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Goslonomo 12-30-2012 12:27 AM New terminal (opened December, 2012) is spacious, airy, clean, convenient. Curb-to-gate promise of 20 minutes easily met! (Alaska Airlines, which I didn't fly, also offers a $20 guarantee of 20 minutes from plane to baggage-in-hand.) Still a few things to finish, but already the experience is great! So "NOT LAX!"
kate333 08-31-2010 5:12 PM Rinky-dink, decrepit, old, local airport that should have been either upgraded or torn down DECADES ago. Way, way too much air and passenger traffic for it to reasonably handle. The so-called "terminal" is a joke!! Just a very small bldg comprised of prefab materials and trailers, which you have to walk across the tarmac to reach. In the "terminal," people sit cramped in their old seats, waiting to board planes and--worst of all; and I am not kidding--a pack of small brown birds fly around INSIDE the terminal waiting area (someone told me they have been there for YEARS, live and nest there, etc.). Disgusting!! The kind of place you would expect in the friggin Philippines. I realize airports are a bit dirty due to heavy traffic, etc., but HAVING TO DUCK AND DODGE A SWARM OF FILTHY, POOPING BIRDS??? Really!! They should rename this place the "Alfred Hitchcock" Intl. Airport. The only thing going for this airport is the close proximity to rental cars and it is not LAX (although still as chaotic, dirty as LAX).
berlinslum 01-25-2010 11:05 PM Perhaps the most comfortable environment of any US airport. It's peaceful. They aren't playing recorded 'security' announcements in the terminal And sitting on a bench under palm trees while waiting at the baggage claim is a unique LGB delight.
bdiesel 12-18-2008 7:36 AM Great small airport, but has recently become increasingly congested. JetBlue schedules too many flights to depart at the same time, overburdening TSA and causing long lines. This airport isn't meant to handle so many people all at once! It's a great place when avoiding LAX, there's never any traffic and always plenty of parking. Just don't be fooled into thinking the small airport charm means shorter lines for check-in or security.
babysteps 07-8-2007 6:50 PM Quick & easy - virtually controlled by Jet Blue. Check bags with confidence, tend to come out quickly. Rental car/parking only a crosswalk away from terminal. Bring food & reading material with you, departure area has what amounts to sidewalk vendor w/sandwiches and limited magazines (additional but limited food available by check-in). Security wait generally swift. Few/no jetways (plus: load & unload at both ends of plane. minus: if it rains you get wet)
justin303 01-17-2007 6:14 PM Long Beach is THE way to go to the LA area if you're looking for quick in-and out. The parking is SO close to the airport and this airport is all about convenience. If you're looking for a mega-airport with amenities, this it is not. The airport was designated a historical landmark and as such cannot be expanded much at all. Bottom line: not luxurious, but you'll go through much less hassle to catch your flight!