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angelikimama 07-1-2014 8:00 AM Duty free prices are extremely expensive. It is cheaper to buy things on the high street. My advice - buy before you travel and put it in your suitcase. You'll save a wad of cash!
RONSTADT 12-21-2013 9:08 AM Main purpose of airport appears to be to part you from your money as quickly as possible. Drop off charges, plastic bag charges, trolley charges, speedy security charges (is this why normal security is so slow?). Jobsworths in uniform.
glensapsford 12-7-2013 3:40 AM Very expensive for everything from food to shops. Service inadequate with untrained staff and lack of customer services. Everything appears to be done to get as much money out of the public as possible by doing as little as possible. Totally impersonal Airport. Lack of coordination for flight arrivals with continuous long queues at immigration with Automatic "chip" machine breaking down.
Sticklen 11-11-2013 9:01 AM This is the MOST user UNFRIENDLY airport I have ever used. You feel the burocratic zombies that run it set out to make your transit as awkward as possible.
Mike Gordon 06-19-2013 5:34 AM it is tacky, from the whole drop-off experience, expensive shops, excessive pseudo-security with long queues, charges for plastic bags, luggage carts, no water fountains and dire departure gates with minimal seating, Comparable to gaving root canalh
andykz 06-1-2013 2:21 PM I use Ltn regularly - it's ok - I've been through many worse airports
Wraggy27 01-21-2013 6:31 PM CAn't stand this airport, they've set themselves up as a cheap - low cost airport for either budget lines or package holiday's. I made the mistake of trying a different airline for a regular trip, and was so angry by the 1 carry on rule, only a certain size, length of cues, security standing around chatting instead of helping people - as at every other London airport. Unfortunately it's the long trip down to Gatwick for me in future.
janhossack 06-20-2011 5:15 PM I am a regular traveler and use Luton often although - the entry road is so congested that to wait over an hour just to be dropped off is a serious problem! The entry charge to any car that is stopping to drop passengers or collect passengers seems a very sharp practise, especially when travelling all over the world and never paying this charge at any other airprt!!!!
absinthe_boy 12-19-2009 10:58 PM Maybe I am biased as this is my local airport, but really it is no further from central London than Heathrow and it offers a much less fraught experience. Luton is of course much smaller and offers mainly European and a few internal flights, but if the destination suits then I always fly from here. Only major snags arethe lack of 'jetways' and the queuing system at the gates. I understand what they are trying to do but it doesn't really work - made worse when stupid passangers don't get that the left side of the steps are the line for one gate, and the right side of the steps are for another...that's why there's a line painted down the middle and signs above, guys...overall pleasant and airy terminal without the mega bustle of major airports.
Bluesteve 11-28-2009 7:14 PM In Spring 2010 I have to arrange two separate trips to Holland and Germany for my boys football club, and I am planning to use Easyjet flights. However, various parents will be driving groups of boys down from the Midlands but I have been told there are no viewing facilities for parents to "wave them off" ??? !!!
eibonvale 11-21-2009 12:46 PM It is amazing the difference friendly staff can make to an airport. Luton seems to have got a bit of a bad rap in these reviews, but I have to say, I loved the place in my one visit. It was small enough not to be overwhelming and everyone seemed very friendly - from the check-in desks to the girl in 'Boots' who sold me a comb, teasing me about big spending - and even the people at the security barriers were cracking jokes instead of treating you like international terrorists! On my trip, I was heading for Belfast via Easyjet and had checked in online, so all I had to do was lug my suitcase to the almost empty online check-in desk and get rid of it, while huge queues waited patiently for normal check-in. That was a very good start. The usual security strip-tease went ok and quite efficiently and comfortably (compared with the bedlam of taking off/putting on shoes and belts at Belfast on the way back), helped by the relaxed atmosphere. The departure lounge was well-equipped for its size and getting to the gates was just a mild stroll rather than a major intercity commute. Actually boarding the plane was also very simple, with all the boarding groups forming separate queues from the start before being whisked onto the plane in the right order. No great scrum as some report. Luton may be a fair way from London, but the connections are good, with frequent trains out of St Pancras International, taking about 40 minutes, as well as a good bus connection covering the very short distance from Luton Airport Parkway Station to the airport terminal. Inclusive tickets can be booked for both train and bus so the transfer is very speedy and simple. All in all, a surprising pleasantly airport all round. Definitely an easier place to handle than the vast Stansted.
wanaka 07-12-2009 8:57 AM Good Quality low cost Airport. Easy to get around
brucetutty 04-14-2009 6:07 PM I *love* this airport! Used it 5 times so far, going again on thursday. Compared to Heathrow or Gatwick it's practically a local airport, but i work in Kentish town so it takes me 25 mins / £9 on the train to get to it. The shuttles have always been roughly on time at every 10 mins, i only use hand luggage and checkin online. So I go straight through security in about 10 mins, and sit at the bar and wait for my easyjet flight to be as comfortably late as is socially polite. I don't eat here, arrive and flight during the working day, and get back at late evening. As far as i'm concerned the more people that want charming upmarket airport experiences, the more will avoid my favourite sky train station. I'm here to get from A to B, and don't expect my holiday to start til after i leave the airport at the other end, so please go to Heathrow or Gatwick, cos i just can't stand them.
stueyg 09-13-2008 2:47 PM Luton Airport - or London Luton Airport as it is now called (this is a joke - it is about 40 miles from London Heathrow) is a disgrace. The whole airport is a shambles from start to finish - dropping off passengers is a nightmare with a badly organised and deisgned drop off point. Once inside the terminal you are met with more mayhem. security checks are a joke with long, long queues. Once in the departure lounge the shops are dire, with a tiny selection to choose from; the bar is appalling with few seats, the 2 restaurants are both dirty, over priced and with staff that don't care. If you are unlucky enough to get delayed (as we were) then there really is NOTHING to do here. And don't think you can ask Airport staff for news on the delay as there is no information desk. When your flight is called and you go to the gate you will find you queue rather than sit in a holding area waiting the boarding announcement. A full Boeing 737's worth of passengers queing at a gate for 40 minutes - with about 10 seats to go round....appalling. The place is new - but is sadly lacking on further invetsment. A lot of things are broken - escalators for example. Everyone I saw had an out of order notice on it. All the staff gave the impression that the passengers were an inconvienience. I will never fly from here again. The only reason we did choose Luton was because of a better flight time than we could have got at Gatwick. In future I will choose any other airport to avoid Luton. I suggest anyone else does the same.
SueMorter 02-3-2008 7:46 AM The way you get treated at this airport warrants avoiding it at all costs. You feel as though you shouldn't be there and it the security staff shout orders like "one bag" at you, as you queue endlessly to get through. This airport should renamed STALAG LUTON! Horrible, the worst airport I've ever been to.
doesntlincs7921 09-22-2007 11:17 AM Clean terminal but smells of smoke everywhere you go, not nice.
JackG 04-7-2007 6:32 PM Plan 45 to 60 minutes for car rental return. Location(s) hard to find, plus several miles from terminal. Transit from car rental is inconsistent; supposed to be every ten minutes; actually 20 minutes. Terminal is rough.