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bjornkaha 12-23-2010 1:56 PM For such a small airport, it is very good. Very easy to pass check-in and passport control.
roman927 12-7-2006 6:25 PM We had to spend 3 days to fly from Kishinev to Frankfurt on December 6th, 2006. The Air-Line Company said that there was no Air-plane to take us to Frankfurt on a First Day, there was no fligh next day. So we came on a third day at 4 a.m. and all the time there were delays, wich finally finished at 4 p.m. So we waited for 12 hours. You would say, bad weather. Not exactly, when we called on a second day to see if the air-plane is ready to go, we were told YES it is here. Next day we found that somehow he was in Turkey, and even after the weather got better, the flight was delayed, because the Air-plane left to make MONEY for the Air-Company OWNERS! As the result we got to Frankfurt 12 hours later, and missed all late Air-planes goining to the States, and thus had to wait for 14 hours to take a morning plane to US. Isn't it AWFULL and STUPID of the Air-Moldova Compnay to treat people this way. By the Way this Compnay only has one Air-plane that they use for All their Routes.