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jontrumble 02-9-2014 10:12 PM They have destroyed the comfort with the redesign - too many of the same shops and no one to sit/sleep. Just awful. Internet? Thank you Starbucks! 01-1-2014 2:10 PM I will avoid this Airport at all costs, No wifi,Rude Staff they make u feel like you are giving them problems by asking.Horrible place to be for long.
marjinalfayda 11-15-2013 1:15 PM I really like this airport !
goldenscorpi 06-25-2013 5:31 AM not very polite personnel,not well trained to serve passengers treated me like a criminal !!
John4 05-21-2013 5:11 PM The Airport is very nice,but most of personell are unadequate enough in using the English language.
JSingh27 09-13-2012 6:16 AM Flew into IST, Very confusing...Flight Transfers were very bad, Language problem no one to guide you.On return flight, Had a stopover In IST for 4days,Huge line at Passport control, took 1 hour to clear, no guide to help passenger.After arriving at the terminal huge lines for baggage x-ray, took 30 minute to get through, No one to help you at x-ray machines with baggage, not even if you have senior citizens travelling. Checking in was a nightmare with Turkish airlines. Very few Passport Control booth open. Wasted total of 3hrs on Check-in passport control. Had not Time for duty-free :(
MonikaSok 05-27-2012 4:56 AM One of the worst airports I have been in. Everything is absurdly overpriced and very limited Internet connectivity. The one restaurant that claimed to have Internet was so expensive and the food was terrible, and the Internet was so slow and overtaxed that it was impossible to check email anyway. The service was terrible, the people unfriendly and rude.
Wilma Cuddles 04-21-2012 3:12 PM we were sent from one desk to another, got therefor many checks of handluggage and our bottles of water were not discovered...
turkey01 01-30-2012 4:35 AM A recent experience with twins has left me not wanting to go back. Arrived at terminal and no prams available for the twins and no help offered. Struggled to customs where the line up was horrendous and not one customs officer appraoched to expedite a quick transition with 2 screaming babies. We waited for an hour and a half to get through customs. After getting through we proceeded to the baggage carousel to find there were no trolleys for baggage and pram had not arrived on the floor. We waited for another hour to obtain the pram and had to get a baggage handler to assist us with luggage who hugely overcharged!!!!
tc1969 12-25-2011 12:39 PM never again fly with turkish airlines. habve been stranded for 24 hrs at this dump of an airport due to cancellation of flight. You would expect a multi billion airline would have another flight in its place..short answer no. Also the people that work behind the counters its as if the king has died and have appointed them king. very porr dismal service indeed.
jygryphco 03-5-2011 1:51 PM Very good but the expansion of Turkish Airlines means delays are building up.
rey4u 10-15-2010 3:27 AM Airport personnel can hardly understand english. There is a lack of english signs or directions where to go next and on what line to fall. The temperature is just a little comfortable, but when you get stressed, it feels too warm.
riofromkz 10-10-2010 6:56 PM One of the best airports around the Europe I have ever used. Very compact with lot of restaurants, shops etc. Don't have to travel around the terminals by bus, train or whatsoever.
Namibalex 05-13-2010 9:32 PM a nice modern airport with good shopping area, friendly and helpfull people on their way, the restroom are not the best.
tomred 05-9-2010 4:48 PM Terrible facilities for transit passengers, expect long delays with grumpy and ignorant staff at passport control. Pity, nice airport and Turks usually friendly.
stbyname 02-3-2010 2:33 PM I cannot comment on the parking facilities as I only use the airport for biz trips and use taxis when in Istanbul
worldtrvlnav 11-25-2009 7:03 PM I travel through many airports in Europe and this is one of my favorite. Very busy cargo/passenger/military airport, but they good at handling the large load. They have thorough security and a clean airport all around. Lacks internet connections or wifi.
jeronimoscorpio 03-7-2009 5:56 PM Close to the city center (for a 15 million metropol). The airport is very modern, with lots of shopping and eating possibilities. At the arrivals passport control is a real pain, esp. for non-turkish, you may queue up upto 1 hour. Publis transport to the city, apart from the shuttle bus service, is very poor.
VitorRoqueMonteiro 01-25-2009 2:36 AM near overal bad service; you pay for an horse and you get an dunkye
ylmzm 01-17-2009 5:33 AM Surely one of the best airports, though some improvements (as shown by passengers rating) need to be addressed.
kenbernet 08-17-2008 6:45 AM very good airport but wireless internet you pay like 10 euro per hour and poor internet :D haha
Ahrentoft 08-3-2008 11:43 AM It is a great airport with great shopping and resturants. The Lounge is spacious and cool.
Mogens 12-6-2007 7:46 PM A great city, Istanbul, and an awful airport!