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quinlet 05-1-2014 2:08 PM good small airport, however it is now paying the price for its popularity by being very cramped and crowded
dpstein 01-8-2014 11:43 AM perfect for business travel to London, quickest airport ever: you can work in the city up to 90 min prior to departure, customs and security checks take only some minutes, seating areas always overcrowded which doesn't matter because you will board the aircraft few minutes after arriving at the airport. Prone to delays in January and February due to certain weather conditions.
MikeFritsch 05-4-2012 9:39 PM Nice short distances both when leaving the plane getting to public transport and getting to the plane through the airport. Some restaurants, a bit overpriced. Restrooms not very clean and smelly. Close to the city centre, easily accessible via the DLR. Relatively long queues at the security with security staff being a bit unfriendly.
testa63 11-26-2011 11:14 AM the biggest plus for this airport is the fact that you are not using heathrow...!
lrousseau 11-15-2008 9:36 AM Going to city airport from center of london can be half an our longer than expeced
robpow 02-28-2008 10:02 PM Great little airport dragged down by persistant delays and lack of back-up options. If your flight is delayed or cancelled you'd be very lucky to get on another flight from LCY.
ndekker 12-26-2007 6:58 AM Best airport in the UK
zivodal 02-26-2007 7:14 PM If you can, use London City instead of Heathrow, Luton or Stansted. Its size and location are the two keys to its success and .... yours.
grahamje 01-23-2007 10:10 PM A great airport. The fastest to get through in the UK.
David37 01-16-2007 4:55 PM A great little airport - how flying's meant to be