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sgraham005 08-25-2014 4:21 PM If you travel internationally avoid this airport on your return to the USA. I work in Oil & Gas can say without hesitation this is a very poor US Immigration team. Very business traveler unfriendly
jefflimmer 01-1-2013 4:24 AM Terminal B is terrible - worse than a bus station. Terminal E is great. If they could all be like terminal E it would be a terrific airport, not quite as good as Tampa but very good.
MDMcMahon 09-30-2012 9:33 PM Flights schedules are in chaos, especially in terminal B. There are always delays and cancellations here Lack of free internet stinks! Good Restaurants Terminal B is dirty and poorly run. Terminal A is nice, C and E OK, D is awesome but seldom used. Full schedule, can use to get almost anywhere you need to go
wwwilkie 05-24-2012 7:42 PM I would say this airport is average. The terminal train is horrible and rivals the EWR train for comfort and space. I wouldn't avoid this airport but it is not in my top tier either.
couchfamily 03-21-2012 1:50 AM very upset with this airport, arranged assistants for my mother, because after double knee replacements she cannot walk far, she ended up with NO assistant needless to say in very bad pain. So if you are relying on them to help you DON'T!!!! The shuttle inside took her a few feet said this is as far enough walk up that ramp up there, get on the tram, then find your gate. Okay is there something wrong with this picture and is that how they take care of their passengers???
chris2232m 07-8-2010 1:41 PM this is one on the worst Airports in the WORLD. The people who work there should be ashamed of themselves. Terrible customer service-it doesn't exist. The place is horrible.
seansundquist 10-9-2009 4:50 PM This is my home airport, which I fly in and out of weekly, rarely have I been delayed. C terminal has been going through a renovation for what seems to be years now, and still no end in sight, making picking up baggage an interesting experience. Terminal E is one of the nicer terminals at major airports, however, seating is lacking at some gates. Lack of free wi-fi offered in other airports is a major issue.
jacburn 07-15-2008 8:16 PM The airport is a little outdated. The B terminal is HOT with no A/C. The newer blue carpet in the B terminal is very hard to roll your bags accross. Seating is hard to come by and it is very hard to hear any P/A's if they are used at all. The restrooms are dirty and very small.
kray33 05-3-2008 7:01 PM Witnessed Racist colour prejudice by customs agents against boarding passengers. Par for the course in Hickville. Ideal airport for conformist sheep
asdfasdf1 03-29-2008 5:31 AM horrible, dirty, late, no where near anything
notquitekarpov 02-18-2008 1:17 PM Even more soulless than the norm
urban909 02-15-2008 2:42 PM Worst part about this airport is the Hotel Marriot located between terminals B/C. Supposedly did a "major upgrade" but it seemed all they did was paint and change out the bed linens. Its still got that 70's cheesy feel to it.
cwhite 12-15-2007 6:41 PM NO PLUGS FOR LAPTOPS !!!
mmuszynski 12-4-2007 3:04 PM Only used this airport for connecting, however, whenever had schedule changes or reroutes, employees have been outstanding. Security moved pretty quick and transferring from terminals was easy with the train. The actual facility looks very old and out dated, could use a nice facelift, but not too bad of a place to connect through. Just make sure your connection times are not too tight or you may not make it.
edvin 11-26-2007 9:07 PM terminal b needs remodeling
kellog0127 11-23-2007 5:20 PM It was horrible, they would not give my Grandmother a ride to her flight when we paid for her to get a ride once she got off the plane. She is not able to walk veryfar or fast. The poeple told her that she was healthy enogh to walk to her flight in less than 17min. The service was horrible.
cvamee 11-1-2007 3:07 PM Could do a lot better. I started flying into IAH in the 80s and have watched it go down hill. But, what do you expect when you look who they renamed the airport after?
jawad101 09-12-2007 4:06 AM Great Airport & City To Fly Out Of.
kschendel 07-25-2007 6:08 PM OK as a connecting airport; good air traffic flow somewhat offset by long walks to gates. I wouldn't make a tight connection here unless you are pretty sure of your gate situation.
mike8057d 03-23-2007 9:06 AM The baggages took very long to be put on the carousel, waited 0.5 hours. The baggage carousel area is full of people (non-passengers). Where is airport security when anyone (passengers and non-passengers) can be on the baggage carousel on arrival? It is such a big irony!
oesgwynedd 03-18-2007 4:07 AM having never been to this airport before, i had no idea where to go or how to reach my connecting flight. No one offered to help when asked, and there weren't any cart's around. I missed my next flight and the agent at the desk was rude. This has cost me $200.00 having to wait until tomorrow for the 'next' flight. Oh, and my luggage made it onto the flighjt i could not.
JesusW 02-27-2007 7:57 AM Nice mall with an airport attached to it. The place is too big and can be difficult to make your connection if anything wrong happens. Fortunately when I arrived from an international flight, there were just a couple of flights at the same time, otherwise I wouldn't have made it, I just got 10 minutes to spare before my plane pulled out of the gate. There is internal transportation available to connect terminals, I used it and is very convenient. Also, if you are in a hurry, ask the guys driving the golf carts, it´s a must and they are very gentle, offering rides whenever possible. I don´t want to know what this airport can be in Holiday season, I traveled at the end of February in and out and it was ok, but it would be too risky to try it on a busy day.
IKWTIKWT 01-11-2007 7:58 PM In need of a face lift, no baggage claim at terminal E, a long trek to baggage claim in terminal C from terminal E. Inadequate seating at gates in C terminal. Difficult to get from Continental terminals (B, C, D, E) to other airlines (terminal A). Nice customs area for international flight arrivals
alaugustine 12-12-2006 3:10 PM Lack of consideration for people meeting arriving passengers at terminal C. Minimal seating, nothing to do while waiting for delayed arrivals.