purposes. (iv) Egregious public relations! God!! Bangalore is better! (but, Chennai and Delhi top the list as far as public relations for foreign tourists are concerned. Many people can hardly speak good english at the hyderabad airport.) (v) Poor transport facilities to the city. Merits: (i) Looks new. (ii) Toilets are cleaner than Mumbai or Bangalore.
vprasanna 05-25-2009 10:15 Probably one of the best airport in India that I have come across. The airport architecture is good, with spacious layout, nice spread out seating, good shopping experience. Probably the best airport wrt cleanliness and can fight tooth to nail with BIAL on this one aspect, but the civic sense of Hyderabadis are a problem, they just spoil the cleanliness of the hand wash area by spitting, but I have noticed some one is there to clean and clean and clean the toilets. Some negatives are connectivity, distance from city, but since new airports across the world is located away from city to avoid noise pollution, it is okay. KLIA is 65 kms away from city and new beijing airport is far away from city center. Hyd and Blr are just 1 hour drive from city, what these two airport lack is high speed train connectivity.
raghavavarma 08-30-2008 14:31 I dont mine about the custom officers whoever there in Airport,I love to give money as a kind of gratitude,Moreover they never demand money as I always visit this airport Frequently.First and Last Corruption is every where in India.But Still I will call myself as a "PROUD INDIAN"..Please dont write something about filthy about india in sites wherevery foreigner visits,It's a kind of presenting our country in a wrong way>If you are a true indian why dont you complain about so called custom officers to higher authorities and get them punish.Its our duty ..Lets hold our hands together to run our country from free "CORRUPTION"..We can,We are.......
nerallapali 06-6-2008 16:10 Good experience
kondapalli 10-18-2007 18:58 I think this is the wrost air port in the world.. Initially almost all costums officers are collecting money(Correption).. After that some boys are coming and helping at luggage..and demanding Dollers..its it good for country.. Why they are allowing beggers into the airport regians.. Last but not least...uniformed beggers(traffic police) are also collecting money from almost all bike riders who came to airport to receive their friends.. I faced so many problems in hyd airport..i'm going almost everymonth to airport to receive friends, cousins and family friends. I AND MY FRIENDS ARE THINKING THIS IS THE WROST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD IN CORREPTION AND FACILITIES.