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Harry01122014 01-31-2014 4:24 AM This Is an ok airport to use i just hope that in the future i wont have to wait there so long because of the plane being delayed.
Superfine1 01-21-2014 4:18 AM JFK Terminal 4 check in hall is a JOKE: Hundreds of people sitting around on the floor because there is no seating and there is an asinine policy of restricting check in to 4 hours before departure. I suggest: 1. fill in those voids looking down on the Skytrain platform and put in seats where people can wait like civilized human beings. 2. remove the restriction on check in time prior to departure and mandate the airlines to always have a check in counter open so that early arrivals can check in and go through to the departure lounge for seating and to get something to eat and drink. And won't the vendors in the departure hall appreciate having more customers for longer who will use their services? How many gazillions were spent and how many experts were employed to create such nonsense?
exmrsgreig 07-26-2013 7:27 PM I was so disgusted by the way we were treated on arrival into JFK that i did not notice any of the facilities,restrooms etc. I have made a complaint but have had no reply. We were treated worse than criminals by the immigration officer and I will never use this airport again. He needs to be removed from this job and reminded who pays his wages, he was a disgrace to America and paints a very bad picture of the people. Shame on him he truly upset my daughter with his shocking attitude. I would be most interested to have a response from this complaint.
marwan kasi 10-31-2012 2:50 AM Great International airport.
mrsportsfan17lax@aim.com 08-3-2012 3:36 PM Excellent airport
testa63 11-26-2011 11:11 AM it's getting slightly better.....but still a long way to go ! for example, customs officers have stopped treating every non-american like a potential terrorist.
mschechter001 11-4-2011 6:13 PM Airport experience varies significantly from terminal to terminal. Terminals 8 (American), 4 (International), and 5 (Jetblue) are newer and generally better. Terminals 2 and 3 (Delta) are old horror shows and awful in every regard. The whole airport, including the newer terminals, is often crowded and generally dirty and not as well maintained as comparable European airports. This is particularly the case in the arrivals areas and the bathrooms throughout the airport - just plain dingy. Even in the newer terminals.
jwaldronrn 09-8-2011 7:48 PM New York Personified: Rude, surly and unfriendly. For a relatively small airport it is very difficult to get around. Mostly its the people staffing the place that make it such a drag
njdriver622 08-28-2011 2:54 PM T5 JetBlue be prepared to walk over a mile to your parked car - insane. T3 Delta worst, never know if flight into T2 or T3, poor signage. Single file sloped walkway to international like a third world country. Depressing. Few seats in T4, bring your own chair waiting an hour for customs.
rcminor 04-5-2011 3:18 AM JFK is the pits. Unfortunately there aren't many other options if you are flying to Europe. Expect a 2-3 hour wait on the tarmac after you push back from the gate..... and good luck on making your connection in Europe. You will probably miss it!
CEren 12-28-2010 1:08 PM JFK is one of the worst airport experiences you will find--long lines of disgruntled passengers going through security procedures, always unfriendly TSA officers, a depressing environment that looks burnt-out, a sprawling complex. They are so inefficient at getting arriving passengers through security that at times they have packed us in corridors like sardines--without access to fresh air, leading almost to riot conditions. Super pricey food, they also charge for the use of carts to move your luggage. Speaking of luggage, good luck finding yours once you get off--very poor use of signs guiding you to your carousel. The only pluses are the superabundance of cabbies (also unfriendly) and the ubiquitousness of Dunkin Donuts.
romrozumnyy 12-24-2010 7:52 PM very big airport
flame37fighter 08-23-2010 1:58 PM As a traveler originally from CLT, an experience at JFK is awesome. The airtran to each terminal is really cool. The size is incredible but getting around is still easy. I'll give this place a 10.
anomalousclouds 04-23-2010 7:40 AM As NY'er, JFK usually ends up being the airport I use, just due to it's proximity and good links to public transit. Terminal 4 is very nice, and the Airtrain's link to the LIRR is great, but good things I have to say quickly end there. As far as the facilities and delays go, you should expect these from an airport this size, but it's the staff that really succeed in giving this place the sh*t-stain reputation it's earned. Saying trained monkeys could go a better job at security and at curbside would be an insult to trained monkeys. Be aware of impolite, unhelpful, and brutish idiots at every turn, acting like they make pennies above lunch money. Airline staff vary, naturally.
jrob726 03-13-2010 11:28 PM If you plan on getting to your destination in a timely manner steer clear of connections through JFK. Due to constant high winds and runway construction many flights have been delayed/ canceled causing lots of heart burn with passengers flying through. I would find a different hub to fly in/ out of.
borista 02-16-2010 5:11 PM T8 is the worse i have ever seen. un-knowledgeable local stuff, unless for foreign airlines
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 4:32 AM I have often described JFK as "a little bit of hell on earth". I will say a few years back (I haven't flown into JFK in a few years and this may have changed), Jetblue had a good set up with it's own terminal. Really the only way to get JFK to by the airport is should be is to tear it down and build a new one. One of the real issues is it's constantly being worked on, so the misery never ends (and it's not for a long time).
soobong 08-25-2009 7:56 PM Every time I went to pick-up a passenger at JFK, all the terminals (except Terminal 4) were clean and empty and well-organized.
WACKIEDON 08-24-2009 9:02 PM Seeing that you dot really use the complete airport its not that bad AA is a joke be ready to walk/run for your flights for a good 1/2 mile Delta is trying had to confuse ppl at their terminals
cueenb519@aol.com 08-17-2009 5:20 PM Worst airport I've ever used.
kellyoc519 07-17-2009 10:45 AM Unfortunately, JFK is the pits. Flights are always late, and on one flight in particular, I don't think it has ever been on time EVER when I've taken it (frequently). It is Delta's hub so I'm stuck with it when flight eastbound, but I would much rather go through Philly.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:09 PM Angry Business Traveller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQmMHZ8nyyw
ekozie 06-15-2009 9:17 PM not great but INFINITELY better than LGA
jomojo 04-3-2009 8:39 PM Flew with Delta into JFK on my way to Fort Lauderdale. WORST airline in the world - WORST airport in the world. JFK must be turning in his grave that this abortion of an airport bears his name. It should be renamed ADOLF HITLER AIRPORT. It resembles a concentration camp, is obviously managed by a bunch of Nazis and is staffed by sadistic SS types. NEVER AGAIN
DMJRNN 08-21-2008 3:40 PM Not so much the airport but the people who use it and work there. I thought, when I disembarked from my flight, I was entering the Land of the Free. Unfortunately it was more like the National Socialist Reich of America. Immigation and customs staff rude and threatening. Shop and restaurant staff so false and 'helpful' until they had taken your money and then it was a case of get lost and don't bother me. As for the largely American passenger population - all I can say is thank God we lost the war of Independence. JFK was only surpassed in its awfulness by the insipid, shallow, overrated and overpriced rip-off that constitutes New York. A great shame because other airports in the US and the people and cities they serve have always been great.
jondefazio 08-3-2008 5:48 PM i was in terminal 6, what a dump, crowded dark and small and old and dirty, i will never use terminal 6 ever again although i did love the new airtrain
jalabang000 06-3-2008 12:39 PM Flew DL to YYZ and back, so had the fun of T2/3 to contend with. Transportation to JFK is excellent, LIRR to Jamaica then AirTrain combo was a breeze. Check-in was bizarre (for a European native). Abandoning the hold luggage to an x-ray point landside? What's that? Conveyor belts anyone? Security was fine. Managed to share a joke about my surname (unusual for a white person in the US, apparently) with one of the guards. Facilities were okay airside, though the layout was confusing and I had to walk 20 minutes to get to the duty-free outlet. Food was typically over-priced. $12 for a meal at a fast food joint, I don't think so... Return was odd, in that I arrived into the departure lounge. Something I'm not used to, most other airports segregate arrivals and departures. Immigration was fairly swift, though questioning was off the scale as regards intelligence... "Why are you returning to NYC?" "To go back to work" "Why are you working here?" "Um, a company in NYC pay me to work here..."... but that's not JFK's fault.
cesargmartinez 05-14-2008 11:00 PM The best i've gone and i'm going on May 24th,2008 Just 9 days ahead
csr_b 05-1-2008 10:08 PM Good!
idiotking 04-28-2008 7:58 PM It's a tale of Eight Terminals, really... Each one is a different experience, although because they're all seperate, transferring between airlines (and terminals) can be a time-consuming and unpleasant process. Terminal 1 is fair, and since it handles a lighter load than the other main International Terminal (4), and mostly from Europe, security and customs runs a bit smoother. Terminal 2, operated as an annex of Terminal 3 for Delta, is not even worth mentioning -- I'm not even sure that dilapidated shed can even be called an airport terminal. Terminal 3, which was once the glittery, Jetsons-esque showcase of Pan-Am, has been turned into a dingy, run-down portal for Delta. Possibly the smoothest customs, though. Terminal 4... what can I possibly say? Had the horrible misfortune of being built right before 9/11 and the attendant security changes. As a result, has a terrific array of shopping and food.... Land-side. However, the security mess caused by the volume of international traffic (especially infrequent travelers) makes it an absolute absurdity to imagine going out of the secure area to shop, and then back in for your flight! Incredibly boring and lacking in facilities once you get past security, too. Immigration is fine if you're coming back into the US, but it looks painfully slow for foreigners. Terminal 5 -- the Eero Saarinen architectural masterpiece, now being engulfed by the new Jet Blue terminal set to open next year... let's hope they do it justice. Current Jet Blue, Terminal 6, is functional, but clearly being used beyond its design limit by the current volume of Jet Blue activity. Really a shame, too, because back when Jet Blue had just started out, it was really a relative pleasure to fly through, with the best food options in JFK. Terminal 7 -- shared BA/United, but haven't been in it. The new Terminal 8 (formerly Terminal 9) is pretty much the best of a bad lot. Looooong underground, up-and-down trek from the entry to the concourse, but very straightforward layout and airy, clean design. Nothing distinctive about it, and not exactly full of dining options, but certainly a lot more enjoyable than the airline (American) that uses it! Airtrain between terminals and to subway is easy to use and relatively cheap. I recommend using the Long Island Railroad connection at Jamaica (station D) to get to Manhattan -- quicker, cleaner, and more roomy than the subway!
wwwilkie 04-11-2008 12:02 AM NYC should just build a new airport.
727stretch 01-17-2008 11:58 PM JFK has become a nightmare since jetBlue started service. Along with Philly, it is at the top of the list for the airports I avoid. These two have even bypassed O'Hare for the most delays and congestion. You never know when you're going to be waiting in line for two hours to take off. The terminal facilities, especially jetBlue's, is narrow and very bleak inside, and seems to always be extremely chaotic. There are gates where you'd expect shops and seating areas to be, and the lines for boarding extend into the concession lines. So you never know if you're in the right place. Due to construction, it's not out of the question to have to change terminals for a connecting flight. I almost missed mine as a result of it. That was the last time I use JFK, even though I love jetBlue.
anshjain 11-23-2007 7:56 AM Great, huge airport but very far from city centre
bscg 09-1-2007 7:12 PM Comments are about the brand new terminal 9 ONLY. This terminal is exceptional; the Airtrain and subway to the city are exceptional, and cheap at $7. The new Lounges are the best in the AA system (faint praise though that is)
RickRodz 08-21-2007 2:09 AM By far, one of the worst airports I've been to... baggage claims and gates are like on opposite sides of the airport... if I saw a chair or ANYTHING to sit in besides the floor at all, I must have been dreaming! Once we finally got to baggage claim, we were waiting for 30 minutes for just around 5 bags to come out, then an hour for just one of our 4 suitcases to appear... I understand they're a big and busy airport but they could improve the layout, the service, the baggage handling and it's a bit inconvenient the distance from Manhattan and overall New York.... But I have to admit, of all three NYC/NJ Area airports, I like this one the best... Newark's average delays are of around 1 hour.... it's horrible to get from one concourse and terminal to another and the waits are plain distressing... La Guardia is a bit too small and it's location isn't exactly perfect.... all in all, it's an avergae airport, although it has a lot to improve...
cheeseguy 08-7-2007 5:30 PM My first JFK experience. I expected it to be a lot worse. I was pleasantly surprised. Granted, I was in T4. I had some extra time so I ventured via AirtTrain (excellent) around the terminals... Glad to be in T4. The flight was delayed, (NWA) though I don't feel JFK was the problem. Inbound, the baggage pickup seemed slow but certainly not awful, a few questions for the man at he info desk in the claim area were handled efficiently AND courteously. The car rental process was fast and I was at Nathan's on Coney Island in no time!!
kschendel 07-25-2007 6:16 PM Old and crufty, but it still works. Typical NYC style staff (but even at that, better than PHL). Don't plan a tight connection simply because of the volumes here, it's very easy for schedules to get out of whack. I don't expect a fun experience at JFK, but I do usually expect to get in and out in one piece -- beats PHL or LGA.
flausa5 07-11-2007 5:20 PM great location for us, good access to mass transit. However, the terminals are not connected and the flight delays are totally un-acceptable.
jaboy7788w 07-3-2007 1:09 AM nice on the inside but people are not nice and they bump into you and don't say anything nice.
weji13 07-2-2007 9:23 PM It's an intimidating looking airport, but I've never had a bad experience here.
marge2005 06-28-2007 11:05 PM Delta at JFK has the rudest employee i have ever met. Very dirty and after being delayed 3 hours they took our flight off the board, had to wait in line for 30 mins to be told it was canceled and the next fight to Conn. was 13 hours away. We rented a car and drove. Arrived in 3 hours.
LeoneFabre 06-24-2007 3:27 AM JFK is the worst airport we have ever landed at ( certainly in the 100+ we have been to) After the 3 + hours sitting out on the tarmac we were allowed to leave.........but the "welcome" we rec'd on arrival at JFK was alarming. The staff were extremely rude (to put it mildly) arrogant and very bossy. Not once did they give thought or consideration to the passengers comfort after such a long flight (23 hours) the waiting out on the tarmac for 3 + hours PLUS the drama's that we had to endure. We were pushed and shoved around like a herd of cattle. After waiting for 3/4 of an hour in line to get thru customs, my husband and I had not signed one of the documents. So we were told to sign and get to the back of the line!! Couldn't we sign it right there? No way! So back to the very back we go ....... and now of course another flight has arrived and the queue is longer again......so another 3/4 wait to get thru. We did not reach our hotel till 11.15pm when in fact we were due there at 6.00pm. While waiting for our luggae I took particular note of how the "airport staff' treated the visitors to JFK ........ it was disgusting, one young woman travelling on her own was told he didn't have time to help her find her bag, not even suggesting where she could go to for help at 10.30pm .......she was so upset. Some welcome to the so called "friendly" USA!!!!!!! I am not in a hurry to return..thats for sure!
Swisskid 05-18-2007 11:24 AM Terminal 1 is the worst. The security personnel screening travelers are inefficient and rude. Immigration is a lenghty process, and most of the time the immigration area is completely understaffed (i.e. 3 on-duty officers in the visa-holder area as 3 B747's arrived from overseas). The Lufthansa/Swiss lounge is too small, cramed and offerings are an insult. This all compares versus Terminal 4, where Swiss used to be located. Terminal 4 is nice, clean, convenient and security staff is very efficient.
punjabijatt 05-12-2007 8:54 PM superb except the size... it takes ages untill u get the the departure gate
kemlyn 04-18-2007 8:56 PM Poor ontime performance for departures especially for DL (Delta Airlines) today I'm in the middle of a 300 minute delay,, with little explaination for the root cause. I'll be sure to NOT to connect through Kennedy in the future.
vkhk 04-7-2007 5:24 PM All my souvenirs are broken afte the security opened my luggage and have a look at my souvenirs , a pack averything well !!!!!!!!! I do not like this airport because the people the work there are not very nice for tourist. Now i always book my flight to EWR.
raenick 03-29-2007 8:58 PM Ladie's room was awful. One toilet plugged up which left only 3. The 30 minute line was out the door. Waste baskets overflowed, paper towel rolls on counter, not in holder. Awful.
sashner 03-7-2007 9:30 PM Where else can you hop on a plane in the USA and be anywhere in the world within a 1 flight connection? JFK has been working VERY HARD to improve its image - unlike Boston's Logan. Many terminals are airline owned (Such as British Airways terminal--T7--which UA rents). UA/BA Terminal is great with excellent lounges and quality agents. Also has CLEAR TSA program in effect. Jetblue (Terminal 5/6) will soon be demolished with JetBlue's New Terminal. All weather delays referenced by the posters in Feb. 2007 were caused by JetBlue and JetBlue has acknowledged their horrid customer service as such. The new International Terminal 4 is stunning, open, with excellent duty free and lounges. Plenty of immigration counters here. Delta's terminal (T2/3) - designed by Pan Am in the 60s is a disgrace. Delta always drops the ball on renovating it, and continnues to overpack it by having too many flights into/out of it. I reccomend NOT TO FLY DELTA at JFK. American's New Terminal 8/9 was worth the wait, bringing the style of T4 to American. T1, shared by many carriers such as LH, and Korean is also above-par. Often renovated and clean, efficient and open. AirTrain is the best way to manhattan (30 mins on a Friday rush-hour) as well as between terminals. Taxis should be avoided if traveling to midtown without bags and AirTrain is an excellent alternative. Also, from a weather standpoint, JFK is the last to close out of Newark (EWR) and La Guardia (LGA - always the first to close) for any kind of inclement weather. This should be considered for passengers on international connections. I will say I may be biased as a New Yorker, but having traveled through JFK for 30 years, it beats the pants off many airports, including Heathrow, ORD, Old Hong Kong, Old TLV, any African Airport, many Asian airports and so on. I would reccomend to foreign tourists to know some English in advance as JFK is the "gateway to the USA" with Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. being spoken and there being no way to make EVERYONE happy.
mkosoff 02-19-2007 6:05 PM United's terminal is nice. JetBlue's is OK. Delta's JFK terminal is the by far the WORST I have been to in the USA. The layout is terrible, carpet is in tatters, and overall cleanliness is very poor. It desperately needs renovation or to be replaced.
gordon@night-ray.com 02-14-2007 2:24 AM Stuck on runway for 4 hours without any news because they didn't have a gate!!!!!!!!!!!!
ladellf01 01-20-2007 12:22 PM I love JFK, but as a new yorker, LGA is more convenient.
eastbankhank@gmail.com 01-1-2007 12:06 AM Never have had a flight leave jfk on time. The terminal is barely contained chaos. Sadly, Amtrak is a better option for regional traffic.
manny718 12-25-2006 5:05 AM Nice airport, new terminals.......was a good experience