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Viccy 09-4-2013 2:16 PM this summer i flyed with my baby and felt convenient conditions (there is baby changing room, comfortable bathrooms with solar cells, loyally check baby gear - told nothing about many water bottles. to compare f.e. with Greek airports - they have strict limit on baggage water. usually they ask to taste water from baby bottles... awfully...
Piper Rose 09-3-2013 7:15 PM Cheaper flights from Kazan airport, good fast trains to City, free wi-fi, quick check-in procedure, good service
Victoria Daishin 09-3-2013 5:08 PM This summer i have been visited Kazan after my long break and i was really surprised by changes of the airport. Seems that it was rather big reconstruction... it looks more european, clean, i found good service. if you go to Kazan don't be afraid of the airport, it is perfect now
BZZTop 11-12-2012 5:51 PM Piece of junk
Uruvia 03-14-2008 2:49 PM Well, it's a pretty decent airport. Good to go through customs cuz it really doesn't take that much time. But the variety of international flights is very poor. Only served by Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Uzbekistan Airlines as far as I know. Very poor transportation to the city itself. For example, you can get an airline ticket from Moscow for 1000 rubles, and you'll have to pay for taxi about 800 rubles to get from Kazan International Airport to the city center. It's nonsense! They have bus #97 now, but it only works from about 7am till 8 pm (maybe 9pm...). They are also planning to build a railroad from Kazan downtown to Kazan International Airport in near future. But when will it be finished? Average: not bad airport, very clean, pretty small, nice staff, poor variety of international flights, not convinient to get from and to Kazan. 5 out of 10. :-)