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stevebob 10-9-2014 12:47 PM Worst hubs in Europe: FRA, CDG, AMS and the worst LHR. All these airports are very crowded, uncomfortable, HUGE (looooong walks) and absolutely confusing and stressful. LHR is particularly bad, one will experience the displeasure to have to deal with rude and arrogant personnel from both airlines and airport including shops and restaurants, which gave me the impression that it must be as bad to work there as having to connect through it as PAX. Security staff was the worst I've ever dealt with, of course it is thankless work, but it doesn't justify the attitude they bring to light, which completely lacks common sense and simple human compassion, if the checks had been carried out by robots I would have felt no difference. The most unbearable thing I witnessed while standing in the indescribable long queue was an old couple having to take their shoes off for screening like everybody else without getting any assistance whatsover by the staff. They were having a hard time trying to reach for their feet while balancing on one leg, no stool and no helping hand offered, I was very close to shout out, but like everyone else I kept my mouth shut (I definitely had to get on that flight and you never know how those bastards might have dealt with me shouting all over the place like that), until my turn to tell them what kind of witless, foolish and uncaring people they were, guess what, they didn't give a fly. Avoid these airports if you suffer from high blood pressure or other cardiovascular issue, these hubs are a threat to your health.
DxPj99T 09-12-2014 7:05 PM Rubbish, get rid of Thai Airways from this new terminal, they are always late and put in an airline that will operate ON TIME. Thai airways are rubbish, why do Heathrow allow them to take up flight slots!!!!!!!!
queuetip 06-23-2014 4:56 PM On Sunday 22 June 14 there was a complete mechanical breakdown of baggage handling in Terminals 1 and 2. Baggage to aircraft had to be trucked to planes by airline personnel. Our did not make it. It is time for a remake and overhaul at LHR
fandes 02-22-2014 7:34 PM To say LHR is a nightmare is only half correct... it's a day and a nightmare!
dpstein 01-8-2014 11:49 AM LHR is a nightmare
CWhiteley01 10-12-2013 2:18 AM Good airport, they just really need to improve traffic both inside and outside the airport. This place is a constant madhouse, and the lines are ok. And actually getting off the ground takes FOREVER.....
HillCountry 03-4-2013 10:52 PM Brutish Airways hub. Customer service is awful. If flights are delayed, expect to be told to stand in the queue although airport & BA employees seem to have no clue what queue to tell people to stand in. Expect to stand in the queue for hours to be told that you're in the wrong queue.
The LuckyL. 02-28-2013 3:02 PM The worst i've ever been in!
der flieger 02-10-2013 1:58 PM LHR is second to none in poor service. Their security personnel are disconnected from reality, rude, and imperious. They revel in their absolute power and abuse it consistently. LHR needs to join the 20th century and provide wifi for free and stop ripping off travellers. The terminal looks like something from the 50's!
glottis 10-29-2012 9:55 AM Worst airport for transits
shaghayegh12003 08-27-2012 7:24 PM flight was delayed for 3.30 hours from LAX and then delayed again for another 1 hour! wont flight with them any more! AT LEAST THEY COULD GIVE ME CREDIT FOR MY NEXT FLIGHT BUT THEY DIDN'T!
missdimeaner 08-14-2012 2:34 PM I love LHR, compared to LGW it wins hands down, OK you may have large amounts of people milling around the departure lounges, there are plenty of shops and restaurants - for most budgets and the rest rooms are clean and modern, T3 departures does not have much natural light but is quite comfortable - and if you wander around it is always possible to find some quieter seating than the large central area. T5 has lots of natural light and is very modern, if a bit soulless. Security has improved immensely and I havent waited in a queue longer than 3-5 mins during the last 5 visits. My favourite London airport.
Flatliners 12-15-2011 2:12 PM An easier to navigate through than Gatwick, though certain departure areas are so far from the terminal that I shall consider flying from a different airport in future as Heathrow does not permit parents of young children to transport them in a pram from check in to departure. So a non-walking child weighing 10 kilos will have to be carried 2 miles to departure gates. Not very smart! Food is, as usual in the Southern UK, poor value for money.
jwaldronrn 09-8-2011 7:39 PM LHR Everyone hates it but hard to avoid
khansuff 08-20-2011 10:05 PM Those people who think heathrow is 2 star then think again!! What do you expect from it, it is not a luxury hotel!! It is the best airport with the best service you can get.
andy7 08-1-2011 7:09 AM It seems to be popular to slaq off Heathrow but my experiences have been very pleasant. Admittedly I don't travel economy and I seldom shop or eat except in the airline lounges however getting through immigration and security has not been a problem of late and I come in and out every month or so in less than 45 mins. The airport compares favorably with those round the world and it much better than almost all american hubs.
NickA92 05-25-2011 10:42 AM Based on t5
viokenny 04-25-2011 3:45 AM This was two years ago but I felt compelled to air my frustration: Electrical outlets were very few for my laptop which ran out of battery power - and all that I tried didn't have power supply. When I asked the information counter, the response was very rude - "We can't help you" Not even the word sorry was said. When asked further, the staff said: If you're to use any working power outlet you find, you may be prosecuted by the BAA for stealing electricity. What a way to treat visitors!
BRNF 03-14-2011 7:15 PM An appalling "welcome" to Britain. Squalid and unfriendly. The "goodbye" from Britain is even worse. A packed departure area, with far too few seats, almost no natural light and wall to wall shops. Disgusting.
walidah 12-23-2010 10:58 AM I am a very frequent traveler. I will avoid it at any cost. This Airport is the perfect example in businesses for the sake of pure business, not any interest in serving the public.
ukexpat 12-21-2010 11:17 PM Fly into Manchester instead...
RichadoB6 12-21-2010 2:41 PM The snow debacle merely confirms what regular users of this filthy depressing excuse for an airport already know. BAA is not fit for purpose. Not just on the basis of the last weeks performance. Look at the overall ratings. If this was my business I would give up. BA no better - all style and no substance - a high risk option I am no longer prepared to take a chance on- as an Englishman I am ashamed.
fali2401 12-20-2010 8:39 PM Can't believe an airport can be shut down by a few inches of snow. Unbelievable!! How do you not have enough snow plows, and proper equipment. Maybe hire a US consulting company to help LHR get caught up with the times.
mazzarim 12-20-2010 5:00 PM BA is worst airline in existence. You would htink thye learned from the volcano disaster this past summer. No contingency plans, not enough staff or options. Took their phones off the hook Saturday and haven't come back on line. Their website sucks. Itenery says flight is scheduled to leave but website says flight is cancelled.
PhilMerritt 12-20-2010 9:10 AM BAA should be ashamed at the lack of contingency. Everyone knew about the snow and cold coming. Using Health and Safety as an excuse is a cop out. It's simply serious lack of organisation, training and experience.
kurac 12-20-2010 8:53 AM Embarasing, one of the bigest airport and closed for three days because of snow??? advise to all passangers: avoid this airport at all cost!!!
KarenDee 12-19-2010 6:00 AM Disgusting that a supposed 1st world country does not have working equipment to sort out the snow - apparently as advised by an employee at the airport the equipment is out of date and old!!! No information available, people have to go backwards and forwards to the airport because they are being given the wrong information. Very inefficient and useless!!! The UK should be used to activating emergency services when it snows!!!!!
giongieri 12-19-2010 1:42 PM Worst Airport in the world, catastrophically managed, just embarrasing for the UK
ewalsh2000 11-29-2010 6:05 PM worst security anywhere
henwood 10-6-2010 5:53 AM Worst airport on the planet, wonder why airlines us it for a hub, it is one hell hole where all passengers are treated as criminals
cjtan 04-25-2010 3:04 PM I have no idea what the critics of LHR are talking about. I have travelled extensively around the world, and I still regard LHR to be one of my favourite international airports in the world, and definitely my favourite airport in the UK. LHR is one of those places that once you understand the way things work, including any workarounds that we human beings are so good at coming up with, it's a place that you would greatly appreciate. Does LHR have any room for improvement? Yes. But balancing overall service and facilities, ease of transportation, number of flights, ease of flight connections, two other European international airports that have come close to LHR would be FRA and MUC. I have learnt that one should avoid BA where possible, however.
gsalba 04-19-2010 11:59 PM Rotten, rotten airport. Nothing I can really say here without becoming abusive.
Racing Models 04-15-2010 5:54 PM Dirty, uncaring, horrible
milauk 03-8-2010 1:16 PM What a shithole
lawrence3178 02-24-2010 1:02 PM we in the UK have LOT to learn from the rest of the world when it comes to airports and customer service. security staff at LHR are usually pleasent however thats where the good customer service ends. most other staff are rude. prices are very high. the buildings are out dated and dirty (i cannot comment on T5) and the parking is so expensive.... if there is an incident on any of the surrounding roads the airport comes to a stand still. although not much better i would recoment using LGW if you are coming to the UK!
neonWired 01-10-2010 5:55 PM I've traveled to many major airports and this is the worst by far, unwelcoming, badly managed and hopelessly inadequate for the amount of traffic this airport deals with. Security and check in is badly understaffed, restrooms don't appear to be cleaned for days.
absinthe_boy 12-19-2009 11:09 PM I don't like Heathrow. It is too big, too crowded, too busy. The staff may care, I don't know...they're too busy to have any time to help. Very impersonal. Slightly more conveniently located than Gatwick for most people, that is Heathrow's main plus point. Use Gatwick or even Luton if your destination is served by those airports.
worldtrvlnav 11-25-2009 7:26 PM I dread this airport and I do everything possible to avoid. Layout and design is the worst I have ever seen and they take on a lot more air traffic than they can handle. Wear good shoes because you will walk (more likely have to run) a long distance to get to your gate. If you are connecting intenational expect lots of shuttles and confusion.
DavidRHunt 09-25-2009 10:08 AM Heathrow is the worst airport I have ever had the displeasure to pass through. No thought to passenger flow, poorly sign posted, what's with the terminal transfers? Grubby, lack of toilets and I could go on. Poor first impression for a country.
wanaka 07-12-2009 9:19 AM An embarrasing International Gateway to the UK.Mostly dirty and unfriendly place.I used Terminal three which was overcrowded.Check in was disorganised,the security queues had to be seen to be believed.Insufficient staff on duty.Getting from one terminal to another can be time consuming so leave two hours at least transit.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:06 PM Angry Business Traveller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQmMHZ8nyyw
jcsjcsjcs 06-6-2009 4:28 AM This airport I avoid, too many relatively small terminals, always a long bus ride needed (30mins!). No integration whatsoever, every terminal is different. Many people miss their flights because of the hellish logistics. Staff only speaks english. Limited food choice. Prefer Amsterdam airport.
sagereid 04-2-2009 4:25 PM The most unfriendly miserable staff I have ever met in any Airport. T5A & B is the best but is still an upmarket shopping mall and was too small by the time it opened(solely for BA). The airport is operating well above its capacity so the slightest problem can cause major delays. T1 & 4 are being refurbished over the next couple of years, T5C is due to open in 2010. New Terminal Heathrow East is due by 2012 to replace T1 & 2. Here's hoping things will get better - they can't be much worse at present.
timon 03-16-2009 8:23 PM Except for T5 all terminals are too low when you are taller than 2 metres. Also on connecting flights don't think that your baggage makes the connection.
GMED 03-15-2009 2:48 AM Totally chaotic... hate going through this airport...
kostkar 01-23-2009 4:32 PM Maybe expensive but much very efficient.
xhemrla11 10-5-2008 12:08 AM Too expensive for everything! Long line waits, rude security and customer care. AVOID at all costs!
adik447 09-28-2008 10:00 PM I have renamed LHR "GAZZA STRIP" avoid @ all cost
mbrookfi 09-10-2008 10:25 AM Heathrow is the worst airport in the world (even exceeding Jamaica in its incompetence) and I am a Brit . I always now use either Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow rather than Heathrow: smaller airports with friendly, competent, and helpful staff. I even now fly to Amsterdam and take connecting flights to the above airports rather than suffer the misery of Heathrow. In fact, much of England (I except Wales, Scotland and northern Ireland) is full of incompetent shitholes (many of them directors of companies). One of my friends kids (about 13) on a trip back from Germany recently told the Germans on the ferry - "why do you want to come to this expensive, dirty, rude and violent country - stay at home". Good advice.
CraigS 07-3-2008 10:14 PM Congratulations BA , terminal 5 is fantastic. After the very rocky start and i know as i went through the terminal 4 times in first 2 weeks. This is turning into a great terminal. Those who complain about the other terminals that is BAA ( spainish owned - to many siestas) what do u expect . Keep up the good work BA .
campbellc 06-29-2008 3:53 PM Too many shops, not enough seats. Great strategy to get you to spend money while you wait. Food and drinks outlets are terrible with not enough selection and prices are very high. BAA should concentrate on getting you on a flight, and not on giving you an overpriced shopping mall
baasucks 05-26-2008 11:08 PM This is an airport run by retarded apes and staffed by retarded apes. After getting through the airport more retarded apes stand ready to greet you at heathrow express and the London underground. That said, my apologies to retarded apes worldwide. You deserve better than being compared to these complete moronic amateurs! Be prepared for getting from Heathrow to your final destination taking you longer than your actual flight. "Welcome to London, a city run by retaded apes"
jertraveller 05-14-2008 6:48 PM Terminal 1: Dreadful, totally dreadful. BAA should reduce the amount that they charge airlines, and in turn, passengers to use this airport. It is very poor value. Terminal 5 is to be avoided.
anups007 04-10-2008 3:51 AM I might be a bit biased because I grew up near Heathrow and would always fly out from there whenever going on vacation. But, I think it is one of the best airports that I have been through. Now that T5 is built is will be awesome. Give T5 some time and Heathrow will be the best airport in Europe.
rkapoor 04-9-2008 7:15 PM Contrary to all of the negative reviews, Heathrow isn't all bad and I prefer it over Frankfurt Main. The airport serves a large number of domestic and international destinations, which is a plus, Terminal 3 used to be really bad because it was overcrowded and you almost never got a jetway, however, recently the airport seemed much cleaner, security was more efficient, and the large number of stores is always a plus. Terminal 4 was one of the better terminals and used to mainly serve British Airways. This terminal had excellent shops, wasn't overcrowded, and we managed to get a jetway. It's true that even if your plane lands early, you may be forced to wait for up to 35 minutes to get a gate, hopefully once Terminal 5 enters full service, this problem will get elimianted. In addition, the airport is always delayed because the airport's two runways can't possibly handle all of the traffic and I would agree that you should leave at least 2 hours for connections in the same terminal and 3 hours if your connecting flight is in a different terminal. Security at Heathrow is a pain as the staff is rude and sometimes racist and it always takes a long time, but the airport is improving on this. The rest of the Heathrow staff is generally more friendly and won't send you in circles. The airport is a little crowded, but its not anything overwhelming if you been in other large airports. Overall, the nice seating areas and the huge array of shops help make long layovers go over more smoothly. Heathrow, is definately not an "excellent" airport, but it's a decent airport and I would choose LHR over the "hell" of Frankfurt Main anyday.
mtnman 04-7-2008 7:21 PM Hectic, over stuffed, unclean, inefficient. Other than that-fair.
alandickson 03-30-2008 7:52 PM Avoid at all costs. If you are connecting thru LHR from any UK airport to continue long haul, forget it. Fly from your local airport to somewhere on the continent and use them as a hub. I gave up on this shambles years ago. Its your cash your spending, dont give it to LHR.
levente 03-17-2008 11:47 AM Used to be bad, but in last 8 months has become truly diabolical - continuously & consistently failing on most basic things. If you want to sit on the ground for 1hr 20mins on average while waiting for a stand, even though you landed on time, then go via LHR.
1Alexander 02-24-2008 10:45 AM Out of all the airports I have seen in the world this is by far the worst. Grumpy staff, 1h long waiting lines (security), long walks from gate to arrival halls, british airways is always late, planes are old and dirty, nothing has improved in the last 3 years....If you can avoid this airport!
dimitrios.ouzo 02-18-2008 11:07 PM Shame for U.K.
jfb_world 02-5-2008 2:08 PM Heathrow is obviously well overloaded and has been for a while. T5 will obviously ease some of the overcrowding on the ground but with still only two runways operating I can't see how the usual delays on take off and landing will be improved. As far as I'm concerned the baggage handling, and security of luggage at this airport is still very suspect and unreliable. When transiting through Heathrow I now pick up my bags and re-check them.
coobast@VHHH 02-1-2008 10:33 AM Terminal 4 is dark and old.
redalien 01-20-2008 9:24 PM Terminal 5 opening is very much hyped - I speak from chauffeur point of view - I hope we are not disappointed. The difficulties of getting about and the constant delays at existing T123 & 4 are frustrating to say the least. How they are going to get more planes, more cars and more passengers into the airport is beyond me: more than 66 million passengers per year??? There should have been a shuttle train between Heathrow and Reading and Heathrow and Gatwick years ago ... oh well, more business for us drivers, but not carbon footrpint reducing.
coffeegrains 01-12-2008 8:45 AM As a full time chauffeur for 5 years, I simply cannot believe the total decay in both the terminal and facilities has continued to plummet. When are BAA going to do their job and invest some of their millions? I am so embarassed when picking up overseas visitors arriving in the UK for the first time, I just want to hide. First impressions count and Heathrow 1,2,3 and 4 is a complete disgrace, and although I hear cries welcoming T5, I expect that will be a disorganised shamble. WAKE UP BAA !!
piltopete 12-28-2007 12:56 PM Over rated place. Like everything English. Rude and Xenophobic English staff.
ndekker 12-26-2007 7:10 AM This airport is fine, but if things go wrong you are f#cked. If you have a connection flight make sure you got at least 2 hours (if you do not have to change terminal) and 3 hours if you do have to change terminal to make sure you have your connecting flight with your bags/suitcases!
Andy Simpson 12-25-2007 10:36 AM I had to endure this Nightmare of an Airport on my way to Sydney in June, Transfer from Manchester hideous and arriving back a Nightmare!!! Especially after transiting in Changi which is simply stress free, Avioid it at ALL costs. A digrace to the British people. I now fly Singapore Airlines only from Manchester worth the extra money in the long run. Every worker you see at this Airport looks Depressed, Finding one that actually speaks English is another battle! It truly is Henous!
kurdi 12-22-2007 6:22 PM A Bad advert for England. England deserves a better impression on its point of entry!! BAA should wake up. I really feel as if I am landing at a 3rd world country airport.
anshjain 11-23-2007 1:18 PM It is a good international airport, has flights to Asia and Europe and The Americas though the security is not good. Even if it is the busiest airport in the world there are MANY delays now days.
schneif 11-19-2007 4:23 PM Avoid changing planes in Heathrow if you can or allow at least 2 hours between flights. I keep missing connecting flights at this dreadful airport.
jpreid 11-4-2007 5:42 PM Good International Airport , Very Busy at times
rad3121 10-22-2007 8:34 PM Heathrow is the worst airport that I have connected through. The harassment passengers have to endure during connecting flights is totally unbelievable. Here are some examples – unnecessary multiple security checks, long lines while the security staff having personal chats and/or jokes, long walks from one terminal to another, inadequate rest areas. Most of the staff members are miserable and/or rude. The Airport Authorities DO NOT CARE about passengers’ welfare. The people in-charge of the airport operation should visit Singapore or Brussels airport to learn the proper way to operate an airport. Should fire the inefficient/rude workers. British arrogance is very evident at the point of entry! OUR WAY OR NO WAY!!!
tookiebird 10-10-2007 2:25 AM give them a break--it's the world's busiest airport. i think they do alright considering.
dcubber500 10-9-2007 3:28 PM While chatting with a longtime baggage handling supervisor in a security line, he suggested I use Gatwick instead going forward. 'Nuff said.
tcwozere 10-5-2007 7:43 PM A right hovel. When T5 opens, T1 and 2 are being demolished to make way for Heathrow East, which will be ready of the 2012 Olympics.. (yeah right,) until then Gatwick has to be a better bet.. With regard to the baggage handling time, if you can't get what you want into a carry on case, your better off walking..
jgillie 10-3-2007 2:25 PM The Brits need to start over with Heathrow. Its a warren of oddly built terminals added helter skelter about the landscape for the last 70 years. Navigating through it nearly requires a GPS. During this last summer, it was Russian roulette with bags transiting through Heathrow. I lost my bag both coming and going to Spain. I wasn't the only one. Moving from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4 is a journey unto itself following yellow arrows up and down stairs, down windowless corridors, crossing queues of other travelers with the help of traffic cops and then into the bowels of the airport. The electronic boards notifying passengers of their gates typically give little advanced warning. You wait and wait, then finally the board posts a gate maybe thirty minutes before departure. You then flee toward the gate beneath signs that say "Gates 85-105 are a 15-minute walk from this point." Terminal 5's opening this spring will be helpful, but the bulldozers should then roll on the rest of the complex. I'm unsure why airlines all covet Heathrow slots. I'd much rather go to any of the other London airports even with their limitations.
andryc 09-30-2007 5:20 PM I could show the British several airports in the 3rd world that are 100% better than this "so called" airport. It simply sucks.
jwkool 09-11-2007 9:24 AM hell on earth
ian531 09-1-2007 2:12 PM LHR suffers from poor investment on the part of BAA, the location is awful, any traffic accident on the surrounding freeways causes chaos. If this really is the gateway to the UK, it is quite appalling.
zachg22491 08-25-2007 2:56 AM not too bad to arrive in, especially early in the morning from the US, took 15 minutes from the time i got off the plane to get past passport control-very fast, never connected or flown out though
dad1dad 08-15-2007 1:34 PM This is close to one of the worlds worst airports - BAA needs to get fired.
flyme2 08-7-2007 2:14 PM The security staff were obviously trained at guantanimo!Power crazed, thick and bored.Alas I fear teminal 5 will rapidly follow the lead of terminal 4. You don't change an airport with new buildings, Bangkok proved that!
CRoigk 08-7-2007 1:08 PM one of the worst airports in Europe. If they have a fire in Terminal 5 you will have body bags piling up afterwards, as it is very hard to find any exit even without smoke
bobber 08-2-2007 12:02 PM An embarrassment to the whole of the UK. Heathrow is a complete dive of an airport and has been so for many years. The on-going improvement works don't appear to be likely to improve anything either. A horrible airport.
cvamee 07-30-2007 10:15 PM On a conx flight from CDG, I asked if we went through security again. Was told "no, you are conx to another BA flight in the same area". WRONG.. Two hours to go through another security line to get to the gate. LHR is the WORST international airport to start or connect through.
AO 07-23-2007 6:54 PM Worest airport I have seeing in my life and bad customer Services. My travel date was 03 jul 2007. No hotel no food no where to rest my feet.
hatayas 07-12-2007 9:08 PM One of the worst in the world
seattlejeremy 07-4-2007 5:38 PM Heathrow SUCKS and their lines are horrible. Even for First Class passengers there is no express lane available unless you're specifically flying British Airways first class and even then you have to stand in a 1-hour queue to even get to the main security area where BA offers its first class passengers a fast track. This airport SUCKS.
russianwarrior 06-8-2007 5:35 PM No chance to relax here, too much 'in your face' departure shopping and 'win a Ferrari' ticket sellers.
mehulab 06-2-2007 5:29 AM It is very crowded and mismanged airport. The large number of checkin counters and limited space makes it to the most inconvenient location for travel in my list. There security queues are huge. Even if you arrive 3 hours prior to Arrival, you will hardly be able to make it to through the security queue in a normal way.
remartin 03-24-2007 9:42 PM one of the worst in the world. the authorities love having people standing in long, long lines. don't ever take aconnecting flight, which forces you to get from one terminal to the other.
marybfrito 03-18-2007 1:26 PM The completion of the new Terminal 5 cannot arrive soon enough. Terminal 4 appears as worn out as an old shoe, shabby and in need of a shine. Baggage claim is an absolute nightmare, with interminable delays and indifferent information from customer service concerning where or when the luggage will appear.
MHowlett 02-13-2007 3:36 PM I was extremely turned off by the fact that while connecting through Heathrow, this airport was able to "misplace" my baggage to AND from my vacation destination. Then it took DAYS to get it returned to me.
dwbcolo 01-24-2007 3:38 AM A dreary place by any measure.
grahamje 01-23-2007 10:00 PM Well, if you must use it....it's fine until things go wrong, when it turns into a nightmare. If this is the UK's 'premier' airport, it doesn't say too much about the UK....
FinrodFelagund 01-12-2007 6:16 PM Pretty normal.
mikey0118 12-22-2006 4:10 PM Use Gatwick where possible!
HESM 12-12-2006 2:04 PM Keep it up