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stig mistro 05-17-2013 08:03 Im from Lusaka,Zambia,Africa. I have been to Chennai many times. The airport is not big, but bigger than the Lusaka airport. The service is poor here. The staff cannot speak english. To get things done here no one is there to help you. Internet, food, shopping is limited here. Like Lusaka airport which is also lacking these things Chennai airport is improving its capacity. More space avaible now as too many people crowded in one area. Baggage wise and receiving luggage is ok unlike in JNB Johanesburg where baggages are stolen or valuables from your luggage is taken away. I have lost a baggage before at JNB and another time it came to my final destination half empty. But JNB is much better in terms of service and quality. Staff there can help you and they know english well. I like JNB more than MAA but i would advice you to keep baggabe safely at JNB. Always keep it with you. MAA is one of the worst airports but its the same with all Indian airports.Even mumbai is same. Treatment in these airports is poor. Look at African airports like JNB and NBO Jomo Kenyatta International airoprt Nairobi. The staff are atleast helpful. They assist you at times. Service is quite good. In Lusaka where i live they are very friendly and helpful. Zambia is very peace loving nation and you can see that at the airport. MAA can improve still and is yet to make its name. 05-9-2013 02:30 improveing all of department
vkyeie 10-15-2012 06:13 shud improve its quality lets see if the new maa terminal does well
kasunbug 04-26-2012 18:31 Worst airport. Staff rude.. don't know English. even immigration staff and security staff. Toilets are not clean. Not helpful. It is like a hell
GayathriChakravarthy 05-30-2011 12:42 I completely agree with GrinReaper's comment that most of the good ratings are nothing short of blind support. These guys must have lost it! It does not help to over rate on such bias because it begs the question of what these ratings are to aid with. I am from Chennai and have lived there all my childhood but can't argue MAA has left a lot wanting. The staff are least interested to get through their shift leave alone smiling at you, there is no help available when you desperately need it and a lot of things work on the basis of who you know inside the terminal(or higher above?) and what is their standing. The crowds gather around Gates and push, everyone eager to jump the line while the Authorities standby and watch. The above is what I observed in all my trips to Chennai during the last 6 years. One thing though is, MAA is far better compared to Mumbai where I wouldn't want to ever land after my third stopover last year(hopefully my last in a long while since I avoid it like plague now)
ashok2019 05-4-2011 06:50 Not a very good airport compared to international standards but still OK compared to other worst indian airports.
flight_9068 04-22-2011 12:49 one of the best airports in india
GrinReaper 01-31-2011 15:03 I agree with one of the comments before here, all the people who have voted this airport highly, "What were you smoking (and injecting in your blood) ?" From my understanding of the Indian Subcontinent, a lot of the names below seem South Indian and I can't help but think that the positive votes here are what is very common among the south - a blind support for everything southern. In short, this is a blatant lobbying effort to make this joke of an international airport look good. For starters, this is a tiny airport for an international airport with very few terminals and gates. There are hardly any jetways so thats another inconvenience as the airport rallies passengers into buses which take you to your airplane somewhere out on the tarmac. Seating in extremely inadequate given the crowds that frequent this small airport , and due to the fact that they have tons of "gates" crammed together you have crowds that far exceed the seating available. I say " gates" because, of the 8 or so gates present at one of the terminals, only 2 have jetways. The others all open pretty much in the same spot where you are loaded into a bus and taken to your aircraft. The security checks like everywhere else are a joke. You keep your shoes on, all metal on you and pretty much everybody who walks through the detector makes it blare like a banshee, which is followed by half hearted frisking. A motivated person could easily smuggle all sorts of weapons through this security check. If you are a transit passenger, they make you change your baggage tag (go figure!!), and they don't tell this to you when you change terminals, so your first time here you will end up walking back and forth between the security check and the airline counter (which are not exactly close to each other). Staff is rude, or unresponsive and its almost impossible to communicate with them as the only language they speak is the local one (which by the way is not Hindi, so most Indians from outside Chennai would not be able to help you either as they are equally lost). Food is expensive, and although this is a common occurance this airport stretches it to the max (For example, Maggi noodles which cost about 10 bucks in the local curency elsewhere, will cost you about 60 here !!) Finally the layout of this airport is confusing, and the signage is ill placed or is only in the local tongue (again not Hindi, so Indians from outside chennai can not help you !!). For an international airport, this one likes the international feel and the friendliness or accessibility one would expect an internatonal airport to provide its international passengers. Five thumbs down is what this one is.
kuganmonish 05-6-2010 11:42 good in every thing
ravi04 12-20-2009 06:36 the airport has been functioning from this building as long as i can remember since i started flying into South India in the early 70's. as a key port of entry into South India for a long time, major overhaul is long overdue. the road congestion in the parking lot & around the airport make matters worse.
prasans 12-4-2009 07:35 One of the best airports in India
aarontay 11-7-2009 13:56 worst airport in india
rtskrajan 07-15-2009 20:29 perfect security ...
charmny 06-14-2009 05:41 Very much better than the so-called "modernized" and "privatized" airports in India like Mumbai, Delhi and the obnoxiously overhyped new airports like Bangalore and Hyderabad where airport charges are a nightmare for travelers. I am a wanderlust from New York and have traveled to many places around the globe. Even though Asian airports are outsmarting their western counterparts at an alarming rate, I seriously feel Indian airports are way behind in infrastructure and amenities; American airports are much hospitable than Indian ones. Mumbai, for instance was the worst airport I've ever been to (stinkiest toilets in the world, I guess African airports have better toilets!!), despite the hype and the no. of international destinations covered. Bangalore is nothing but pure hype. This new entrant is ostentatious and just looks to be good on the outside because its newly opened. Seriously speaking, even though Chennai airport is under the authority control, its already outdone these so-called "elite" airports.
gvenke 04-6-2009 08:08 its can become a hub for domestic and international air carriers only if its modernised extensively, but overall its quite descend compared to other airports in the country.
mdl 04-15-2008 17:00 Very good for the size. Can easily be the best airport in India.
sundarc 03-11-2008 09:03 Greatest Airport in India
anshjain 02-25-2008 15:15 needs to be better
vijay06 01-20-2008 05:57 Best and Beautiful airport in India.
sramnath 01-14-2008 06:24 One of the best International Airports in India thats poised for a very good growth opportunity in handling higher air traffic.
rameshiitd 10-10-2007 06:38 Good Airport in India
gowtham747 09-25-2007 12:31 good airport in south
hakalot 05-27-2007 15:32 I have four words for the people who rated MAA before me, "What were you smoking?" Whatever it is I want some of it. This might have been a regional bias here. My visit to MAA made me feel like going through a cattle shed.
sureshladde 04-16-2007 12:45 best airport in south india
grogblossom 04-2-2007 19:20 Excellent job of re-modelling the terminal. There is now lots of room for future growth and expansion. MAA is a key Indian destination and we hope there will be more international carriers that will service this city.
ravi2006 12-14-2006 18:01 Best Airport in the world. If I have rights, I would give best airport award not to Singapore Airport. I would give only to Chennai Airport. Keep it up. Every can do anything they want, this feasibility is not available in any airport in the world. Every body has right of way!
sriramkg 11-22-2006 15:21 decent and clean airport