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User Date Comments Rating 07-19-2013 4:25 PM Too cramped and not an international airport. Very limited in shopping and barely any seating. On return escorted into what can be describe as a tunnel with three other flights crammed in too to wait for passport control , then to reclaim your baggage and they put four flights onto one belt. Worst airport ever used never again. 02-14-2013 1:04 PM This is a pretend airport. The runway is wrongly aligned. The security staff are surly and bad mannered. Access to Passport Control on arriving is a joke - excalators inadequate and rarely working. Queues are horrendous and held up because departing passengers get priority when they cross the path. Ground services are abysmal. On the last twice I used the airport, we had to wait 15 minutes for stairs to be wheeled to the aircraft - which had made up ime to be on time. The new shopping area has clearly marked walk-ways in sparkling blue and that's where shelves of goods are put. Parking is expensive and there are no proper facilities like a real airport. How refreshing it was when I was diverted from Leeds to Doncaster. It was worth the delay to have friendly, professional people running the place.
mortonedwin 06-9-2012 3:22 PM The "ONLY" airport to charge in the car park for drop-off and pick-up.BEWARE.How mean not to allow any time at all to drop off or pick up without charging any exhorbitant fees.The remainder of the airport is a total shambles,queing for everything and overpricing!!
castellum 02-10-2012 3:22 PM Complete rip off. I use this airport every week, and live less than a mile away, yet Arrow Taxi's have rip off prices, LBA 'advise' to 'use' fasttrack (£3) for nearly all flights, even when the security queue is empty. I could go on, but they depress me
Giant4500 12-23-2010 8:54 AM Where to start- how overpriced, rude, bossy and coceited can a group of supposed "service providers" get? This airport is obviously run for the convenience of those who own it and work there. Security staff are the rudest I have ever encountered and ground staff come a close second. Parking is vastly expensive and too far from the terminal. Beware the long stay- a long walk with few buses if any at times. I agree with a previous reviewer- this airport has obviously grown far too fast and is now fleecing travellers at every opportunity. The air side is crowded and the seats are filthy, damaged and belong in the skip. Convenient if you live near- otherwise, go to MCR, BHX or EMA
androobe 12-7-2010 8:38 AM An airport which has grown beyond what it can cope with. Crowded departure area way too small during busy periods (which occur many times a day!). Expensive parking and the UK's worst airport for public transport (ie: it's not possible to get there on public transport for early morning flights, or to leave after arriving on late flights). Far out of the city so taxis are more expensive than the train from Manchester Airport (which is a LOT nicer!)
suelang 10-31-2010 10:59 PM Security staff need personal skills training. Very rude on security and at departure gate. stairway to gate 5 gets very crowded & could be dangerous if someone falls. Seating is very limited, many seats have been removed. Prices too high in shops etc. Shame as it is a useful local airport but cannot cope with extra flights 07-14-2009 8:27 AM pop music in bar area was so loud all the chairs were empty, while every seat away from it was taken. The tables in the food areas were dirty. A food menu of a 6 very poor quality items. The person next ot on the plane out commented on what a horrible airport.
shaunrhino 05-21-2009 12:41 PM I think local people should support this airport although small its brinnging more employment thanks to jet every airport it does have busy times and can get packed but how many small foreign airports have we sat in with a delay at the end of our holiday where there is no info no one to ask basic snack bars and poor toilets ! come on leeds
erlanmyer 03-13-2009 5:32 PM Cant beat a bit of LBA
eezier 02-13-2009 10:53 PM Should re name this airport to Dick Turpin International Airport. 1hr 1 min in short stay park cost £20 yes twenty quid, their website flight info is always wrong. The alternate car park is twenty mins free!!!!! The twenty mins start as you enter you then have to find a parking spot then run to the terminal then run straight back and you could possibilly make it. Unfortunately if you are a bit infirm or unable to run you will have no alternative but to pay. I use this airport to collect customers every day it is yerrible. Try Manchester or Doncaster they are far better and care for their customers.
skychaser 2008 07-22-2008 9:54 PM Such an easy airport to go through, and with expanding flights who needs Manchester any more!!
yorkshirelad 07-12-2008 10:22 AM Crowded airside facilities. Hasn't kept pace with expansion in flights..WH Smith very small, often runs out of newspapers airside. Buy before reaching the airport. Long trek from plane across tarmac to customs with surly handling staff bossing passengers around. Airside staff barking announcements over too loud speaker system. i am sure the car park pickup drivers try to avoid you. Yorkshire attitude! More customer care training needed across all staff. Could learn from Robin Hood airport nearby.
phllvslc 06-28-2008 4:24 PM Got delayed here going to Amsterdam. Shortage of eating options and the one restaurant that was open closed at 8pm. Little else to do either Overall LBA seems a rather lifeless place.
susan.swain 03-2-2008 6:02 PM Could be a whole lot better for a small regional aiport
dalesman52 02-14-2008 4:44 PM Drop off and pick up area is the worst I have ever had the misfortune to use pathetic.
rayspence 02-3-2008 6:46 PM good location poor arrivals to customs
greensman01 02-2-2008 9:06 PM A small regional airport that does what it says on the can! A new owner with improved investment may soon show a marked improvement in passenger comfort and facilities,......... but hey!, you're only there a few hours as delays are not frequent.
stigo28 10-24-2007 9:17 AM For a small regional airport this is not bad. The very success of the airport with recent huge traffic increase has left it struggling to cope with passenger numbers and has resulted in a tiny airside area and poor arrival facilities.
paulrhino 10-6-2007 7:59 AM Not a very good airport and I live in Leeds. Even pilots mock it, one day had to sit in the plane waiting for a marshaller to park it on stand. Not like they didnt know we were coming. Rather go to Manchester. Need to take the "international" out of the title!
zclibbens 05-19-2007 6:57 AM Very nice and little airport