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caeciliaanderhub 12-22-2012 7:48 AM quite unreliable baggage handling on transfer. staff often unfriendly, sometimes rude. (might be due partly to the high number of flight delays by TAP-airline that causes problems to travelers.) changes in security restrictions at checkpoints at random and aggressive staff (partly incompetent to my impression).
weco 08-26-2012 2:15 PM Pretty nice airport. Not too big. Nevertheless long walks, uncoordinated security check in the early morning. All in all still a good airport with perfect connections to Brazil or US.
sgeis 04-18-2012 4:03 PM staff are very helpful in resolving problems, including lost bags, forgotten items, overbooked flights
wester10 09-27-2011 12:15 PM Lisbon airport is situated very well in combination with the city centre. The airport accomodations are not within todays expectations. At the moment the airport is in a modernisation fase, but 15 years to late. Lack of money and vision of Portugeuse goverment. The only large runway of the airport couses lots of delays in peak time. Sorry to say that LIS is still the main gateway to Brazil. But for howlong it will stand?
vjanis 06-13-2010 10:44 PM Our flight (TAP Airlines) was late for 2 hours and so we missed the connecting flight to Budapest. Although it was only about 3 PM, Sunday, TAP Airlines were not able to change our flight so that we could get to Budapest or Vienna or Bratislava. So we had to stay overnight. It was quite a problem to get our luggage. We were being sent from one desk to another, always with the comment "it is easy to find". It was not. Finally we got the luggage, but about 2 hours after landing.
oldhaas 05-13-2010 1:47 PM In construction. Service by staff is unfriendly and poor, if there is any. Avoid this airport
kuba.biker 08-3-2008 4:43 PM Old and a little bit uncomfortable airport, but with great location not far from the city center. Portuguese government want build a new airport in Alcochete, but in my opinion Portela could be full sufficient after reconstruction.
nogueja 01-31-2008 9:54 PM It smells...
rudel 07-27-2007 7:38 PM Antiquated airport, in need for a refurbishment. Restroons unconfortable and smelly. Very close to city center!
ptknight 12-8-2006 3:35 PM It's old and too small for its traffic