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opaof3littleones 05-17-2014 5:31 PM The filthiest place I have been in my life of places visited on four continents
swhamer 01-4-2013 10:34 AM (a) A tortuous route for passengers to get from the initial entrance doors to first floor for security, etc - poor layout. (b) Location of car hire parking to terminal is poor - long walk, often in rain, over busy roadways and roundabouts - layout is poor.
carolhughes1945 09-15-2010 1:36 PM Damaged case - no one to report to as easy jet desk closed when on late flight. Couldn't report it to anyone according to security. As live a way from airport and would have to get taxi, security man's advice to come back next day unreasonable.
SHAWP 07-27-2010 12:38 PM International routes Required, the runway can handle the bigger planes if Concorde could do it why not? The departure lounge should of been done in the quiet season
narrabeam 07-6-2010 12:48 PM Dismal, dark & depressing airside, mainly due to building work, which they have decided to undertake during peak season. Lack of flight infrormation screens. Toilets dirty & no towells. Exec lounge has no windows & is also dark & depressing, uncomfortable seats & drinks are "unbranded" spirits I've never heard of. Not worth using IMHO. Outragous to charge for fast track security when there should be no need for this. My stuff was just put on the floor & left without anyone speaking to me, I had to get someone to pass me the security tray-bizarre lack of customer interface.
nh9891 05-3-2010 8:05 PM Needs transatlantic flights to a US hub. Otherwise, a very clean and efficient airport
jalabang000 06-3-2008 1:19 PM Not too bad really. LPL seems to focus on the low-cost market with Ryanair and Easyjet accounting for nearly every flight on the morning I flew from here. Facilities were good enough, bars & shops were as they should be at an airport. More info screens are needed airside, however. Certain bugbears, such as £2 for FastTrack and 50p for the bag to contain hand luggage liquids were OTT. A nominal charge of 10p is fine, but 50p is crazy. Still on the one-bag rule through security.
Pinza 10-10-2007 6:00 PM Long stay carpark was very close to the terminal building - just a bit confusing that my web-booking was in the main long-stay car park and wasn't signposted to the name of the company I'd booked with! Check-in queue for a Ryanair flight was non-existent - open long before it should have been and they even opened a new desk just as I arrived! The £2 security charge (as of end of September 2007) seems to be an optional extra and not required or enforced outside peak times. Only complaint was retrieving car from longstay carpark on my return. Instructions were to report to the 'Yellow Submarine' - this wasn't open, then found no signs to the exit of the carpark. Then, having got out of carpark, found no roadsigns to join the UK road system. The signing needs improving urgently - I was welcomed back to Liverpool with a bus driver making rude gestures to me as I tried to work out where I should be going. Must be frightening for a visitor in a hire car! In summary pretty good regional airport - but sort out the road signs to get out of the place!
sammarshall 09-4-2007 9:51 AM Now charging £2 for faster security clearance. I think this is outrageous - all available staff should be getting evrey passenger through as quickly as possible.
chrisbeaumont 04-5-2007 7:12 PM Getting better an the time.
Graham50 11-28-2006 10:10 AM Overall, a very pleasant, clean, modern aiport. Unfortunately there are no public seating areas other than in the cafes and no departure lounge as such. The queue for security involves waiting on a staircase and, as any health & safety expert will tell you, is rather dangerous. Access to aircraft is on foot and this works well. There are, however, some security implications with this as boarding passengers pass by a perimeter gate that has direct access from the nearby road. On return baggage handling is very slow considering there are usually very few flight arrivals and the carousel information usually wrong. The immigration (passport control) staff are extremely unwelcoming, as Liverpool is due to be city of culture in 2008 it would be a good idea to encourage them to smile from time to time.