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Corrien 02-25-2014 3:26 AM Don't except offert help by unknown bagcarriers. My luggages has been stolen 2 times. My bags were opened 3 times. They steal like hell on that airport. There is a sort of a maffia following your car and stop you and grab your car if you not carefull. Most unpleasant people to serve you, and the ones who are friendly are fake and dont know what they talking about, few exceptions. I used this airport for many years and know what I am talking about. Parking very expensive and not save, they stole my wheels from my car, this in the parking garage controled with camera's. The guys try to force to help you with your luggages, dont except them and dont tip them, they steal and inform others to follow you. Even the most smiling and friendly ones you cannot trust.
sakkoi 07-28-2013 5:38 PM Definitely the best airport in Africa, to my knowledge, and is in the same league with any European airports. Lack of free wifi is a minus, and so is lack of public transport (except now there is the Gautrain, but that is not enough). Frequent loss of luggage (and the total lack of any interest in finding your lost luggage) is another huge minus, but if you travel with hand luggage only that is not a problem. But still, compared with any other African airport this is in the league of its own.
Tatenda91 12-12-2012 2:29 PM One of the best, if not the best, airport/s in Africa and competes heavily with the best airports in the world!
grjplanes 12-22-2010 9:44 AM Have improved immensely in the last couple of years with the new Central Terminal and most major upgrades seems to be finished (for now...untill more is necessary at a later stage). Can surely compete with the best in the world now!!!
zaniek 12-8-2010 1:14 PM they take anything from your laguage, no matter how secure is your bag, they will rip it apart and take what they think has valve! Management is aware of the issue for many years but does nothing to stop it. If you have a choice stay out of this place.
St. Kitts 11-29-2010 10:19 AM Much improved.
Namibalex 05-13-2010 9:50 PM Johannesburg airport is after the renovatation my best airport in Africa, only one big problem there - the handling of baggages and the secure controll of theft in and surround the airport.The luggage is through the badest baggage handling ver unsure, I myself lost two time here my lugage! and IATA Tarif not pay a lot watch it. Inside the airport modern friendly structure, quick ways, implemented African Style of the great Rainbow nation.
spacepolly 05-8-2010 6:50 PM Baggage theft is a huge problem. Very slow baggage delivery.
aaahza 04-8-2010 2:17 AM Shabby already, has a feel of incompetance. Staff are unhelpful.
sharon lourens 01-26-2009 4:20 PM The signs are very confusing! and not very clear.
CraigS 07-3-2008 9:54 PM Airport is in a very bad sate of affairs. The amount of stolen luggage and airport staff wanting money for information is appaling. No customer service or customer care . Being in the travel industry i travl a lot and i must say this airport is on eof the worst i have ever been to.
logandear 06-9-2008 6:35 PM Quite a few big shops in international terminal. International and domestic terminals are in different buildings, can be confusing when transferring from one to the other (and the airport is under construction right now, which doesn't help). Nice airport hotel - the InterContinental - is very close to walk to from either terminal.
Kray22 05-11-2008 8:06 PM High chance of getting your bags stolen [ in transit bags and hand luggage ] watch the theives doing your hand baggage security checks.
yousufebrahim 01-11-2008 4:36 PM International arrival is a nightmare - too few trolleys, loooong immigration queues, etc. My recent experience: there were only about 3 flights landing and the airport was barely keeping up with traffic.
jpreid 11-4-2007 5:21 PM I used the Airport after the New International Pier open , what a inprovement , Go Biggest Airport in Africa
peterwaldi 10-9-2007 1:11 AM Watch you baggage. Valuables will be stolen if left in check in luggage on arrival.
HESM 01-15-2007 6:51 AM Not a very friendly Airport