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jusica 09-10-2014 6:24 PM one of the worst airport ever seen. developing country like india has better fecility and service. treating the passangers with discremination is the worst part in the airport. imigration staff attitude should be subject to highlight in media and human rights knowledge
kanniahhari 03-2-2014 6:03 PM The locals serving at all interface, treat other nationals as their labor force entering their country to serve them and they may be correct from their view point. Kindly talk to them with all politeness even if they answer rudely. If you want to travel back in time to see how people behaved in stone age, transit through this airport and your wish will be fulfilled. True, affluence stinks!
MohammedAmeer 04-25-2013 5:06 AM KWI is a wonderful airport but, can the staff increase the numbers of restaurants in Terminal M in the departure area
myopia123 01-5-2013 1:33 PM I was shocked to learn that my Kuwait Airways flight from New Delhi is not allowed to Taxi to the airport and the passengers are brought by bus, because they consider, as a customs officer told me, Indians and other people from South-East Asia to be a lower class of humans and therefore should not be allowed to mingle with passengers from western countries. Needless to say, at the Visa Counter, Customs and every step of the way as a Citizen of a Western country who is originally from India, the Kuwaiti staff were continually rude and disrespectful to me until they saw my passport. After which, first there were lots of questions and then service was grudgingly provided. Extremely disturbing visit to a country with a backward attitude and mindset.
Ranjithm1 09-15-2011 2:48 PM For a country like Kuwait, present Airport is an embarassment. So much to be done, in every area. Poor layout, and service.
ShawnIvanD'souza 07-28-2011 7:20 AM I disagree with all comments u might not get like this airport anywhere
FreddyPrince 07-16-2011 12:33 PM This is the worst airport in the world. The person running this airport should be fired and replaced with a Western qualified manager that understands how to run an airport. The airport authorites are abrasive and the airport is so old with no organization that you would think you were in a third world country, not an oil rich nation. You would think that they would want a better gateway to their nation. For passengers, it is a nightmare, avoid at all costs.
sunil_kelkar 06-21-2011 3:40 AM The worst Airport I ever transited through. They treat transit passengers like dirt, unless you are an American citizen. The airport staff is ill-educated and arrogant. Kuwait airlines cancel flights at a drop of a hat.
ExpatContractor 04-30-2011 4:18 PM All prior comments are exactly right. Very disorganized layout. Very confusing entering and getting thru customs and immagration. Best advice is to schedule meet & greet Hala Services to meet you and usher you thru the C & I process. Costs about 8 KD but worth every bit of it.
Isdfwbs 09-10-2010 6:26 AM In a word, a dump. Rude and ignorant people. No consideration for others. People are extremely selfish and stone age in attitude. This airport is a perfect impression of the country.
AM1026 07-24-2010 11:28 AM Cold,rude and hostile airport environment policed by uncouth and arrogant staff, especially the immigration officers (both male and female). As an expat or visitor , the ill feeling in your stomach every time you land at this airport says it all. There is a huge poster inside the airport terminal that says something like this "Kuwait....... the most friendliest country" (!!!!) Who are they kidding???!!!!
qmavi 01-29-2010 10:59 AM With all the oil money, you would really expect an oasis in the middle of the desert.....far from it. Poorly maintained airport with major lack of basic facilities. They should rely less on cheap labor who are taking care of the airport and invest in better quality.
kool_boy007 10-26-2007 10:18 PM kool airport
Airbus1 06-7-2007 11:53 PM Although it has recently been rebuilt, it is still a badly designed airport totally lacking in facilities. There are no places to sit comfortably while waiting for the delayed flights.