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bustex 04-20-2010 8:09 PM Much improved since new shops and bar finished. Security is generally a breeze; however, their random bag checks extend to almost everyone - too many security staff with little to do other than go through every pocket in your bag and insist that you turn on every electrically operated device to prove it is what it is supposed to be. Those guys are a bunch of WAN**RS!!!
jertraveller 05-14-2008 6:38 PM Consider the airport layout much improved now that the travelling public are free to go through security in their own time. No more build up large queues when a couple of flights called at once. Would like to see more: 1. direct European services. 2. shops. Good to see a Starbucks (though only landside). The cafe airside is of a rather poor standard, and not particularly good value for money. Staff of this cafe are unhelpful, everything seems an effort. Airport website passenger information tends to be neglected. There is a large waiting area on the first floor which appears to be under utilised. There are no air-bridges so getting on and off means a walk outside, fine if the weather is good. Taxi service could be improved, sometimes there are none and you could find yourself waiting outside in the rain for one to arrive.
PAVETT 03-9-2008 7:24 PM Silly layout. Not convenient to 'friends/family' conveying passengers to the airport.