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camichaels 03-19-2013 3:48 AM For fifth year designed as the best airport in Latin America 03-10-2013 6:26 AM Best airport in SA. Enjoy It!!
juan_juanier 04-21-2010 7:31 PM take care if you go to Peru by “Jorge Chavez International Airport”. -usually the IMMIGRATION OFFICIALS, doing you pay irregular things, as “5 u$s” if you lost your “arrival immigration card”. Its not a legal tax, but they try to find everything in order to charge you and put in their pockets. Also it’s the most expensive tax airport in America ! So, try to have everything under your control (passport ok, children permissions, arrival card, etc,etc) if you won’t must to pay a “fee for them”. For another hand, You must to take care with the Taxi-drivers, there are a lot of scammer. The Transport Taxi system its very deficient, for instance , you never don’t know how much a trip From Airport to Centre, because they haven't a fixed tariff, they haven’t taximeters neither! So you must , every time you caught a Taxi, have an agreement with their.
Worldexplorer 04-15-2009 6:19 PM I like better the Guayaquil's airport is modern, clean and friendly service.
mojapan 02-28-2009 7:55 AM J Chavez International Airport is probably the most modern airport in all of South America, the 4d cafe on the 2nd level is great as is the free Wi-Fi in the lounges. Coming into and going out of the airport is relatively easy. Be prepared to pay an airport tax upon leaving.
pjab2001 01-14-2009 6:24 PM The Lima airport just recently opened a number of new gates with jetways. Now, most domestic and international flights are at gates that include jetways. Even with these new changes, on my most recent flight we had to wait about 20 minutes for a gate to open up. Also, for dining options.. Outside of the secure zone there are decent options that include an Peruvian mix along with Pappa Johns Pizza and McDonalds. and 3-4 shop to look in. Once inside the secure zone there are still a number of shops to look in, but the food options are minimal. There are options but most American travelers will probably prefer to eat outside the secure zone. In the terminal, seating areas can be small for the size of planes that are loading. The airport is kept clean. Be sure to LOCK your bags if flying to Lima. I travel through LIma frequently and have friends that have had items stolen or their bags compltely open on the conveyer belt. Obviously not how they were taken off of the plane. The airport also has an annoying overhead paging system. Every arrival, departure, 1st call, 2nd call and last call for EVERY flight is paged overhead. It will give you a headache quickly! The airport is not close to downtown at all and most hotels are a good distance. There is now a Ramada attached to the hotel but it can be quite pricey. Also, not to forget to pay your departure tax. The line can be long.. so feel free to go pay the tax as you check in.. You can pay the tax then stay outside the secure zone. You can enjoy free wireless at Starbucks (outside the secure zone) if you are a customer there. Also, those flying to the USA from Lima. They strictly enfore the liquid allowance. So much so, that they open everyones carry on baggage as you board the aircraft. They DO NOT allow liquids even bought in the terminal onboard the aircraft. The airport is at best averge. But it is functional. Happy Trails!
earthsun 12-28-2007 4:10 AM For international flights, clearing immigration and customs can take longer for departures than arrivals.