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gerard_cy 11-21-2011 3:46 PM very expensive airport for this part of the world.
kotzakolis 09-17-2010 8:18 AM LCA NEW AIRPORT 2009
PJBosse 07-25-2010 8:08 PM Next time will try to land on the Turkish part, airport is very bad, many delays and no information by Cyprus airways, the overall rating of Cyprus airways is poor, No internet and very expensive food and drinks! Its a new airport but the old story, keep away would be my advice!
JournalistNL 07-12-2010 5:25 PM One of the worse airports, it took me a half hour to find the elevator, no signs whatsoever! Self service outside place with poor tables and chairs. The prices are OUTRAGES expensive! Service is bad and very impersonal, seems the staff forgets they are the business card and the first and the last impression of Cyprus. I can imagine that tourist after spending a hour or more on this new airport they will never ever come again!
ericarab 06-29-2010 2:34 PM This is one of the most expensive airports that I have had the misfortune to go through. What is worse is that what we paid for was absolute rubbish. Sandwiches made 3 days ago and the price for alcoholic drinks UNBELIEVABLE. It costs £2.50 a BOTTLE for gin, scotch or vodka in the North (Cyprus). They charged us twice that for 1 drink!! ABSOLUTE RIP OFF. Watch your back!
sagalout 04-24-2010 12:33 PM A modern airport very overpriced for where it is. Restaurants are over priced by at least 20% charging less would increse turnover & profitability .I bring my own sandwhiches as % euro for a pre made one is vastly over priced. I can pay less in central London or Paris. Delays are still high & can take an age to get bags. But a vast improvement on the previouse airport
Michelle_ 01-12-2010 4:07 PM Very Very bad customer service when checking in. Unbelievably long queue for one flight, very slow and rude ladies checking people in, none of which occured at the previous Larnaca airport.
mixalakhs 01-10-2010 8:56 PM The new airport it's simply "Excellent"
andreascy 01-5-2010 5:26 PM the new airport(terminal) is fantastic!!!
Cimarro 01-13-2009 12:22 AM Seagapo toso poli,esis den borite na fandastite!!! Seagapoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
hiline 08-4-2008 3:09 PM This airport is now under renovations and it is said that it will be one of the best airports servicing Europe soon. Staff is friendly as ALMOST all Cypriots!
nodog 02-3-2008 7:40 PM This airport is a shocker its filthy the staff are a disgrace in bad customer care skills they have none i douby they even know what that is. in season the queues have to be not expect any civil service here none. the car parks are usually full or closed or ticket machine broken. everything avrio in cyprus including this airport its a joke.
dmcsporran 12-16-2007 10:17 AM An absolute shocker, considering this is the gateway to Cyprus. Combine a very laisez-faire attitude to service, with a cramped terminal and high volume charter airlines and you get the business traveler's worst nightmare - especially if this is your home airport. Summer queues for passport control can be 1hr long, with lots of pushing and shoving by hungover, lobster red tourists. Security is also the most lax I know of in Europe.
jacrol2003 11-22-2007 8:03 PM well - sometimes u have to visit Cyprus - but it's still far to normality
ioannis.ananiadis 09-1-2007 8:34 PM Terrible airport. Dirty with rude staff.
flyme2 08-7-2007 2:08 PM Awful access and cramped terminal makes this a hot and nerve wracking experience. Buses to and from all flights adds to the misery, expect a long wait for your luggage and a cart with a mind of it's own!
chrismoore 08-2-2007 1:10 PM A new airport is due to open 2008/09.Worst days to travel Wenesday and Sunday as these are 'change over' days for the tour operators.
kazamias 07-24-2007 7:22 AM Generally a very nice Airport.The staff is very friendly!
goody 07-1-2007 8:38 PM goooooooooood
radziu.z 06-12-2007 10:15 PM One of the worst and dirtiest airport I have ever seen.