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wwwilkie 12-3-2010 12:38 AM Small airport but nice, surprised how few routes are serviced here.
arleencanes 08-7-2008 6:42 PM EACH and EVERY time my daughter has a so-called scheduled flight for CO leaving LEX to EWR -- it's ALWAYS ALWAYS DELAYED. why is that? she goes to college there and has to make sure she gets to LEX on time. she gets there WELL in advance of the scheduled flight and finds out EACH AND EVERY TIME that her flight is delayed. i guess we should be thankful that it isn't cancelled---thanks.
ibkidd37 10-15-2007 6:03 PM Enjoy LEX, has an obervation tower in Secure Area. Mediocre-sized airport, with connections to nearby hubs. Recent accident should not deter.