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CWhiteley01 10-12-2013 2:13 AM Not a big or fancy airport like Heathrow or JFK, shopping is rather limited here, but what it lacks in glitz, it makes up for in efficiency. Got through passport control in 15 minutes on arrival, on departure, security took less than 5 minutes, no joke. Staff may come off as unfriendly, but that's Ukraine for you. Pretty good airport overall.
zzmmii 01-5-2012 8:13 AM I and a few more people have been removed from the plane because airport employee Antonuk Vladimir Vacheslavovich has interest in our seats for his bodies to fly to Amsterdam. Thanks God I don't have to live in this country!
jweidner@masterware.us 03-22-2011 3:20 PM KBP is a good airport. It is not a top of the line European, Asian, or American airport, but it is fairly good. It can feel quite crowded, but it is usually well maintained and somewhat efficient. For a European airport, it does not have as many flights as one might hope, but apparently it is adequate.
doesntlincs7921 10-11-2010 2:45 PM Crowded, awkward airport which is expensive & difficult to get to. Foreigners are hassled constantly... Not a place for children. Don't use the ATMs as people hang around & look over your shoulder. The immigration staff are so rude & unhelpful I couldn't believe it.
bagot 04-19-2010 11:10 AM passport control is the worst i have come across long slow moving lines not all booths working if you are connecting on domestic flights theres a good chance you will miss them if you have less than 1 hour transit time , plus watch out for the taxi drivers , when you go through arrivals door you will be swomped by them
jaxxx 03-28-2009 7:47 AM absolutely not ready for 2012, European soccer championship ! immigration officers + customs remind the Soviet times !
jwlange 08-28-2007 5:59 PM In this emerging economy the airport is doing a bit better but they but lack friendliness. They need to lighten up and smile. There is nothing like a grouchy agent and terminal personnel to make you feel welcome – coming and going. You feel like everything is looked on with a scowl or suspicion, or they just don’t care. Domestic terminal is the worst. Overall some things are better such as customs. They are polite, attentive, while being professional.