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Mtfilliman23 08-13-2014 10:34 PM I really like it better than EWR and JFK
meunger11 12-15-2013 3:57 PM This terminal is in need of a serious upgrade. Outlets falling out of the walls, no wireless in the terminal (B). The southwest part of the terminal is designed horribly. Virtually nothing beyond security checkpoint, and then you basically hit a bottle-necked cluster-f*ck.
sarahstephens@me.com 12-9-2013 1:43 PM This airport needs a real overhaul. The facilities are overcrowded, out dated, not clean and overall not a pleasant experience. Even the taxi stands areas are bad. I try to get in an out as fast as I can. For a major American city, rather embarrassing. Really too bad.
Roadtrip999 12-5-2013 6:27 PM Like everything else in NY . . . a DUMP trying to operate way over capacity.
rollercoasting 08-12-2013 5:33 PM What an awful airport. Delays are inevitable, the staff is very unhelpful, and seating areas are not designed to hold the vast quantities of people that are stuck at LGA at any given moment. We departed from Terminal C, where the food court consisted of some unusual fast food places and a handful of overpriced sit-down "grills," and the shopping was confined to one store that existed in numerous locations plus a single Brookstone store. I understand that this area is still under renovation, but when passengers are so frequently spending considerable amounts of time in the airport waiting for their late departures, there ought to at least be some other things to do. Probably the best thing I can say about LGA was that the TSA was fairly fast and efficient, at least when we crossed through.
gziegelmeyer 07-24-2013 9:38 PM I ASSURE you that not one penny has been spent to upgrade this DUMP since 1950. What a cesspool. It makes Newark (which is also a PIT) look like the Taj Mahal!
LatinWolverine39 10-10-2012 6:35 PM For a world class city like NYC, LGA is quite outdated and in dire need of a makeover ASAP. Their infrastructure (especially in terms of modern day technology) needs an overhaul. Of all the terminals, main terminal is probably the best of the bunch and they are average at best. If i have to fly out of LGA, it would in all probability be with an airline that flies out of main terminal. Terminal D (which serves Delta) is borderline depressing and rather blah. Why LGA does not have an air train link up like JFK or EWR is beyond me. With as much passenger traffic as LGA has, they absolutely need to have some sort of a direct rail link and ASAP at that. On a normal day it is hit or miss in terms of whether your flight out of LGA takes off on time and if there is the slightest bit of weather trouble, you can book on at least a 30 to 45 minute delay, without a doubt and with the other flights that would also be backed up due to delay, it will be at least 90 minutes before you are finally airborne and pray that you don't have to make a connecting flight or else. In normal weather, I would say it is about a 60-40 shot that you take off on time. For me, the ONLY reason I choose to fly out of LGA is convenience in that it is only a 15 minute drive to the airport. It would be great if LGA offered transcontinental flights since they utilize both the A-320 and 757 aircrafts, which they both have the flight range to make those cross country flights....yet with the airport already being very crowded as is, I highly doubt that it will happen. They need to modernize the airport lounges and upgrade their waiting areas as well, because they both look like they have seen better days. In short, on a one to ten scale, i would give LGA a 6...tops!!
boobpie100 05-9-2012 7:14 PM A 3rd world airport for a world class city, inexcusable. Of all the many indignities, the lack of reliable public transit in a city has great mass transportation system is unforgivable. Wait for a bus? Today it's 10 minutes, tomorrow it's 30 minutes, you'd thing it's a conspiracy to aid the taxi industry.
capt7310 04-23-2012 1:14 PM You have 5 pounds of crap in a 1 pound bag!
sheidt 11-4-2010 2:45 PM Flights out of LGA have some of the worst on-time percentages. The reason is that the average time from pulling back from the gate until wheels are up is approximately 1 hour on a "good" day. I have been flying in and out of LGA weekly for the past year, and the average number for takeoff is usually around 30 planes from the front by the time the pilot gives us an update after waiting on the tarmac. My weekly flight between LGA-TPA is just over 2 hours in flight time (depending on winds). However, Delta has the flight scheduled for a duration of just over 3 hours. And even with that 1 hr "buffer", that flight is rarely "on-time" when arriving in TPA, because of excessive wait times in departing from LGA. If you have no airline affiliations, I would recommend taking JetBlue out of JFK. In the 5-10 times that I have used them, it never was more than 30 minutes at most from the time we pulled back from the gate until the time wheels were up. Most often, we were number 3 for takeoff and it usually only took 15 minutes before we were up in the air. In general, JFK beats LGA hands down for on-time departures/arrivals (at least from NY to FL or other southeast destinations). LGA has better flight schedules for business travelers on a variety of airlines (Monday morning, and Thursday/Friday afternoons). LGA is closer to the city and much cheaper than JFK if you take a taxi from the airport into Manhattan. However, you can't get a taxi out of the city to the airports after 3pm (due to their shift change), and at that time, it's better to take subway/train anyways due to traffic.
margaritamom 06-5-2010 9:57 PM First time and hopefully last time in and out of LGA last weekend. Unfortunately it is where SW flies in. Temporary A/C units in the hallways? Ick! Watch your 'buckets' as they zoom down the security line, there is no bumper and the things will fall off. Good thing my laptop was in the next bucket and nothing got damaged. Just tear it down and start over, you can't possibly update this place... Ick!
adamweiner2010 05-24-2010 11:01 PM Just call the Airport DO = Delays Only.
anomalousclouds 04-23-2010 8:00 AM Would you like sh*t or sh*t lite? This is the way I view JFK and LGA unfortunately. As an airport I used to slightly prefer LGA, but in my mind it's much harder to get to without a direct rail link. I still think that LGA won't give you as severe a headache, but it also won't give you as many places to get a stiff drink to wash down those aspirin to make that headache go away. My pet peeve of the NYC airports, the gaggle of circus monkeys they call a security staff can be just as bad here as in JFK. How come NYC seems incapable of having airports that are up to par both nationally and internationally?
lawrence3178 02-24-2010 1:54 PM an older airport that is showing its age. i have only arrived at LGA and it was a reasonable experience. unfortunatly it seems to be suffering from broken window syndrome - dont fix it and the whole area goes down hill...... LGA could use a really good clean and makeover.
seansundquist 10-9-2009 4:59 PM I use LGA as a connecting airport, having to switch from the main terminal to the US Airways terminal. Using the free shuttle is a joke, taking 30 minutes to go the 0.5 miles between the terminals. And don't mistakenly get on the wrong bus, I took a tour of the employee parking lot just to end up back where I started. Checked through baggage when changing airlines, is a gamble, I've found my bag sitting at the baggage claim and had to re-check it with the other airline. Had I not been paying attention as I walked by, my bag would have been delayed getting to my destination. Terminal is old and outdated, was probably a very nice airport, 30 years ago.
Dalydalo 09-4-2009 5:06 AM The delays at LaGuardia are legendary but I have to say for quick trips in and out of NYC - it's the best place to fly into. Why they haven't built a subway stop right at the airport is just a HUGE mistake (same thing with JFK but LGA is so much closer to the subway lines). The need to allow flights that travel over 1,500 miles has to be implemented - the planes today can work with the LGA runways - 737 and 757's routinely fly cross country flights. As I said with the issues with JFK - the Port Authority needs to purchase more of the surrounding land and build a new airport. LGA could be the crown jewel of air travel to NYC - it's just too small right now. If they did buy more land, LGA could steal a lot of Newark's Domestic business.
WACKIEDON 08-24-2009 9:06 PM Come on TSA etc. I have a 6am flight why are you all drinking coffe and donuts at 5 am
flyingdad 08-14-2009 12:42 AM a real arm pit
dalmore 04-22-2009 6:47 PM Old, very old. Check your luggage and carry it over to the TSA X-Ray machine. Want to get to baggage claim, walk down the steps. How about putting in an escalator? Pathetic.
wwwilkie 02-21-2009 3:18 AM Terminal C is very small and old. Baggage claim is too small. As others have mentioned, delays are terrible here.
neomaroc 02-3-2009 4:11 PM the best thing about LGA is its proximity from midtown and that's it i mean that's it!!!
sitwatkazmi 08-10-2008 11:58 PM Can you believe waiting for an eternally delayed flight on a Sunday night and having to deal with mice running around the waiting area at the gate? No bars in concourse C (at an airport NOTORIOUS for its delays). You have to get out of security (lugging your stuff out) and then re-enter security...HORRIBLE HORRIBLE airport
idiotking 06-5-2008 4:52 PM Yes, it's a pit, but it's a pit you can breeze through in a hurry. Never have had to spend more than 15 minutes getting out of here, or 30 going in to the gate. Could use a subway or AirTrain connection, but the bus to the subway isn't too bad (cab to the subway is very cheap too). Still the closest to Manhattan, and gives your driver the most options (Triboro, Queensboro, or Midtown Tunnel) for avoiding traffic backups. If there's no flight delays, there's no other airport I'd rather fly through in NYC -- I could care less what the terminal is like -- just get me on/off the plane and going where I'm going! However, being stuck in LGA or connecting through LGA is an experience that would embarass most third-world countries!
umlee168 02-14-2008 4:57 PM A decrepit old building with guaranteed delays. Not a very comfortable place when you're stranded there for a couple hours!
dude500 12-27-2007 5:44 PM Easier to get to by car and less delays than JFK (the number of flights is controlled by the airport so you don't have 10 planes trying cut the queue to take off like in JFK). However it is harder to get to this airport by public transportation; you have to take a bus after riding a subway, unlike JFK which has both direct subway and railroad service into NYC. The terminal will leave you feeling claustrophobic - narrow hallways, short ceilings, and very few seats. Bathrooms look surprisingly new in their stainless steel but they can get overwhelmed. Roads leading to the airport are poorly maintained. The security people here are very fast, sometimes you can get through in 5 minutes, but when the volume is bad the security tends to get frustrated and overwhelmed (which slows the line to upwards of an hour, longer than if they stayed focused). Overall I prefer this airport to JFK because I have more confidence in flying out on time.
larocque 12-22-2007 2:30 PM I live in Manhatten, and this is by far the closest airport. But I almost always experience delays. My suggestion: take the first flight out in the morning. I have a 60% success rate of being on time. Sadly, this is a GOOD percentage.
kmurray24 12-20-2007 1:13 PM Delays, Delays, Delays, but we know that I guess. The Poor customer service and lack of flight information is what really ticks me off. You can get 2 different stories from 2 different gate agents all of the time. Also, they are very indifferent about helping you. Some don't even look at you when talking to you. Very Poor Gate Agent Service. I will say though that there are a few very helpful ones. Don't go to the 1st gate agent you see. Look for a friendly looking one and you'll have better luck.
ferrellt 10-18-2007 1:06 AM OK airport, but 90% your flight in/out of here wil be cancelled or delayed.
Hudson212 10-9-2007 1:18 PM One of the worst airports in the country.
auritajulies 08-17-2007 6:40 PM I fly every weekend and LGA is a huge irritation and stress to my life. I'm delayed most of the time and then they put baggage for 3 plains on one belt. Whats that? Or they announce one belt for pick up but you end up following people who were on the plane with you to find your bags. The past 2 months, every week there's been delays by air traffic control and a few times when our flight had to be cancelled. Whats that????
gorsek 07-29-2007 1:19 PM The rudest people and most horrible airport in the world. Avoid at all costs! They cancel flights and delay them for eight hours and do not even offer compensation. They strand many people overnight. These people are true criminals.
kschendel 07-25-2007 5:14 PM Crummy little rathole, but there's much worse (e.g. PHL). Way too sensitive to weather or taxiway delays; the slightest goof by a pilot or controller will jam taxiway traffic for ages. The crossed pair of runways doesn't help. US terminal is OK, the others are depressing. Oddly enough, the security theatre tends to move unusually well here.
drewbiondo 06-29-2007 7:06 PM Tear it down and start over
margie4peace 05-24-2007 9:30 PM My cab driver didn't know the airport and dropped me off at the wrong terminal. The sign over security said "To All Gates" so I assumed I could go through security, then find my terminal and gate. Wrong. Each terminal has its own security queue. And of the three TSA agents who checked my ticket, not one noticed that I was in the wrong terminal. They also didn't notice my can of soda or my cigarette lighter. This was at the Delta terminal. I was late and almost in tears. The airport employees had little to offer me, except to tell me that I was in the wrong terminal. I hate this airport. They need to at the very least take down that sign over security that says "To All Gates". It's completely wrong!
jlgilman 04-30-2007 2:19 PM With the introduction of so many additional flights and security stations in past 10 -15 years, this airport has outlived its practicality and convenience. The congestion of people, congestion of aircrafts, and filthy environment is not going to get better by itself. It should be replaced with a modern, clean, capable airport ASAP. Certainly not a small task, but ignoring the problem will not solve it either. I'm sure this is one of the reasons why NY did not get the Olympics. If NY wants to maintain its status as THE key city in the US, it had better join the 21st century.
cecill 04-16-2007 2:54 PM Could be the worst airport in the US.
dplewka 03-31-2007 7:16 PM Horrible signage had this experienced traveler in the wrong terminal for 30 minutes. Uncaring or non-English-speaking employees were no help in giving directions. Waiting areas were over crowded and filthy. Bathrooms were disgusting.
businesstravelr 03-7-2007 9:28 PM possibly the worst airport ever. terminal lounges are too small, not enough seating, restrooms are dirty and unkept, but this isnt the worst of it. the biggest fault here is that schedules are simply "suggestions" here - I have yet to have an on time arrival or departure from the airport in 2 years. surly, uninterested airline staff. terminals become overloaded with passengers from multiple flights as their flights back up, spilling bodies into the halls.
friarboy 01-11-2007 5:27 PM Don't fly from LGA if you expect to have an on-time departure. You will almost invariably be late. The USAir and Delta terminals are OK, the rest are aging, crowded, and dirty. Unless you want to take a bus to the subway, be prepared to pay an arm and a leg to take a cab or limo into the city. There is, almost inconceivably, no subway access to LGA.