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judy48 06-14-2014 5:22 PM I flew in and out on 6/13/2014. My flight coming in was on time; the flight of the friends I was meeting was almost an hour late. Terminal 1(C) had adequate seating but internet access was poor and all device charging was at 2 charging stations which both had long lines. When I left that night - both my friends' flight and mine were more than two hours late departing - nn explanation. I left out of Termination 1(B) which had no charging stations, very few outlets and many of them unreachable unless you stood and held the device above your head or sprawled on the dirty carpet in the hallways. At least half of the flights appeared to be running two hours late and the only explanation (when one was offered) was that the flight was late in leaving the prior destination. Food option was limited to prepackaged sandwiches and Great American Burger (or Burger King if you walked to Terminal 1(A). If you would remove some slot machines from the terminal and replace them with charging stations or electrical outlets, offer better food alternatives and explain flight delays this could be a pleasant place to hang out. As it was, it was a complete nightmare.
Fraoch 09-9-2013 7:12 PM I flew out of the new Terminal 3 and was fairly impressed. It was airy, spacious and clean. The architecture had a pleasant feel. The seating areas were very innovative with the seats arranged in a wave which allowed a lot of space and meant you weren't directly facing the person across from you. About the only problem I had was with the security lines, it was quite chaotic, with nonsensical bunched-up ambling lines and officers barking orders. However the security personnel at the X-ray machines were actually very courteous - amazingly, I find this is usually the case with TSA personnel who are much more polite and efficient than the minimum-wage slaves in Canada who take out their frustrations on all passengers.
mattw1009 06-14-2012 3:39 AM Oh my god I freaking hate this airport. It's filthy and ugly, food is incredibly expensive and there's nothing good to eat, the Starbucks closed at 6 pm, the slot machines make the place look trashy as hell, and you should avoid a layover here at all costs.
alohaoe1 10-26-2010 5:40 AM Personel at airport very rude. yet they should be lucky they have a job. TSA very sad. Not many happy people live there. they seem to be caught up in something.
SEAFREAK16 09-28-2010 11:48 PM Personally, I think McCarran Airport is nasty! It so not clean and with the program! The flights and frequencies are great but baggage claim sucks and seriously what's with all the damn slot machines?! Like people don't get enough gambling just being IN VEGAS!!
barracudababy 12-23-2009 7:30 PM At least they got rid of smoking in the airport. The food selection in the terminals are horrible and overpriced. You pay $1 an inch at Subway and $10 combo meals at Wendy's. I am used to overpriced airport food, but McCarran is horrible. They add slot machines in the middle of walkways, so you have to fight your way through the terminal. Trying to get to other terminals feel like you are walking to Siberia. The security lines are always long, because the TSA never seem to have enough lanes open, even at the heaviest travel days/times. Oh LAS how I hate you, and yet forced to deal with you.
kristjanerix 11-2-2008 6:21 PM First thing you notice when you come from your plane is slot machine and thats kind of weird but cool, but on the rush hour it was over crowded and it was uncomfortable to stay in the airport for 9 hours when i was there P.S. Sorry about the bad english, i'm estonian.
donaldsc 08-15-2008 10:24 PM Signage to direct drivers is absolutely awful. Passenger drop off areas is horrible - all passengers have to be dropped off in one area with 3 lanes of traffic, 2 of which are usually clogged with cabs and cars. At high traffic times, you can not find a place to drop anyone off or drive on after you have dropped someone off. The airport was built in the 60's and looks it.
MisterM1193 07-25-2008 5:06 PM TSA Agents especially Charles C. Sigler are rude and nasty.
qualheim 03-29-2008 5:16 AM Las Vegas McCarran is my favorite airport by far. In order to keep the tourists happy and wanting to come back, this airport is full of comfortable lounges, mall style shopping, plentiful restaurants, and a pleasant, well-lit atmosphere.
chrismcclennan 01-3-2008 7:07 PM Was here on a stop over enroute from Toronto to San Diego. It seemed a lot of flights were running late, mine included, and a 40 minute rest stop stretched into 90 minutes. Another flaw was how we had to change terminals even though our connection was the same carrier (US Airways). In the two areas I was in, I must also point out that the washrooms were not obvious (had to go hunting) and were not overly large either.
SWFloridaAl 12-31-2007 4:42 AM Nice airport easy to navigate what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas :-)
jester5269 12-27-2007 11:46 PM Food is much too expensive, but the slots are a great way to pass the time!
mmuszynski 12-4-2007 3:18 PM Security lines are horrible. Bag claim was easy to find, yet not close to terminal. Took quite a while for bags to come out as well. Flight delays were extensive. Supposed to be on a 8am flight, did not make it out until 5pm that day. Had to leave and go back to counter to re-checkin twice. What was a fun trip turned into a nightmare on the way home, however, the airline employees at this airport were very friendly and apologetic.
anshjain 11-23-2007 7:49 AM Quite a good airport, has many facilities.
BRNF 09-27-2007 8:35 PM Very grand and glitzy but let down by stupid operational issues. Security is a mess and cramped into too small a space (to make way for slot machines?). Restaurants seem to be all downscale fast food. Signs to rental return are missing or misleading. Could be excellent but little things bring it down to average.
kishaque 09-5-2007 12:54 AM Car Rental at a unified location is such a bad idea.
bearbutt 08-10-2007 5:04 PM I find it hard to believe in VEGAS at 11 PM or later, you cannot purchase anything to eat or drink. EVERYTHING is closed. Come on Vegas, late night fliers have to eat too!!!!
amcmba 07-11-2007 6:17 PM Security is extremely slow & inconsistent. Inadequate signage directing travelers who need to go from the main terminal to terminal 2. All services except restrooms in terminal 2 are beyond security so you can't access them until/unless you have a boarding pass - airlines in this terminal don't keep their kiosks open except for a short time before a scheduled flight.
devilsfan71 05-23-2007 3:32 PM Once you get past the usually slow security lines, McCarron is fantastic!! Shops and restaurants galore, and, of course, you get to keep gambling until you board your flight. The only other SLIGHT issue is that the slot machines take away some extra seating, which could be used at times.
businesstravelr 03-6-2007 7:45 PM good overall, considering the volume they handle. security lines suck here.
Verzy 02-26-2007 6:02 PM Vegas Baby! They do a great job of getting you in and out. Bags come out quickly. Plenty of Taxi's.
smckinty 01-24-2007 11:40 AM It is just weird (it's Vegas!) to see the first slot machines before you even get to baggage claim!