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qamarzahid 06-24-2013 7:17 PM good and simple, it will be shifted in a year and a half to a bit far from city center, so that it can accommodate the traffic to and fro Islamabad
arkaypro 04-13-2013 7:21 PM The Airport is alright, having 2 Runways, 12 and 30. Only runway 30 is equipped with the ILS approach system. Runway 30 is in use commonly, know as the "Default"runway. Its is in use when the wind comes from the south-west side, south or west, Also when the wind is "Light and variable". Runway 12 is my favorite for departure, and is in use when the surface wind is from the north-east side, At least more than 10 Knots. The indoor facilities are provided with limited resources. Not much hygiene and safety. However, since the airport is small in comparison to bigger airports, this airport had faster service. You get in and out in no time, and hitch-workers help u in moving your luggage from the baggage compartment till the car-park. Traffic here is average, mainly because of the "un-reliable" arrival and departure times.. well, overall: this airport is 7.8/10 for me.
Ali Ahmed 08-15-2010 6:57 PM A cute airport, not so huge not so small, easy to handle, with beautiful runway <3
yourstruly 03-16-2009 6:44 PM One of the worst airports of the Indian subcontinent. Too bad it represents the capital of a country. Filthy airport. All people from the security down to baggage toters are corrupt. If more than one flight arrives together there is total chaos in the one small hall which every arriving passenger has to go thru. I was in line for more than 2 hours just to get my passport stamped. The airport 'official' , you can tell him instantly he has his hair dyed pitch black, in his uniform trying to look 30 when he is 60, was walking around with no concern at all for the delays. Outside the airport total chaos in the parking area. People can park wherever they want, including blocking entry and exit. No police enforcement because the violators are often Land Rovers, i.e. the local mafia. Avoid this airport if you can..... This airport should take some cues from Lahore's airport.
nikw 12-30-2007 2:26 AM Very small and very poor airport shared with the military. A replacement airport is being built and should be in use for 2010.
ceollaigh 03-16-2007 5:34 PM This airport really needs to take a lesson from the beautiful new airport at Lahore. It is really a shame that travelers' first and last impressions of Islamabad are at this chaotic, undersized, and badly worn airport. I have just heard from a colleague that the one oasis of reasonable comfort, the CIP Lounge, is currently closed (March 07) for renovations. Let's hope these renovations are just a start on work to upgrade the entire airport!
torbjok 01-25-2007 5:30 AM This is a smalltown airport (one gate only for all flights) - and not what one expect for a nation's capital Airport.