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rsunger 01-7-2014 4:06 PM Still not enough direct flights to major cities. Overall design and "curb appeal" outstanding. Too few clocks, no really.
margaret pixey 03-11-2012 5:38 PM Very poor non clear signs for information. Had to ask after street side bag check in once inside the terminal where the gates were located from a ticket agent. No signs pointing the direction to gates. No information desk at the door to answer questions for direction. Just happened to see other passengers walking in one direction. After returning again signs were not clear. No person at any information desk to aks questions. Waited for atleast 20 or more minutes for bags to return. There are no clear signage for direction to walk acroos the street for Hotel shuttles. No idea what zones were and where they were located. Luckily we inquired after bags were picked up to some individual (no name tag or any one officiall from the ariport around to ask) where do we go, he just stated go across the street. We didi not know exactly to walk out of air port terminal go acroos the street to the next building then follow signs to zone pick ups. VERY FRUSTRATING! INdy Airport use to be very simple to get to from 465 now it appears to be out of the way completley.
wmeinwe 12-1-2010 11:33 PM The Delta Sky Club was a great addition, although, compared to most of the other Sky Club lounges, this one is very cramped.
jonstepro 08-5-2010 6:27 PM The "new" airport at Indy is one of the best around. The new security lines are well thought out and have lots of room. Much improved over the last facility. Love the "town center" as you make your way to baggage claim.
jchappel 06-27-2010 10:37 PM Great airport, new and clean, but a major miss not having any area designated for airline clubs..
brianmichaelj 02-26-2010 4:34 PM This terminal is one of the best in the country. It is quite spacious and is one of the cleanest I have been in. The new terminal is a bit further from the city than the old terminal, but the location drastically changes taxi times to and from the runway. Overall, an excellent experience.
panama1314 02-6-2010 12:21 AM The new airport is very good. Parking is easy and check in is efficient. Most of the good restaurants are in the public area and central to both concourses. Main issue is you have to go to the airline hubs to get anywhere.
boilerbill 10-28-2009 7:41 PM The "new" terminal is one of the best around! And, believe it or not, the security folks are friendly and efficient. Once you're through security, you can move easily between concourses (too bad other airports don't match that). Arriving passengers pass through the center atrium area before going downstairs to the baggage area. What an introduction to Indy they get!!
phardy 08-24-2009 2:05 AM The new terminal at IND is a drastic improvement over the old one. Although the old terminal was closer to the city and sometimes quicker to get in and out of (shorter distances within the terminal), the overall experience in the new terminal is so much better that I can forgive the slightly longer drive. The new Civic Plaza area (pre-security) is a fantastic space. It is one of the rare airports where it is a pleasant experience to wait for someone arriving. While I haven't taken advantage of them, there are a good selection of places to eat both pre- and post-security. I'm not sure I've been in any terminal that has more windows than the new IND. Although it isn't a place often subject to delays, I'd rather spend time there than most other airports.
bushdog1985 04-24-2009 3:46 PM This new Indianapolis airport terminal is awesome. The architecture and design are world class. I am glad the city built this new one and got rid of that old piece of crap they called an airport. It is easier to check in and out and also it has more stores and restaurants. Check out the website at
wwwilkie 11-30-2008 9:50 PM This review is for the new airport which opened in Nov 2008. Much nicer than the old airport.